descriptionAlex' Modular ZSH Configuration
ownerAlexander Barton
last changeSat, 6 Jun 2020 18:47:22 +0000 (20:47 +0200)
5 hours ago Alexander Barton12_locale: Enhance matching of Linux systems master
13 days ago Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
13 days ago Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Use the enhanced test function of zsh
13 days ago Alexander BartonNew "travis" plugin
2020-04-22 Alexander BartonNew "hstr" plugin
2020-04-22 Alexander Fix some shellcheck(1) warnings, update...
2020-03-29 Alexander BartonNew "fzy" plugin
2020-03-21 Alexander Bartonstd_aliases: Remove "0", quite useless
2020-03-21 Alexander BartonFix axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() logic
2020-03-21 Alexander Bartonaxemoji: Use nicer emoji for righthand error notice
2020-03-21 Alexander BartonKeep $AXZSH variable in axttyinfo alias
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Don't use verbose mode for file operations...
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Don't show title for "UpdatePluginCache"...
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Streamline messages on "enable-plugin"
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Handle themes on "disable-plugin" & clean...
2020-02-07 Alexander Bartonfzf: Look in BSD-specific paths, too!
5 hours ago master