descriptionAlex' Modular ZSH Configuration
ownerAlexander Barton
last changeFri, 31 Jul 2020 17:17:10 +0000 (19:17 +0200)
2020-07-31 Alexander BartonAdd "00-newline" plugin master
2020-07-31 Alexander BartonNew "neofetch" plugin
2020-07-31 Alexander BartonNew "calendar" plugin
2020-07-31 Alexander Bartonicalbuddy: Don't start with an empty line
2020-07-31 Alexander Bartonicalbuddy, remind: Create "stamp file" in XDG_CACHE_HOME
2020-07-31 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Set AXZSH_PLUGIN_CHECK=1 when rebuilding...
2020-07-31 Alexander Bartoncore: Move 20_home and 30_env to "ax-io" stage
2020-07-12 Alexander Barton80_local_config: Read local profile(s) in "ax-io" stage
2020-07-05 Alexander Bartonstd_env: Set CLICOLOR=1 (if not set already)
2020-07-05 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Remove "ax-io.cache" in UpdatePluginCache...
2020-07-05 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Fix file names in file comments
2020-06-11 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Add --version
2020-06-11 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Show help on stderr, add "help" alias
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonNew "std_functions" default plugin
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonIntegrate support for Powerlevel10k, including "instant...
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonIntroduce new "ax-io" stage, which is run before all...
2 weeks ago master