2014-08-30 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'v3-cleanup' into v3.1.6-alex v3.1.6-alex
2014-08-27 Ralph BoehmeRelease: 3.1.6
2014-08-22 HATNEW: configure option "--with-init-style=debian-systemd...
2014-08-21 Ralph Boehmelibatalk:config: deleting volumes
2014-08-21 Ralph Boehmenetatalk: refresh Zeroconf registration when receiving...
2014-08-21 Ralph Boehmeafpd: distribute SIGHUP from parent afpd to children...
2014-08-20 Ralph Boehmedoc: expand afp.conf 'chmod request' description
2014-08-17 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: fix for long running queries
2014-08-12 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: autoconf check: remove tracker-miner remnants
2014-08-12 Ralph BoehmeBump version to 3.1.6dev
2014-08-12 Ralph BoehmeRelease: 3.1.5
2014-08-11 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: call g_type_init() if glib is older then...
2014-08-11 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: remove now unused file slmod_sparql.c
2014-08-11 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: support for OS X 10.6 clients
2014-08-09 Ralph Boehmeafpd: move mDNS service registration to netatalk process
2014-08-09 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: when to call tracker_sparql_cursor_next_async()
2014-08-08 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: more logging
2014-08-08 Ralph Boehmeafpd: change 'bad function' log message to maxdebug...
2014-08-08 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: fix async query close
2014-08-08 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: move init to the right place
2014-08-07 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: only destroy queries that have beed marked
2014-08-07 Ralph Boehmeafpd: SIGCHLD, not SIGCLD
2014-08-07 Ralph BoehmeBump version to 3.1.5dev
2014-08-07 Ralph BoehmeAdd ABI file for 3.1.4
2014-08-07 Ralph BoehmeUpdate manpages
2014-08-07 Ralph BoehmeFixes for make distcheck
2014-08-07 Ralph BoehmeBump version to 3.1.4
2014-08-07 Ralph BoehmePrepare 3.1.4 release notes
2014-08-06 HATadd two missing volume attribute bits from AFP spec
2014-08-06 HATnew option "case sensitive = yes|no", FR #62.
2014-08-05 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: use async Tracker SPARQL API master
2014-08-05 Ralph Boehmelogger: remove flood protection and allocate messages
2014-08-01 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2014-08-01 Ralph Boehmeafpd: check for modified included config file, FR #95
2014-08-01 Ralph BoehmeMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-netatalk...
2014-07-21 Ralph Boehmefce: afpd: fix event names array
2014-07-21 Ralph Boehmefce: fix event id increment
2014-07-21 Ralph Boehmefce: afpd: missing includes and fix SIGCLD handler...
2014-07-21 Ralph Boehmeman: afp.conf: "fce version" option
2014-07-18 Ralph Boehmedist: add missing file
2014-07-15 Ralph Boehmefce: FCE version 2 with new event types and new config...
2014-07-10 Ralph BoehmeWriting metadata xattr on directories with sticky bit...
2014-07-10 Ralph Boehmeconfig: add utility function vdgoption_bool()
2014-07-10 Ralph Boehmelibrary versioning: update to 16:0:0
2014-07-10 Ralph BoehmeHangs in Netatalk which causes it to stop responding...
2014-07-03 Ralph Boehmeversion: 3.1.4dev
2014-07-03 Ralph BoehmeRelease: version 3.1.3
2014-07-03 Ralph Boehmeabigen: fix for gdb syms error
2014-07-03 Ralph Boehmegitignore: test-driver
2014-07-03 Ralph Boehmemanpages: generate from XML
2014-06-25 Ralph BoehmeAdd advanced option "chmod request" controlling ACLs
2014-06-24 Ralph BoehmeUse realpath_safe() for getting the absolute path
2014-06-20 Ralph Boehmead: path detection in getvolbypath(), bug #570
2014-06-19 Ralph BoehmeResource fork conversion from AppleDouble v2 broken...
2014-06-18 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'branch-netatalk-3-1' of
2014-06-18 Ralph BoehmeFix a crash when accessing ._ files, bug #564
2014-06-18 Ralph BoehmeNEWS: Fix FR number
2014-06-18 Ralph BoehmeDelete 0 byte size resource fork ._ files
2014-06-18 Ralph BoehmeRefactoring: move forkpath computation to function...
2014-06-18 Ralph BoehmeRefactoring: move struct dir and dirlookup() to functio...
2014-06-17 Ralph BoehmeMemory overflow caused by 'basedir regex', bug #567
2014-06-17 Ralph BoehmeUpdate Unicode support to version 7.0.0
2014-06-17 Ralph BoehmeUnarchiving certain ZIP archives fails, bug #569
2014-06-05 HATfix typo
2014-06-04 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: "spotlight expr = false" broke the default...
2014-06-04 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: new options for controlling query behaviour
2014-06-04 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: SPARQL query optimisations
2014-06-04 Ralph BoehmeBump version to 3.1.3dev
2014-06-03 Ralph BoehmeRemove uniconv
2014-06-03 Ralph BoehmePrepare 3.1.2 releas
2014-06-03 Ralph BoehmeAdd generated files from yacc and flex
2014-06-03 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: SPARQL query optimisation
2014-05-22 Ralph BoehmeNew options that control whether dbus and Tracker are...
2014-05-21 Ralph Boehmefd leak when using appledouble = v2, bug #554
2014-05-21 Ralph Boehmegetvolbypath returns incorrect volume, bug #563
2014-05-20 Ralph Boehmedbd: two fixes for new user option
2014-05-20 Ralph BoehmeSupport for using $u username variable in AFP volume...
2014-05-20 Ralph Boehmexattrs on BSD, bug #562
2014-05-20 Ralph Boehmequotas: improve Linux quota behaviour
2014-05-20 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'sharemodes-bug560' into branch-netatalk-3-1
2014-05-20 Ralph Boehmelocking: put the Solaris share reservation after our...
2014-05-01 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: add SPAQRL mapping for kMDItemLastUsedDate
2014-05-01 HATfix typo
2014-04-26 HATdebian initscript: add 0 and 6 to Default-Stop. debian...
2014-04-23 Ralph BoehmeOnly run dbus-daemon if Spotlight is enabled, bug #556
2014-04-22 Ralph BoehmeRemove tracker miner code
2014-04-10 HATadd pwent->pw_dir to logmessage.
2014-04-10 Ralph BoehmeRemove misleading logmessage added in previous commit...
2014-04-08 Ralph BoehmeImprove reliability of afpd child handler
2014-04-01 Ralph BoehmeSpotlight: file modification date, bug #545
2014-03-21 Ralph BoehmeAdd missing parenthesis
2014-03-18 Ralph BoehmeFix typo and remove unused variables
2014-03-17 Ralph BoehmeOption "vol dbpath" was broken in 3.1.1
2014-03-13 Ralph BoehmeBump version
2014-03-13 Ralph BoehmeUpdate release notes
2014-03-13 Ralph BoehmeUpdate libatalk so version
2014-03-13 Ralph BoehmeBump version to 3.1.1
2014-03-02 Ralph BoehmeDon't flood log with failed sys_set_ea() messages
2014-03-01 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'branch-netatalk-3-1'
2014-03-01 Ralph BoehmeRun dbpath through variable substitution