2022-11-01 salaaad2fix typo in conn.c master
2022-01-01 Alexander Barton2022 =:)
2021-12-30 Alexander BartonFix a possible race condition in Client_Introduce()
2021-12-30 Alexander BartonEnhance documentation a bit, add doc/
2021-10-31 Alexander Bartondoc/HowToRelease.txt: "dist-tarZ" and "dist-xz" make...
2021-01-02 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 26.1 rel-26.1
2021-01-02 Alexander BartonUpdate AUTHORS file
2021-01-02 Alexander BartonUpdate config.guess and config.sub to recent versions
2021-01-01 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2021-01-01 Alexander BartonUpdate Platforms.txt
2021-01-01 Alexander Barton2021! :-)
2020-12-29 Alexander BartonExplicitely cast Conf_MaxPenaltyTime (time_t) to "long"
2020-12-29 Alexander BartonDon't set AI_ADDRCONFIG, even when it exists
2020-11-28 Alexander BartonFAQ.txt: There is no "CVS" anymore, we use Git!
2020-11-02 Rolf Eike BeerFix typo in comment: operaor -> operator
2020-11-02 Alexander BartonRevert "Show allowed channel types in ISUPPORT(005...
2020-11-01 Alexander BartonTest suite: Wait 2 seconds after reloading the daemon
2020-10-20 Alexander BartonUpdate Platforms.txt
2020-10-20 Alexander Try to mangle CLang name more intellli...
2020-08-04 xnaasFixed Atheme Links
2020-06-20 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 26 rel-26
2020-06-20 Alexander Add instructions for ArchLinux (pacman)
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 26~rc2 rel-26-rc2
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS, ChangeLog and doc/Platforms.txt files
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonAdd AppStream metadata file: contrib/de.barton.ngircd...
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonDon't send invalid CHANINFO commands when no key is set
2020-05-31 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2020-05-26 Alexander BartonUpdate description text in manual page, too!
2020-05-26 Alexander Bartonngircd.spec: Fix name of and
2020-05-26 Alexander BartonUpdate description texts
2020-05-25 Alexander BartonIRC_SQUIT(): Fix use-after-free when unregistering...
2020-05-25 Alexander BartonIRC_SERVER: Make sure that the client sent a prefix
2020-05-25 Alexander BartonEnhance debug logging for PONG commands
2020-05-25 Alexander BartonFix PING-PONG handling when processing backlog in read...
2020-05-25 Alexander BartonRevert "Set the "last data" time to "last ping" time...
2020-05-22 Hilko Bengentestsuite: Add missing files to EXTRA_DIST
2020-05-10 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 26~rc1 rel-26-rc1
2020-05-10 Alexander BartonUpdate config.guess and config.sub to recent versions
2020-05-09 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2020-05-09 Alexander BartonAdd missing authors to AUTHORS, tweak ".mailmap" file
2020-05-09 Alexander BartonTweak & update doc/HowToRelease.txt a bit ...
2020-05-07 Alexander BartonAllow more characters per line in MOTD and help text...
2020-05-07 Alexander BartonShow allowed channel types in ISUPPORT(005) numeric...
2020-05-07 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add x86_64/apple/darwin19.0.0
2020-05-07 Alexander BartonUpdate Platforms.txt
2020-05-06 Alexander BartonSSL test server: Use port 6790, like "test server #2"
2020-05-06 Alexander BartonGit: Ignore generated files of SSL tests
2020-05-06 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #269 from hillu/gnutls-reload-cert
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonUpdate Client_SetHostname() to not use strpbrk()
2020-05-03 michiAllow hostmask cloaking when rDNS is disabled
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonDon't wait for the network when read buffers possibly...
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonHandle commands in the read buffer before reading more...
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonRead_Request(): Clean up code and add some more comments
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonRevert "Increase read buffer size for server connections"
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonCorrectly use Config_Error() instead of Log() in Read_C...
2020-05-03 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ Looks like GNU awk (gawk) is needed ...
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonUpdate Travis-CI configuration, "sudo" is depreacted
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonLog G-/K-Line changes only when not initiated by a...
2020-05-03 Alexander BartonSet the "last data" time to "last ping" time when updat...
2020-04-24 Johann Hartwig... updating testsuite to support ssl-tests
2020-04-20 Alexander Add not about removed legacy options
2020-04-20 Replace make with ${MAKE} (#270)
2020-04-20 Alexander BartonUpdate AUTHORS file
2020-04-20 Alexander BartonChangeLog: Add missing patch attribution
2020-04-20 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2020-04-20 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ Use bash(1) as interpreter
2020-04-19 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ Fork awk(1), deal better with signals...
2020-04-19 Alexander BartonUpdate Xcode project for latest Xcode version (11.4.1)
2020-04-19 michiRemove legacy configuration options
2020-04-19 michiIncrease read buffer size for server connections
2020-04-19 michiFix recursion bug on write error
2020-04-19 michiFix hostmask cloaking bug for IPv6 too
2020-04-19 michiUnbreak GCC 10 (-fno-common) build
2020-04-19 Hilko BengenGnuTLS: Eliminate memory leaks for DH parameters, prior...
2020-04-17 Hilko BengenAdd support for GnuTLS certificate reload
2020-03-29 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation to reflect "[Channel]->Modes"...
2020-03-29 Alexander BartonConvert INSTALL and README files to Markdown
2020-03-29 Alexander BartonAdd deprecation warnings for "Key" and "MaxUsers" in...
2020-03-29 Alexander BartonTest suite: Test multiple "Modes" lines in [Channel...
2020-03-28 Alexander BartonPredefined channles: Fix handling of legacy configurati...
2020-03-28 Alexander BartonEnhance logging while setting up predefined channels
2020-03-28 michiAllow multiple "Modes =" lines per [Channel] section
2020-03-28 michiEvaluate initial channel modes
2020-03-28 Alexander BartonXcode: add missing files in src/testsuite, and sort...
2020-03-22 Alexander BartonAdd "FNC" (forced nick changes) to ISUPPORT(005) numeric
2020-02-15 Alexander BartonFix memory leak in portabtest Check_strtok_r()
2020-02-15 michiReuse old SSL key if loading a new one failed
2020-02-11 Alexander BartonUpdate Xcode project for latest Xcode version (11.3.1)
2020-02-11 Alexander BartonRemove outdated OpenBSD/NetBSD systrace.policy
2020-01-21 Alexander Barton2020!
2019-12-31 Alexander BartonEnhance handling of command line errors, and "--help...
2019-12-16 Alexander BartonFix and update Xcode project
2019-12-16 Alexander BartonUpdate name in Makefile and Xcode project...
2019-12-07 Alexander Bartoncontrib/README: Add script to the list
2019-12-07 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ Use bright colors for warning & error...
2019-12-07 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ Enhance and rename script
2019-12-01 WindreeUpdate install documentation: libgnutls-dev
2019-11-10 Alexander BartonAdd simple log colorization script: ./contrib/
2019-11-10 Alexander BartonLog received signals (using strsignal(3), when available)
2019-11-03 Alexander BartonMake test suite compatible with Haiku