2009-04-29 Alexander Bartondebian/rules: whitespace fixes
2009-04-25 Tassilo SchweyerFix server list announcement
2009-04-24 Alexander BartonDoxygen: update source code repository link to GIT
2009-04-23 David Kingstonallow ping timeout quit messages to show the timeout...
2009-04-22 Florian Westphalirc-server: do not remove hostnames from info text
2009-04-21 Florian Westphalconn-zip: fix error handling
2009-04-21 Florian Westphalremove or translate old comments
2009-04-21 Florian Westphalclient.c: remove unecessary comments
2009-04-21 Florian Westphaladd const qualifier to pointers where possible
2009-04-20 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 14 rel-14
2009-04-10 Alexander BartonDisplay IPv6 addresses as "[<addr>]" when accepting...
2009-04-10 Alexander BartonXcode: #define include __DATE__ in VERSION
2009-04-09 Alexander BartonFix ChangeLog: Local channels are already implemented...
2009-03-30 Alexander BartonFix up last Debian changelog entry
2009-03-29 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 14~rc1 rel-14-rc1
2009-03-29 Alexander BartonUpdated NEWS and ChangeLog files
2009-03-29 Alexander BartonUpdated Debian/Linux init script
2009-03-25 Dana Dahlstrommisspelling in ERR_NORECIPIENT reply
2009-03-11 Alexander BartonAdd missing contributors to AUTHORS file
2009-03-06 Florian Westphaltestsuite: add more predefined channels to server config
2009-03-06 Florian Westphalallow creation of persistent modeless channels
2009-03-06 Florian Westphaladd and use Channel_IsModeless()
2009-03-05 Alexander BartonEnhance INFO command to report compile time, if available
2009-03-03 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2009-03-03 Alexander BartonChannel mode changes: break on error
2009-03-03 Alexander BartonChannel_Mode(): code cleanup (no functional changes)
2009-02-05 Florian WestphalTLS/SSL: remove useless error message when ssl connecti...
2009-02-04 Florian Westphalupdate ChangeLog.
2009-02-04 Florian WestphalSSL/TLS: clear all ssl realted flags on shutdown
2009-02-04 Florian WestphalTLS/SSL: fix memory leak when using compressed server...
2009-01-20 Alexander BartonFix spelling of log message: "channek" vs. "channel... ChannelKeyFile
2009-01-20 Alexander BartonChannel key file: store file name and open on each...
2009-01-20 Alexander BartonSupport individual channel keys for pre-defined channels.
2009-01-20 Alexander BartonRFC 2812, sec. 3.3.1: really check for the last dot
2009-01-17 Florian Westphalirc.c: reject masks with wildcard after last dot
2009-01-17 Florian Westphalirc.c: Fix handling of channels containing dots
2009-01-13 Ask Bjørn HansenUpdate ngircd.spec file
2009-01-09 Florian Westphalremove unneeded LOG_DEBUG when not compiling with DEBUG...
2009-01-09 Florian Westphaldocumentation: gnutls does not support password-protect...
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonMac OS X: update texts for Mac OS X
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonXcode: build ngIRCd with IPv6 support on Mac OS X
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonXcode: get release number dynamically; new make target...
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonXcode: define TARGET_VENDOR and TARGET_OS
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonAdd new and missing files to Mac OS X Xcode project
2009-01-05 Alexander BartonRename Channel_Free() to Free_Channel(), it is a local...
2009-01-05 Alexander BartonClean up channel allocation table on shutdown/restart.
2009-01-05 Florian WestphalAdd Channel_Free().
2009-01-04 Alexander BartonClean up (reformat and comment) Delete_Channel() function.
2009-01-04 Alexander BartonFree topic array on channel deletion.
2009-01-01 Alexander BartonFix spelling in some documents.
2008-12-30 Alexander BartonAllow pre-defined server local channels ("&").
2008-12-30 Alexander BartonSpell check and enhance ngIRCd manual pages.
2008-12-29 Florian Westphalman ngircd.conf: line break missing before the SSLConne...
2008-12-27 Florian Westphaldefines.h: remove MAX_LISTEN_PORTS, MAX_SERVICES
2008-12-26 Florian WestphalRemove limit on max number of predefined channels.
2008-12-26 Florian Westphalchannel.c: constify a few function arguments.
2008-12-26 Florian Westphaluse %ld as format specifier for posix data types
2008-12-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 13 rel-13
2008-12-17 Florian Westphaldon't print pid_t type with %ld format specifier
2008-12-05 Alexander BartonUpdate the date ("Dec 2008") of the manual pages.
2008-12-05 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: added x86_64/unknown/linux-gnu
2008-12-05 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: update list of tested platforms.
2008-12-04 Alexander Bartondoc/SSL.txt: enhance documentation.
2008-12-04 Alexander Bartondoc/Services.txt: explain which IRC Services versions...
2008-12-03 Alexander BartonTestsuite return correct exit code.
2008-12-03 Alexander BartonMake testsuite ( work on OpenSolaris (i386...
2008-12-02 Alexander Bartondoc/Services.txt: document using ngIRCd with IRC Services.
2008-11-22 Alexander Bartonsample-ngircd.conf: remove now unused CVS "$Id$"
2008-11-21 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 13~rc1 rel-13-rc1
2008-11-21 Alexander BartonFix double minus signs in manual pages
2008-11-21 Alexander BartonDebian package ("make deb"): fix some lintian(1) warnings
2008-11-20 Alexander BartonChange formatting of some log messages
2008-11-20 Alexander BartonFix pem_passwd_cb(): unused variable "rwflag" (OpenSSL)
2008-11-19 Alexander BartonNew configuration option "NoIdent" to disable IDENT...
2008-11-19 Alexander BartonImplement the IRC command "SERVLIST"
2008-11-19 Alexander BartonUpdated NEWS and ChangeLog, using NEWS for news only :-)
2008-11-17 Alexander BartonCreate local &SERVER channel and log server messages... bug87-LocalChannel
2008-11-17 Alexander BartonImplement local channels (prefix "&")
2008-11-13 Alexander BartonAdded some missing files of GIT tree to distribution...
2008-11-13 Alexander BartonTest suite: start two servers and test server-server...
2008-11-12 Alexander BartonAdd conf-ssl.h to "noinst_HEADERS"
2008-11-12 Alexander BartonRe-add CVE identifiers to ChangeLog.
2008-11-12 Alexander BartonUpdated NEWS and ChangeLog to include 0.12.1 and the...
2008-11-12 Alexander BartonConnection counter: count outgoing connections as well.
2008-11-11 Alexander BartonIgnore numeric 020 ("please wait while we process your...
2008-11-11 Alexander BartonGNUTLS: define new API types when installed library...
2008-11-11 Alexander BartonConsole log: output timestamp (seconds since start...
2008-11-10 Alexander BartonConsole log: output timestamp (seconds since start...
2008-10-29 Florian Westphalconn-ssl.c: work around gnutls API problems on 64 bit...
2008-10-29 Alexander BartonGIT: don't ignore cvs-version.{h|new}, because it isn...
2008-10-19 Alexander BartonFix ForwardLookup(): "ISO C90 forbids specifying subobj...
2008-10-19 Alexander BartonFix ConnSSL_LogCertInfo(): unused variable "cred" ...
2008-10-03 Alexander BartonDebian: build ngircd-full with support for GNU TLS...
2008-10-03 Alexander BartonDebian: make sure that /var/run/ircd is owned by user...
2008-10-03 Alexander BartonGIT: Ignore Debian-related generated files.
2008-10-03 Alexander BartonUpdated config.{guess|sub} to version 2008-01-16.
2008-09-23 Alexander BartonEnable KICK to be handled from remote servers and from... services
2008-09-23 Alexander BartonRespect RFC 1459 compatibility mode when announcing...
2008-09-23 Alexander BartonDocument the server flag "S": SERVICE command is supported.
2008-09-23 Alexander BartonAnnounce IRC services in the network.