2013-07-20 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'v3-cleanup' into tmp/v3.0.4-alex tmp/v3.0.4-alex
2013-05-24 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'release-3.0.4'
2013-05-24 Ralph BoehmePrepare 3.0.4 release
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeFix bashism
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeNew option "afp interfaces"
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeAdd documentation to DEVELOPER and add a summary line
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeAdd XML files to distribution
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeAdd checking for Docbook
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeChange clean target
2013-05-14 Ralph BoehmeFinish renaming
2013-05-13 Ralph BoehmeTry to move substitution to configure stage
2013-05-13 Ralph BoehmeAdd Docbook documentation to tree
2013-05-10 Ralph BoehmeChange default FinderInfo for directories to be all 0
2013-05-02 Ralph BoehmeFix another missplelled compiler variable
2013-05-02 Ralph BoehmeFix LDFLAGS variable mispelling
2013-04-23 Ralph BoehmeRevert "Remove size check that required a costly fstat()"
2013-04-23 Ralph BoehmeAdd missing include, fixes bug #512
2013-04-18 Ralph BoehmeRemove size check that required a costly fstat()
2013-04-18 Ralph BoehmeDon't timeout when waiting for client requests
2013-04-18 Ralph BoehmeAdd non timeout semantics which avoid extra calls to...
2013-04-18 Ralph BoehmeDon't check for pending event if no FCE listeners are...
2013-04-10 Ralph BoehmeUse ostat in the dircache
2013-04-09 Frank LahmEnhance ACL mapping
2013-04-07 HATad_name is UTF8-MAC
2013-04-06 Frank LahmFix an issue with filenames containing non-ASCII characters
2013-03-28 Ralph BoehmeOpening files without metadata EA may result in broken...
2013-03-27 Ralph BoehmeChange log facility
2013-03-26 Ralph BoehmeAdd 3.0.4 news
2013-03-26 Frank Lahm3.0.4dev
2013-03-26 Frank LahmMerge branch 'release-3.0.3'
2013-03-26 Frank LahmPrepare 3.0.3 release
2013-03-24 Ralph BoehmeFix "ad ls" segfault if requested object is not in...
2013-03-24 Ralph BoehmeAdd afpstats manpage and update afp.conf
2013-03-22 HATnew configure option --with-init-dir=PATH
2013-03-22 Ralph BoehmeOnly configure libevent when used
2013-03-22 Frank LahmSetting POSIX ACLs on Linux
2013-03-22 Ralph BoehmeFix a debug message
2013-03-21 Ralph BoehmeCan't set Finder label on symlinked folder with "follow...
2013-03-19 Ralph BoehmeIncrease IO size when sendfile() is not used
2013-03-19 Ralph BoehmeFix ressource fork refcounting
2013-03-19 Ralph Boehmeread_file() clobbered the AFP error code
2013-03-18 Frank LahmUse FreeBSD sendfile() capability to send protocol...
2013-03-15 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'github/develop' into develop
2013-03-15 franklahmMerge pull request #25 from hat001/of_findname
2013-03-15 HATof_findname(): missing argument
2013-03-11 Frank Lahmafpstats-service.xml afpstats_service_glue.h were missi...
2013-03-11 Frank LahmPermissions of ._ AppleDouble rfork after conversion...
2013-03-05 Ralph Boehmesys_lsetxattr error messages when mounting read only...
2013-03-10 HATafpd -V show dbus and dtrace
2013-03-09 Frank LahmConversion from adouble v2 to ea for directories
2013-03-09 Ralph BoehmeSolaris fixes for bugs #501 and #502
2013-03-08 Frank LahmFile's ressource fork can't be read if metadata EA...
2013-03-08 Frank LahmFix an issue caused by read-only ._ ressource forks
2013-03-06 Frank LahmAdd IPC commands to string array
2013-03-06 Frank LahmCheck for dbus_g_bus_get_private(), older dbus-glib...
2013-03-05 Ralph BoehmePossible fixes to afpstats dbus issue
2013-03-04 Ralph BoehmeNew option 'afpstats'
2013-02-27 Ralph BoehmeChange pkg-config check for dbus-glib
2013-02-25 Ralph BoehmeFix distcheck error caused by pkgconfig stuff
2013-02-25 Ralph BoehmeAdd PATH to helpstring
2013-02-24 Ralph BoehmeRemove unneeded include
2013-02-22 HATconfigure summary show paths
2013-02-22 Ralph BoehmeRemove duplicated test
2013-02-22 Frank LahmAdd a distinct variable for storing result of checks
2013-02-21 Ralph BoehmeReload groups when reloading volumes
2013-02-21 Frank LahmAdd checking for and linking with libgthread
2013-02-19 Ralph BoehmeAdd dtrace provider 'afp' and dtrace probes
2013-02-19 Ralph BoehmeAFP statistics via dbus IPC
2013-02-19 Ralph BoehmeSeveral fixes in ad_conv_dehex()
2013-02-15 HATtypo in netatalk.c
2013-02-15 Ralph BoehmeAdd checks for required packages
2013-02-15 Ralph BoehmeUser homes directory names
2013-02-14 franklahmMerge pull request #20 from hat001/redhatinit
2013-02-14 HATupdate RedHat initscript
2013-02-13 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/file: fix check in deletefile
2013-02-13 Riccardo Magliocchettilibatalk: avoid double close in ad_openat
2013-02-13 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/volume: avoid read of unitialized pointer
2013-02-13 Frank LahmCouldn't create folders on FreeBSD 9.1 ZFS fileystems
2013-02-12 franklahmMerge pull request #18 from xrmx/coverity3
2013-02-11 Riccardo Magliocchettilibatal/vfs: stats a path before checking if it is...
2013-02-11 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/directory: avoid unitialized pointer read
2013-02-11 Riccardo Magliocchetticnid_dbd: fix resource leak
2013-02-11 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/colume: fix a couple of memory leaks
2013-02-11 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/filedir: fix memory leak
2013-02-11 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/file: fix memory leak
2013-02-11 Ralph Boehmesystemd service file use PIDFile and ExecReload
2013-02-10 franklahmMerge pull request #17 from hat001/staticlibevent
2013-02-10 HATbundled libevent2 is static
2013-02-09 franklahmMerge pull request #16 from xrmx/coverity2
2013-02-09 franklahmMerge pull request #15 from xrmx/coverity1
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/hash: return error if we can't allocate the hash
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/acls: fix dereference before null check error
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd: fix out of bounds write
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchetticnid_metad: avoid out of bounds read
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchettilibatalk: Fix a couple of issues in ad_openat()
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/fce_api: avoid null pointer dereference
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/fork: avoid use after free on of_closefork error
2013-02-09 Riccardo Magliocchettiafpd/hash: avoid use after free in main in case of OOM
2013-02-06 Ralph BoehmeRemove continous service feature
2013-02-04 Ralph BoehmeMerge branch 'autobuild-dsi' into develop