doc/PAM.txt: add a slightly more useful example
[ngircd-alex.git] /
2013-03-27 Alexander BartonBuild OS X package with correct file permissions
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug109-CHARCONV'
2012-09-26 Alexander don't use "make -C", it isn't portable
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonRename to
2012-09-24 Alexander use AM_PROG_AR to check ar(1) command
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'automake-am11-am12'
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonInclude .mailmap file in distribution archives
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonInclude all build-system files into distribution archives
2011-05-11 Alexander BartonMac OS X: split up make targets
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonXcode builds ("make xcode"): detect version number...
2009-09-10 Alexander BartonMac OS X: fix test for packagemaker(1) tool in Makefile
2009-01-06 Alexander BartonXcode: get release number dynamically; new make target...
2008-11-21 Alexander BartonDebian package ("make deb"): fix some lintian(1) warnings
2008-08-12 Alexander BartonNew make target: "osxpkg" to create an Mac OS X install...
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonAdded make target "testsuite"
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonFixed "xcode" make target (used to build ngIRCd with...
2005-07-22 Alexander BartonMoved "srcdoc" target from src/Makefile to doc/Makefile.
2005-04-09 Alexander BartonTwo new targets: "srcdoc" to generate Doxygen source...
2004-05-11 Alexander Barton"make clean" works better now.
2004-01-01 Alexander BartonRestructured debian packaging system: now there are...
2003-12-31 Alexander BartonRemoved outdated Mac OS X ProjectBuilder project files...
2003-12-31 Alexander BartonAdded some files to the maintainer-clean-local target...
2003-07-09 Alexander BartonIncluded debian/-subdirectory into build system.
2002-10-01 Alexander Barton- neues Verzeichnis "contrib" angelegt.
2002-03-31 Alexander Barton- Manual-Pages begonnen und in Source-Tree eingebunden.
2002-03-25 Alexander Barton- lint-Target in Haupt-Makefile aufgenommen.
2002-03-12 Alexander Barton- externe portab-Header werden nicht mehr benoetigt...
2002-03-10 Alexander Barton- Anpassungen an neues GNU automake/autoconf: acconfig...
2002-01-02 Alexander Barton- Copyright-Texte angepasst ;-)
2001-12-31 Alexander Barton- Unterverzeichnis "doc" aufgenommen.
2001-12-30 Alexander Barton- acconfig.h in die "noinst_HEADERS" aufgenommen.
2001-12-12 Alexander Barton- Projektdatei fuer den Mac OS X Project Builder erstellt.
2001-12-11 Alexander BartonInitial revision