axzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
[ax-zsh.git] / default_plugins /
2020-03-21 Alexander Bartonstd_aliases: Remove "0", quite useless
2019-11-02 Alexander Bartonbash_completion: Define dummy function to suppress...
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonAdd new "bash_completion" plugin
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonRemove most "nocorrect" settings
2019-09-05 Alexander Bartonssh: Look for SSH "auth socket" in common locations
2019-06-25 Alexander Bartonless: Disable "useful" hints of lesspipe(1)
2019-04-25 Alexander Bartonless: Add support for
2019-02-22 Alexander Bartoncorrection: Ignore dot files, don't offer them as a...
2019-02-22 Alexander Bartonstd_aliases: No longer define ".." alias
2019-02-22 Alexander Bartoncheat: Enhance plugin a bit
2019-02-06 Alexander Bartonstd_aliases: Add some aliases for fast directory changes
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartoncheat: Don't shadow real command (if any), and use...
2017-09-30 Alexander Bartoncorrection: Ignore pgrep and pkill
2017-09-30 Alexander Bartonssh: Add "verbose" option to ssh-autoadd function
2017-09-18 Alexander Bartoncorrection: Don't check for always-available commands
2017-09-18 Alexander Bartoncorrection: Don't correct some more commands
2017-07-08 Alexander Bartonstd_env: Set TIMEFMT and WATCHFMT variables
2017-07-08 Alexander Bartonstd_options: Fix login/logout "watch list"
2017-07-08 Alexander Bartoncorrection: Enhance correction prompt with colors
2017-07-07 Alexander BartonNew "cheat" default plugin
2017-04-10 Alexander Bartonssh: Make sure that XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is set & valid
2017-02-11 Alexander Bartonssh: Add "ssh-autoadd" command
2016-08-27 Alexander Bartonssh: Try to save and restore SSH environment
2015-11-14 Alexander Bartonbyebye: Add extra empty line
2015-11-02 Alexander BartonFix "theme" setup, rename "prompt" plugin to "theme"
2015-11-02 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Don't export PS{1...4} and RPS{1|2} any...
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonInitial theming support
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonRun ax_{logname|hostname}_prompt_yn() only once when...
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonRefactor prompt functions
2015-08-28 Alexander Bartonls: Fix detection of color support
2015-08-22 Alexander Bartonstd_env: Set up ZSH "REPORTTIME"
2015-08-22 Alexander Bartonstd_options: Watch for logins of other users
2015-08-22 Alexander Bartonstd_options: Enable "longlistjobs"
2015-08-22 Alexander Bartonls: Set up "dircolors" when available
2015-08-22 Alexander Bartonless: Set up color usage
2015-08-22 Alexander Bartonhistory: Ignore duplicates and commands that begin...
2015-08-22 Alexander Bartonstd_env: Don't overwrite variables
2015-08-16 Alexander BartonCoding style: Don't quote alias names
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonDon't hardcode default plugins, read them from ./defaul...