axzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
[ax-zsh.git] /
2020-04-22 Alexander Fix some shellcheck(1) warnings, update...
2019-02-05 Alexander Make it safe to call it wgen ~/.axzsh is...
2015-11-15 Alexander Install themes, too!
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonInitial theming support
2015-09-12 Alexander BartonIntroduce $AXZSH/custom_plugins directory
2015-09-12 Alexander Introduce "abort" function and use it
2015-09-12 Alexander Use "which" instead of "type"
2015-09-12 Alexander Really copy files or setup existing ~/...
2015-08-09 Alexander Check if zsh(1) is available
2015-08-09 Alexander Fix ax_msg() fallback function
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonUse "ax-common" when available, implement wrapper functions
2015-07-30 Alexander export AXZSH variable
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonPlugins are activated using symlinks in $AXZSH/active_p...
2015-07-30 Alexander Show information about the destination...
2015-07-30 Alexander Use $AXZSH, when already set
2015-07-24 Alexander Set "umask" to 027 by default
2015-07-24 Alexander Create symlinks relative to ~/.axzsh
2015-07-03 Alexander BartonInitial commit