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2020-05-26 Alexander BartonUpdate description text in manual page, too!
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2016-01-04 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices for 2016
2013-10-07 Alexander BartonUpdate (date of) manual pages
2013-07-17 Alexander BartonSlightly update ngircd.8 manual page
2012-10-09 Alexander BartonUpdate manual pages
2012-03-12 Alexander BartonFix manual page "hyphen-used-as-minus-sign" error ...
2011-07-02 Alexander BartonUpdate timestamp of ngircd(8) manual page
2011-06-28 Alexander Bartonngircd.8: document debugging options
2011-06-28 Alexander BartonFix some wording, use spellchecker ;-)
2010-12-01 Alexander BartonManual page ngircd(8): add SIGNALS section
2010-12-01 Alexander BartonManual pages: update and simplyfy AUTHORS section
2008-12-30 Alexander BartonSpell check and enhance ngIRCd manual pages.
2008-12-05 Alexander BartonUpdate the date ("Dec 2008") of the manual pages.
2008-05-18 Jari AaltoAdd option aliases -V (for --version) and -h (for ...
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2008-05-11 Alexander BartonUpdate ngIRCd manual pages
2007-11-15 Florian Westphaladd tiny note about ngircd using syslog(3) by default.
2006-12-25 Alexander BartonCustomize manual pages to reflect the actual installati...