2009-12-29 franklahmLast commit message mentionend the wrong CNID backends! branch-symlink-start
2009-12-29 franklahmremove hash files
2009-12-29 franklahmRemove db3 files
2009-12-27 franklahmNicely print dev/ino data. From HAT.
2009-12-24 franklahmCheckin all manpages freshly from XML for 2.1beta....
2009-12-23 franklahmasaddump: dump AppleSingle/Double files. From HAT.
2009-12-23 franklahmEnhance readability. From HAT.
2009-12-23 franklahmea option
2009-12-23 franklahmSupport long usernames. From Alain Richard.
2009-12-23 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-12-23 franklahmCheck if entries are present before using them
2009-12-22 franklahmRemove bogus checks
2009-12-22 franklahmAdd debug log messages
2009-12-22 franklahmAdd all EA opts to volinfo
2009-12-22 franklahmCompletely ignore symlinks
2009-12-21 franklahmChange logging
2009-12-21 franklahmDistinguish between intra-share and extra-share symlinks
2009-12-21 franklahmsymlink support
2009-12-21 franklahmlogger: write to fd 1 directly instead of /dev/tty...
2009-12-21 franklahmooops! Previous commit requested 64 GB cache instead...
2009-12-21 franklahmSet cachesize for rebuild db
2009-12-20 franklahmLogfile removal was not working
2009-12-20 franklahmRaise bdb cache size to 64 MB
2009-12-18 franklahmFix EA support detection. New ea option values none...
2009-12-18 franklahmRemoved nu. Use macusers instead
2009-12-17 franklahmSome options where listed under options: options wrongly.
2009-12-17 franklahmFix ea:sys check
2009-12-13 franklahmRemove spurious log message
2009-12-13 franklahmFix searching for lib on 64bit platforms
2009-12-13 franklahmUpdate slp macro, default is disabled now
2009-12-13 didgadd a draft for 2.1 release note/TODO
2009-12-13 didgupdate config template with new options
2009-12-13 didgatalkd don't spam syslog if an interface is down, XXX...
2009-12-13 didgatalkd the function as_timer is way to big, use longer...
2009-12-13 didgsplit horizon on router tables, wihout it poisoned...
2009-12-13 didgdon't dump core if there's no zone for on a seeded...
2009-12-11 franklahmNew default for ea volume option is "sys".
2009-12-11 franklahmAdd command string and symbol for AFP_GETUSERINFO
2009-12-11 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-12-10 franklahmAdd support for ea:ad volumes
2009-12-09 franklahmUpdate spec with how we use the hint
2009-12-09 franklahmAdjust dbd to use the same fixup logic as afpd ie call...
2009-12-08 didgNot all systems define AI_NUMERICSERV
2009-12-08 didgdon't spam the log with 'Invalid cnid, corrupted DB...
2009-12-08 franklahmUpdate spec
2009-12-08 franklahmatalkd workaround for Linux 2.6 AT kmodule bug
2009-12-08 didgatalkd: linux 2.6 sends broadcast queries to the first...
2009-12-07 franklahmRename Solaris initscript installed name to netatalk
2009-12-07 franklahmAppend newline to EXTATTRTYPE
2009-12-07 franklahmSome fixes from HAT.
2009-12-04 franklahmReturn right error for requested but non-existing EA.
2009-12-03 franklahmDont just exit, use longjmp to exit with cleanup
2009-12-03 franklahmWrite EA mode to volinfo file
2009-12-02 franklahmApple downstream Debian patch
2009-12-01 franklahmNicely move all volinfo file code to libatalk
2009-12-01 franklahmdbd must call ad_setfuid(0) in order to inherit perms...
2009-11-30 franklahmScan mode wasn't called
2009-11-30 franklahmLog debug supplementary groups
2009-11-30 didguse the cnid in adouble header as a hint for dbd add...
2009-11-30 didgin volparam attribute only set bits defined in AFP...
2009-11-28 didgWireshark dissector for dbd 'wire protocol', in lua
2009-11-28 didgdon't trash the db if a file is moved to a different...
2009-11-28 didgguard against confused DB returning junk values
2009-11-28 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-11-28 franklahmAdd LOG debug message on cache expiration
2009-11-28 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-11-28 franklahmFix usage
2009-11-28 franklahmNew option for logger setup 'console' where we don...
2009-11-28 franklahmFiy typo
2009-11-28 franklahmBetter error reporting for afp_ldap.conf parsing
2009-11-28 franklahmSmall fixes
2009-11-28 franklahmNew LDAP search options for scope
2009-11-27 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-11-27 franklahmRename uuidtest to afpldaptest
2009-11-27 franklahmUUIDs should be converted to uppercase strings
2009-11-27 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-11-27 franklahmFix CNID fixup regression, test235. Disable reading...
2009-11-27 franklahmUntabify and reindent
2009-11-27 didgdon't create an adouble file in ad_metadata for noadoub...
2009-11-27 franklahminstall-data-local was missing
2009-11-26 franklahmFix NFSv4 ACL VFS integration
2009-11-26 franklahmPrevious patch went in inadvertently, revert it.
2009-11-26 franklahmDon't run configure from bootstrap
2009-11-26 franklahmRemove apple_cleanup and cnid_maint
2009-11-25 franklahmNaming issues. From HAT.
2009-11-25 franklahmRefine CNID salvatio strategies
2009-11-25 franklahmAdd another automake target to handcrafter
2009-11-25 didgupdate the NEWS file (move stuff around)
2009-11-25 didgenable sendfile by default on linux
2009-11-24 didgdisable slp advertising by default, change noslp option...
2009-11-24 didgfallback to a in memory temporary cnid db if we can...
2009-11-24 franklahmDont activate RH/FC initscript by default, only install...
2009-11-24 franklahmCreate .AppleDB if necessary
2009-11-24 didgadd a flag parameter to cnid open functions
2009-11-24 franklahmCNID salvation strategy
2009-11-24 didgallow more values in cnid_open flags parameter
2009-11-24 didgmove code around in afp_openvol
2009-11-24 franklahmMissing substitutions for placeholders in manpages
2009-11-24 franklahmFix type mismatches
2009-11-23 franklahmPAM config for FreeBSD