2010-02-14 franklahmLast manpage checkin from XML sources before 2.1beta1... netatalk-2-1-beta1
2010-02-14 franklahmUpdate
2010-02-11 franklahmSome stuff was missing
2010-02-10 franklahmMerge symlink branch HEAD-after-symlink-merge
2010-02-09 franklahmShow CNID defaults in configure --help HEAD-before-symlink-merge
2010-02-09 franklahmtdb CNID backend must be enabled by default
2010-02-08 franklahmSIGINT enables max_debug logging to /tmp/afpd.PID.XXXXXX
2010-02-08 franklahmRemove volume option debugfile
2010-02-06 franklahmgcrypt version is a string
2010-02-04 franklahm2.1beta1
2010-02-04 franklahmvolume option debugfile
2010-02-03 franklahmShow msg dir in afpd -V
2010-01-27 didgmegatron, fix errors introduced in Sun Feb 6 10:16... branch-dircache-rewrite-start
2010-01-27 didguse open and fchdir rather than getcwd in catsearch
2010-01-26 didgremove a 'discard const ...' warning in papd cups
2010-01-26 didguse the right test for file/dir invisible attribute...
2010-01-26 franklahmRemove mtab CNID backend
2010-01-26 didgprevious commit :don't send a server notification on...
2010-01-26 didgreturn the right error code when deleting afp current...
2010-01-26 didgdon't use & in getcwd parameter
2010-01-25 didgdon't send a server notification on volume time modific...
2010-01-23 franklahmReturn correct error if EA already exists
2010-01-23 franklahmMissing error codes
2010-01-22 franklahmRemove cvsignore
2010-01-22 didgadd/remove comment: test parent directory perms for...
2010-01-21 didgafpd set the logger default to log_info and move some...
2010-01-21 didgtry to get the directory's cnid from the adouble header...
2010-01-20 franklahmMore logging
2010-01-19 franklahmFix for type (file/dir) mismatch in dbd_lookup. Also...
2010-01-19 franklahmFix to arg in log statement
2010-01-18 franklahmAdd debug log statement to afp_getfildirparms.
2010-01-18 franklahmEnumeration didn't write CNID data to adouble file...
2010-01-17 franklahmUpdate apple_dump:
2010-01-16 franklahmOutput of service atalk status was wrong
2010-01-11 franklahmDont install PAM stuff if not requested
2010-01-11 franklahmAdd debug message
2010-01-10 franklahmRemove struct dir.d_uname_len and its dependencies...
2010-01-06 franklahmAdd some description of dir caching in afpd
2010-01-06 franklahmOnly update adouble file with CNID on mismatch.
2010-01-06 franklahmForgot test for noadbouble vol in ad_metadata in previo...
2010-01-06 franklahmReintroduce adouble file creation on enumeration
2010-01-06 didgdirectories cache, update d_u_name_len when d_u_name...
2010-01-05 franklahmMore doxygen style API documentation
2010-01-05 franklahmRemove ADVOL_NOADOUBLE check. It prevented creation...
2010-01-05 franklahmFixes for changed ADVOL_NOADOUBLE flag passing
2010-01-05 franklahmFix LOG call
2010-01-05 franklahmAdd static getcwd and use it for debugging in ad_open
2010-01-05 franklahmSubstitute ADFLAGS_NOADOUBLE with ADVOL_NOADOUBLE,...
2010-01-05 franklahmBeautify
2010-01-04 franklahmStart adouble documentation in Doxygen style
2010-01-04 franklahmRename asaddump to apple_dump
2010-01-04 franklahmLots of improvements. From HAT
2009-12-29 franklahmLast commit message mentionend the wrong CNID backends! branch-symlink-start
2009-12-29 franklahmremove hash files
2009-12-29 franklahmRemove db3 files
2009-12-27 franklahmNicely print dev/ino data. From HAT.
2009-12-24 franklahmCheckin all manpages freshly from XML for 2.1beta....
2009-12-23 franklahmasaddump: dump AppleSingle/Double files. From HAT.
2009-12-23 franklahmEnhance readability. From HAT.
2009-12-23 franklahmea option
2009-12-23 franklahmSupport long usernames. From Alain Richard.
2009-12-23 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-12-23 franklahmCheck if entries are present before using them
2009-12-22 franklahmRemove bogus checks
2009-12-22 franklahmAdd debug log messages
2009-12-22 franklahmAdd all EA opts to volinfo
2009-12-22 franklahmCompletely ignore symlinks
2009-12-21 franklahmChange logging
2009-12-21 franklahmDistinguish between intra-share and extra-share symlinks
2009-12-21 franklahmsymlink support
2009-12-21 franklahmlogger: write to fd 1 directly instead of /dev/tty...
2009-12-21 franklahmooops! Previous commit requested 64 GB cache instead...
2009-12-21 franklahmSet cachesize for rebuild db
2009-12-20 franklahmLogfile removal was not working
2009-12-20 franklahmRaise bdb cache size to 64 MB
2009-12-18 franklahmFix EA support detection. New ea option values none...
2009-12-18 franklahmRemoved nu. Use macusers instead
2009-12-17 franklahmSome options where listed under options: options wrongly.
2009-12-17 franklahmFix ea:sys check
2009-12-13 franklahmRemove spurious log message
2009-12-13 franklahmFix searching for lib on 64bit platforms
2009-12-13 franklahmUpdate slp macro, default is disabled now
2009-12-13 didgadd a draft for 2.1 release note/TODO
2009-12-13 didgupdate config template with new options
2009-12-13 didgatalkd don't spam syslog if an interface is down, XXX...
2009-12-13 didgatalkd the function as_timer is way to big, use longer...
2009-12-13 didgsplit horizon on router tables, wihout it poisoned...
2009-12-13 didgdon't dump core if there's no zone for on a seeded...
2009-12-11 franklahmNew default for ea volume option is "sys".
2009-12-11 franklahmAdd command string and symbol for AFP_GETUSERINFO
2009-12-11 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-12-10 franklahmAdd support for ea:ad volumes
2009-12-09 franklahmUpdate spec with how we use the hint
2009-12-09 franklahmAdjust dbd to use the same fixup logic as afpd ie call...
2009-12-08 didgNot all systems define AI_NUMERICSERV
2009-12-08 didgdon't spam the log with 'Invalid cnid, corrupted DB...
2009-12-08 franklahmUpdate spec
2009-12-08 franklahmatalkd workaround for Linux 2.6 AT kmodule bug
2009-12-08 didgatalkd: linux 2.6 sends broadcast queries to the first...
2009-12-07 franklahmRename Solaris initscript installed name to netatalk