axzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
[ax-zsh.git] / themes /
2020-03-21 Alexander BartonFix axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() logic
2020-03-21 Alexander Bartonaxemoji: Use nicer emoji for righthand error notice
2019-02-05 Alexander BartonThemes: Use "%B" only in combination with "%b"
2017-07-08 Alexander BartonAdd and streamline comments for prompt variables
2017-07-08 Alexander Bartonaxemoji.axzshtheme: Set PS4 like the "ax" theme does
2017-07-06 Alexander BartonImplement new axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() function
2017-07-02 Alexander Bartonaxemoji.axzshtheme: Disable it on incompatible terminals
2017-04-18 Alexander Bartonaxemoji.axzshtheme: Fix wording of a file comment
2017-04-14 Alexander Bartonaxemoji.axzshtheme: Fix spacing in RPS1
2017-04-14 Alexander Bartonaxemoji.axzshtheme: Respect emoji spacing for RPS1...
2017-04-14 Alexander Bartonaxemoji.axzshtheme: No spacing needed on VTE-based...
2017-04-13 Alexander Bartonaxemojy.axzshtheme: Add support for "~/.system_emoji...
2017-04-10 Alexander BartonNew "axemoji" theme
2016-05-07 Alexander Barton"ax" theme: Don't use UTF8 characters on non-UTF8 terminals
2015-11-02 Alexander Barton"ax" theme: Fix CVS prompt, don't insert a space
2015-11-02 Alexander Barton"ax" theme: Set and export PS4 prompt
2015-10-05 Alexander BartonAdd "ohmyzsh" (robbyrussell) theme
2015-10-05 Alexander BartonAdd "debian" theme
2015-09-27 Alexander Bartonax.axzshtheme: Refactor usage of default variables
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonStreamline default values of AX-ZSH theming variables
2015-09-27 Alexander Barton50_prompt: ZSH_THEME_{LOGNAME|HOSTNAME|VCS}_PROMPT_...
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonInitial theming support