4 hours ago Alexander Barton80_local_config: Read local profile(s) in "ax-io" stage master
6 days ago Alexander Bartonstd_env: Set CLICOLOR=1 (if not set already)
7 days ago Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Remove "ax-io.cache" in UpdatePluginCache...
7 days ago Alexander Barton11_terminal: Fix file names in file comments
2020-06-11 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Add --version
2020-06-11 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Show help on stderr, add "help" alias
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonNew "std_functions" default plugin
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonIntegrate support for Powerlevel10k, including "instant...
2020-06-11 Alexander BartonIntroduce new "ax-io" stage, which is run before all...
2020-06-11 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Refactor "stage initialization" into new axzsh_...
2020-06-07 Alexander Bartoniterm2: Update to iTerm2 shell integration v11
2020-06-06 Alexander Barton12_locale: Enhance matching of Linux systems
2020-05-24 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
2020-05-24 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Use the enhanced test function of zsh
2020-05-24 Alexander BartonNew "travis" plugin
2020-04-22 Alexander BartonNew "hstr" plugin
2020-04-22 Alexander Fix some shellcheck(1) warnings, update...
2020-03-29 Alexander BartonNew "fzy" plugin
2020-03-21 Alexander Bartonstd_aliases: Remove "0", quite useless
2020-03-21 Alexander BartonFix axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() logic
2020-03-21 Alexander Bartonaxemoji: Use nicer emoji for righthand error notice
2020-03-21 Alexander BartonKeep $AXZSH variable in axttyinfo alias
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Don't use verbose mode for file operations...
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Don't show title for "UpdatePluginCache"...
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Streamline messages on "enable-plugin"
2020-02-15 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Handle themes on "disable-plugin" & clean...
2020-02-07 Alexander Bartonfzf: Look in BSD-specific paths, too!
2019-12-31 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Implement "--help" option, and ehnance error...
2019-12-31 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Use ax_error to show error messages
2019-12-28 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Enhance completions, include cloned modules
2019-12-28 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Create shallow clones of remote modules
2019-12-28 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Enhance activation of "foreign" modules
2019-12-08 Alexander Bartondocker-machine: Use and test for "default" machine
2019-11-30 Alexander Bartonpdfman: Use completions for "man"
2019-11-30 Alexander Barton50_completion: Enhance completion styles
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton50_completion: Don't set complete_aliases
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton50_completion: Enable group descriptions
2019-11-02 Alexander Bartonbash_completion: Define dummy function to suppress...
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton30_env: Test for and create missing directories
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonAdd new "bash_completion" plugin
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonRemove most "nocorrect" settings
2019-09-05 Alexander Bartonssh: Look for SSH "auth socket" in common locations
2019-08-21 Alexander Barton11_terminal: "putty*" is a modern terminal
2019-08-01 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Set "icon/tab title", not the "window...
2019-06-25 Alexander Bartonless: Disable "useful" hints of lesspipe(1)
2019-05-28 Alexander Bartonssh_secure: "Nicer" quoting, add completion aliases
2019-05-28 Alexander Bartonremind: Don't show error message when there is no ...
2019-05-12 Alexander BartonFix some warnings of "markdownlint"
2019-05-12 Alexander Bartoneditor_select: Add support for "code", "mvim", "gvim"
2019-05-12 Alexander BartonNew "python" plugin
2019-05-12 Alexander BartonNew "googler" plugin
2019-04-25 Alexander BartonAdd new "nodejs" plugin
2019-04-25 Alexander Bartonless: Add support for
2019-04-22 Alexander Bartonbuku: Don't set "--tacit" in "b" alias
2019-04-22 Alexander Bartonplugins/ Initial plugin documentation
2019-04-22 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Fix & enhance initialization of FG, BG...
2019-04-22 Alexander BartonFix handling of legacy terminal types
2019-04-22 Alexander Bartonicalbuddy, remind: Don't show when "hush login" is...
2019-04-19 Alexander BartonNew "mankier" plugin
2019-03-05 Alexander BartonNew "buku" plugin
2019-03-05 Alexander BartonNew "trash" plugin (for macOS)
2019-02-22 Alexander Bartoncorrection: Ignore dot files, don't offer them as a...
2019-02-22 Alexander BartonNew "command-not-found" plugin
2019-02-22 Alexander Bartonstd_aliases: No longer define ".." alias
2019-02-22 Alexander Bartoncheat: Enhance plugin a bit
2019-02-06 Alexander Bartonstd_aliases: Add some aliases for fast directory changes
2019-02-06 Alexander Bartonvirtualenv: Add support for "pipenv"
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Move VCS prompt styling into VCS plugin
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Introduce ${bg[defualt]} and $fg[default]
2019-02-05 Alexander Bartongit: Return prompt fragments only inside of a Git repos...
2019-02-05 Alexander BartonThemes: Use "%B" only in combination with "%b"
2019-02-05 Alexander Make it safe to call it wgen ~/.axzsh is...
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton99_cleanup: Map OhMyZSH theme variables to ax-zsh variants
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Implement some common functions as "dummies"
2019-02-05 Alexander Bartongit: Split git_prompt() into git_prompt_info() and...
2019-02-05 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: No need to regenerate caches on theme change
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonRead in the theme before cleaning up ...
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonDon't include theme into the cache, only the "source...
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Look for themes in the "custom_themes" folder...
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonInclude the theme into the global context
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartongit: Add aliases for git_prompt_status
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonImplement FG, BG and FX arrays, compatible to OhMyZsh...
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonImplement axzshctl function, restarting the current...
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl set-theme: Don't remove theme link first
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Correctly ignore OhMyZSH "theme plugins"
2019-02-03 Alexander Barton.gitignore: Ignore ".tags" files
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartongit: Add aliases for parse_git_dirty & git_prompt_info
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartoncheat: Don't shadow real command (if any), and use...
2019-02-01 Alexander BartonNew "gcc" plugin
2018-12-09 Alexander Barton40_path: Look for Linuxbrew
2018-12-09 Alexander Barton20_home: PATH is handled in 40_path
2018-11-04 Alexander Bartonvirtualenv: Mark this plugin as "optional"
2018-11-04 Alexander BartonRevert 'New "venv" plugin'
2018-09-12 Alexander Bartonfzf: Update for new Debian package
2018-09-12 Alexander BartonNew "venv" plugin
2018-09-12 Alexander BartonNew "colormake" plugin
2018-08-20 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Fix broken test for dumb terminals
2018-08-07 Alexander BartonNew "go" plugin
2018-04-23 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Only rebuild cache when action succeeded
2018-04-23 Alexander BartonNew "virtualenv" plugin