2010-04-08 franklahmSet DEFAULTS for volumes upriv and usedots netatalk-2-1-beta2
2010-04-08 franklahmMinor corrections
2010-04-08 hat001align 80 chars
2010-04-08 franklahmRevert upriv default change
2010-04-08 franklahmRevert upriv -> noupriv change
2010-04-07 hat001Fix 5436neta_cv_eas value
2010-04-07 hat001README.platforms -> README.AppleTalk
2010-04-06 franklahmDocumentation for changed upriv -> noupriv option
2010-04-06 franklahmIgnore stuff
2010-04-05 franklahmRev versions to 2.1beta2, checkin changed manpages
2010-04-04 hat001dropkludge is same as dropbox
2010-04-04 franklahmRemove incomplete mapchars option
2010-04-04 hat001forgotten volume options
2010-04-04 franklahmLog error if open of EA content file fails
2010-04-03 franklahmPatches for OpenBSD
2010-04-02 hat001forgotten options
2010-03-31 franklahmclustering support: new per volume option cnidserver
2010-03-30 franklahmAdjust what gets distributed
2010-03-30 franklahmRename README.acls to README.ACLs
2010-03-30 franklahmRename README.platforms to README.AppleTalk as suggeste...
2010-03-30 franklahmFBCIndex and stuff, from HAT
2010-03-30 franklahmAllow opening symlinks r/w, but don't actually allow...
2010-03-30 franklahmmax 80 cols, from HAT
2010-03-30 franklahmFix typos
2010-03-30 franklahmPrevent security attack guessing valid server accounts
2010-03-29 franklahmDoc for new AFP signature stuff, from HAT
2010-03-29 franklahmNew AFP signature algorithm, from HAT
2010-03-12 franklahmConvert afp_moveandrename and all called funcs to XXXat... after-renameat
2010-03-09 franklahmInitialize AFPobj for AFP over AT too before-renameat
2010-03-08 franklahmacltoownermode: check if UUID support is on
2010-03-07 didgad_metadata don't try to open adouble file read write...
2010-03-02 didgprevious commit 'use ad_close_metadata after ad_metadat...
2010-03-02 didgcosmetic: use ad_close_metadata after ad_metadata
2010-03-02 didgstreamline deletefile, open the resource fork only...
2010-03-01 didgad_open: unset O_TRUNC and O_CREAT in adf_flags if...
2010-03-01 didgcreate_special_folder: cosmetic, replace ad_open with...
2010-02-28 didgprevious commit 'lchdir: use chdir + getcwd' was only...
2010-02-28 didglchdir: use chdir + getcwd
2010-02-26 didgad_size: if it's a symlink don't use fstat
2010-02-26 didglock don't call fcntl if fd == 0, it's a symlink
2010-02-26 didggetforkparms: lstat the symlink not /dev/null
2010-02-22 franklahmDefault type/creator. From HAT
2010-02-19 franklahmMove lchdir() to libatalk/util/unix.c and use that...
2010-02-19 franklahmRemove v_realpath from struct dir, normalize v_path...
2010-02-19 didguse volume real path for chdir
2010-02-19 didgmove static variables only used in catsearch inside...
2010-02-18 didgOSX return AFPERR_NOOBJ rather than AFPERR_PARAM
2010-02-18 didgkeep the source file open when parsing parameters in...
2010-02-17 didglog type_configs data is used by uams modules, define...
2010-02-17 didgin setfilparam when switching to a symlink use of_stat...
2010-02-17 didgremove a gcc warning: 'suggest parentheses around assig...
2010-02-16 didguse the right test for noadouble volumes
2010-02-16 didgremove a gcc warning: ‘static’ is not at beginning...
2010-02-15 franklahmFix some uninitialized warnings
2010-02-15 franklahmMake LOG macro fast again
2010-02-14 franklahmLast manpage checkin from XML sources before 2.1beta1... netatalk-2-1-beta1
2010-02-14 franklahmUpdate
2010-02-11 franklahmSome stuff was missing
2010-02-10 franklahmMerge symlink branch HEAD-after-symlink-merge
2010-02-09 franklahmShow CNID defaults in configure --help HEAD-before-symlink-merge
2010-02-09 franklahmtdb CNID backend must be enabled by default
2010-02-08 franklahmSIGINT enables max_debug logging to /tmp/afpd.PID.XXXXXX
2010-02-08 franklahmRemove volume option debugfile
2010-02-06 franklahmgcrypt version is a string
2010-02-04 franklahm2.1beta1
2010-02-04 franklahmvolume option debugfile
2010-02-03 franklahmShow msg dir in afpd -V
2010-01-27 didgmegatron, fix errors introduced in Sun Feb 6 10:16... branch-dircache-rewrite-start
2010-01-27 didguse open and fchdir rather than getcwd in catsearch
2010-01-26 didgremove a 'discard const ...' warning in papd cups
2010-01-26 didguse the right test for file/dir invisible attribute...
2010-01-26 franklahmRemove mtab CNID backend
2010-01-26 didgprevious commit :don't send a server notification on...
2010-01-26 didgreturn the right error code when deleting afp current...
2010-01-26 didgdon't use & in getcwd parameter
2010-01-25 didgdon't send a server notification on volume time modific...
2010-01-23 franklahmReturn correct error if EA already exists
2010-01-23 franklahmMissing error codes
2010-01-22 franklahmRemove cvsignore
2010-01-22 didgadd/remove comment: test parent directory perms for...
2010-01-21 didgafpd set the logger default to log_info and move some...
2010-01-21 didgtry to get the directory's cnid from the adouble header...
2010-01-20 franklahmMore logging
2010-01-19 franklahmFix for type (file/dir) mismatch in dbd_lookup. Also...
2010-01-19 franklahmFix to arg in log statement
2010-01-18 franklahmAdd debug log statement to afp_getfildirparms.
2010-01-18 franklahmEnumeration didn't write CNID data to adouble file...
2010-01-17 franklahmUpdate apple_dump:
2010-01-16 franklahmOutput of service atalk status was wrong
2010-01-11 franklahmDont install PAM stuff if not requested
2010-01-11 franklahmAdd debug message
2010-01-10 franklahmRemove struct dir.d_uname_len and its dependencies...
2010-01-06 franklahmAdd some description of dir caching in afpd
2010-01-06 franklahmOnly update adouble file with CNID on mismatch.
2010-01-06 franklahmForgot test for noadbouble vol in ad_metadata in previo...
2010-01-06 franklahmReintroduce adouble file creation on enumeration
2010-01-06 didgdirectories cache, update d_u_name_len when d_u_name...
2010-01-05 franklahmMore doxygen style API documentation
2010-01-05 franklahmRemove ADVOL_NOADOUBLE check. It prevented creation...
2010-01-05 franklahmFixes for changed ADVOL_NOADOUBLE flag passing