Rework check for number of parameters
[ngircd-alex.git] / src / ngircd / irc-mode.c
2013-09-06 Federico G. SchwindtRework check for number of parameters
2013-08-06 Alexander BartonIntroduce new function IRC_WriteErrClient()
2013-08-04 Federico G. SchwindtSimplify mode checking on channels and users within...
2013-08-04 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug152-AllowedChannelTypes'
2013-08-04 Federico G. SchwindtMore spelling fixes
2013-08-02 Alexander BartonMerge remote-tracking branch 'fgsch/certfp'
2013-08-01 Alexander BartonUpdate irc-mode.c to use irc-macros.h
2013-04-19 Federico G. SchwindtChange Lists_MakeMask() to receive a buffer for the...
2013-01-13 Alexander BartonMODE: don't report error on "more modes than parameters"
2012-12-31 Alexander BartonMode setting: only check channel user modes when on...
2012-11-24 Alexander BartonRework cloaked hostname handling, implement "METADATA...
2012-11-24 Alexander BartonRPL_UMODEIS: send correct target name, even on server...
2012-11-24 Alexander BartonClient_HostnameCloaked() -> Client_HostnameDisplayed()
2012-11-05 Alexander BartonGenerate "METADATA host" commands on "MODE +/-x"
2012-10-08 DNS777Implement user mode "b": block messages
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug141-ModesQq'
2012-10-06 DNS777Implement channel mode 'V' (invite disallow)
2012-10-06 DNS777Allow channel admins to "de-admin" channel members
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug109-CHARCONV'
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonImplement channel mode "Q" and user mode "q"
2012-09-26 Alexander BartonAllow user mode +x only when "CloakHostModeX" is set
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'automake-am11-am12'
2012-09-23 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug92-xop'
2012-09-11 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #2 from briancollins/master
2012-09-11 Alexander BartonFix some "whitespace glitches"
2012-09-11 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'xop' of
2012-08-28 Alexander BartonIntroduce numeric RPL_HOSTHIDDEN_MSG(396)
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'umode-B'
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'recognize-umode-R'
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonOnly allow IRC services to modify user mode "R" recognize-umode-R
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'cmode-M'
2012-08-26 DNS777Implement channel mode "M"
2012-08-26 DNS777Implement an Unreal-like user mode "B" ("Bot mode")
2012-08-26 DNS777Recognize user mode "R"
2012-08-06 Sebastian KöhlerImplemented xop support
2012-03-12 Alexander BartonFix gcc warning, initialize "list" variable to NULL
2012-01-23 Alexander BartonFix "MAXLIST=beI:50": the limit is the sum of all lists
2012-01-21 Alexander BartonImplement channel exception list (mode 'e')
2012-01-21 Alexander Barton{Add|Del}_Ban_Invite > {Add_To|Del_From}_List(): more...
2012-01-16 Alexander BartonImplement user mode 'C': require "same channel" to...
2012-01-15 Alexander BartonLimit channel invite and ban lists to 50 entries
2012-01-15 Alexander BartonMake Send_ListChange() a little bit more generic
2012-01-15 Alexander BartonChannel lists: Fix duplicate check and error messages
2012-01-15 Alexander BartonDon't enforce MAX_HNDL_MODES_ARG on server and service...
2012-01-09 Alexander BartonReturn ERR_UNKNOWNMODE(472) for unknown channel modes
2012-01-06 Alexander BartonChannel modes: really break handling when MAX_CMODES_AR...
2012-01-06 Alexander Bartonchannel modes: only handle MAX_CMODES_ARG modes with...
2012-01-06 Alexander BartonFix handling of channel mode sequence with/without...
2011-12-28 Alexander BartonDon't stop mode handling on unknown modes; skip it
2011-08-26 Alexander BartonImplemented user mode "R" and channel mode "R"
2011-08-13 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'ServerMode'
2011-08-01 Alexander BartonHandle channel user modes 'a', 'h', and 'q' from remote... ServerMode
2011-08-01 Alexander BartonHandle unknown channel modes on server links
2011-08-01 Alexander BartonHandle unknown user modes on server links
2011-08-01 Alexander BartonIRC_MODE(), Client_Mode(): code cleanup [2/2]
2011-08-01 Alexander BartonInfom clients when other servers change their user...
2011-08-01 Alexander BartonIRC_MODE(), Client_Mode(): code cleanup [1/2]
2011-02-14 Alexander BartonCorrectly detect errors when handling "MODE x" commands
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonCode cleanup: mostly removing empty lines
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonAdd Doxygen @file documentation to each source and...
2011-01-10 Alexander BartonImplement channel mode 'O': "IRC operators only"
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonChannel_CheckAdminRights(): test if client can admin...
2010-11-15 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'numeric-329'
2010-11-11 Alexander BartonNew numeric 329: get channel creation time on "MODE... numeric-329
2010-08-17 Alexander BartonImplement user mode "x": hostname cloaking (closes...
2010-07-25 Alexander BartonAllow IRC ops to change channel modes even without...
2010-07-25 Florian WestphalAllow IRC operators to use MODE command on any channel...
2010-06-30 Alexander BartonDon't #include client.h when conn.h/conn-func.h is...
2010-06-29 Alexander BartonOnly #include resolve.h if it is really needed
2010-06-25 Alexander Bartonconst'ify Send_ListChange() function in irc-mode.c
2010-06-24 Alexander BartonImplement user mode "c": receive connect/disconnect...
2010-01-17 Alexander BartonImplemented new "secure clients only" channel mode: +z
2009-09-10 Alexander BartonChannel_Mode(): fix return code of function
2009-04-21 Florian Westphalremove or translate old comments
2009-03-06 Florian Westphaladd and use Channel_IsModeless()
2009-03-03 Alexander BartonChannel mode changes: break on error
2009-03-03 Alexander BartonChannel_Mode(): code cleanup (no functional changes)
2009-01-09 Florian Westphalremove unneeded LOG_DEBUG when not compiling with DEBUG...
2008-11-17 Alexander BartonImplement local channels (prefix "&")
2008-09-23 Alexander BartonMake real use of the CLIENT_SERVICE client type.
2008-05-01 Florian WestphalAlways enable modeless channels.
2008-05-01 Ali ShemiranAdd support for modeless channels
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Remove duplicate code.
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: change order of if (set) and if (client...
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Re-indent switch.
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: check return type of Invite/Ban Add/Del...
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: unify 'b' and 'I' switch/case handling.
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Unify Del_Invite and Del_Ban handler
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Unify Add_Invite and Add_Ban handler
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode cleanups
2008-02-26 Dana DahlstromDon't send trailing space in MODE messages
2007-10-14 Alexander BartonFixed propagation of channel mode 'P' on server links.
2007-08-02 Florian Westphalimplement /WALLOPS as described in RFC 2812, section...
2006-12-07 Florian Westphalmoved invite/ban lists to channel structure
2006-10-06 Florian Westphalchannel maxusers now unsigned long
2006-08-12 Florian Westphal-whitespace damage
2006-05-10 Alexander BartonUse some more specific data types (e. g. pid_t vs....
2005-07-31 Alexander BartonRemoved unnecessary #define of "LOCAL", now use plain...
2005-06-17 Florian Westphalremove unneeded strpy()