New configuration option "NoZeroConf" to disable ZeroConf registration
[ngircd-alex.git] / src / ngircd / rendezvous.c
2010-10-11 Alexander BartonNew configuration option "NoZeroConf" to disable ZeroCo...
2006-05-10 Alexander BartonUse some more specific data types (e. g. pid_t vs....
2005-07-31 Alexander BartonRemoved unnecessary #define of "LOCAL", now use plain...
2005-07-08 Alexander BartonRenamed "Rendezvous" to "Zeroconf".
2005-03-19 Florian WestphalRemove INT, LONG, BOOLEAN, STATIC, CONST, CHAR datatypes.
2004-12-26 Alexander BartonDon't use a POSIX thread for the Howl "run loop".
2004-12-26 Alexander BartonAdded support for the Howl (
2003-03-27 Alexander BartonFixed up bad test during unregistering of services.
2003-02-23 Alexander Barton- Added new source module "rendezvous".