2013-02-09 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'v3-cleanup' into tmp/v3.0.2-alex tmp/v3.0.2-alex
2013-01-21 Frank LahmMerge 3.0.2 release branch
2013-01-21 Frank LahmAdd 3.0.2 ABI file and set library version
2013-01-21 Frank LahmSet version to 3.0.2
2013-01-21 Ralph BoehmeUpdate NEWS
2013-01-21 Ralph Boehmedbd failed to convert appledouble files of symlinks
2013-01-19 Ralph BoehmeMultiple fixes and new manpage extmap.conf
2013-01-18 Ralph BoehmeFix extension mapping
2013-01-16 Ralph BoehmeFix conditional
2013-01-14 Ralph BoehmeAppleDouble conversion to EAs failing for directories
2013-01-06 Alexander Bartonautoconf: Indentation fixes v3-cleanup
2013-01-06 Alexander BartonSpelling fixes
2013-01-06 Alexander BartonWhitespace and exclamation mark fixes
2012-12-17 Frank LahmCheck for KerberosV API funcs krb5_free_keytab_entry_co...
2013-01-12 Ralph BoehmeImport from Docbook
2013-01-09 Frank LahmConsolidate all Netatalk specific conversion in pull_ch...
2013-01-04 Frank LahmRemove CVS keywords
2013-01-03 Ralph BoehmeRemove 'duplicated volumes paths'
2013-01-03 Ralph Boehmerights was removed in warnings cleanup
2013-01-03 Ralph BoehmeRemove MAP_FILE
2013-01-03 Frank LahmFix compiler diagnostics
2013-01-03 Frank LahmAdd correct copyright and license
2013-01-03 Frank LahmComparison, not assignment
2013-01-02 Frank LahmOn the hunt for fixing all warnings
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeFix several warnings, remove const
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeAdd copyright and license and config.h
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeRemove const from path
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeInclude config.h
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeFix function definition, return type is pid_t
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeUse mkstemp instead of mktemp
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeForward declate struct vol
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeCheck for memcpy and don't redefine if found
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeFix O_NETATALK_ACL define in case ACL headers are not...
2013-01-02 Ralph BoehmeInitialize CopyRootInfo in reinit_db
2013-01-02 Frank LahmFix for adflags
2013-01-02 Frank LahmFix several VFS inconsistencies
2013-01-02 Frank LahmSimple fix, remove doubled colon from getopt string
2013-01-02 Frank Lahmstrdup optarg and add -m option for specifying the...
2012-12-30 Frank LahmSet charset names
2012-12-28 Frank LahmConfigurable symlink behaviour
2012-12-27 Ralph BoehmeImport manpage from XML
2012-12-27 Ralph BoehmeRemove dupicate variable myvol, use vol instead
2012-12-27 Ralph BoehmeSeveral fixes
2012-12-27 Ralph BoehmeAdd dev to log message and print type as string
2012-12-21 Ralph BoehmeFix an error parsing afp.conf in the iniparser
2012-12-19 Ralph BoehmeUpdate news
2012-12-17 Ralph BoehmeGet the db stamp in cnid_get_stamp()
2012-12-17 Ralph BoehmeRestructure opening and deleting the CNID dbs and CNID...
2012-12-17 Ralph BoehmeUse ad_getid() instead of ad_forcegetid()
2012-12-17 Ralph BoehmeIgnore db stamp when reading CNID from adouble file
2012-12-17 Ralph BoehmeRewrite dbd to use CNID IPC instead of opening the...
2012-12-17 Ralph BoehmeRemove special arg used by dbd of dbd_add() and dbd_loo...
2012-12-17 Ralph BoehmeInstall functional PAM config file to PAM include directory
2012-12-11 Ralph BoehmeFix a possible crash when searching on large volumes
2012-12-11 Ralph BoehmeRemove dequoting of double quotes in the iniparser...
2012-12-07 Ralph BoehmeFix make distcheck
2012-12-06 Ralph BoehmeAdd support for quoting in '[in]valid users' option
2012-12-06 Ralph BoehmeFix volume loading in afpd session
2012-12-06 Ralph BoehmeAdd utility function strtok_quote()
2012-12-06 Ralph BoehmeAdd a missing conditional compilation ifdef
2012-12-06 Ralph BoehmeRevert c7683d5aae3d154250df531a5d34e4a464b5ced2
2012-12-06 Ralph BoehmeFix an error where catalog search gave incomplete results
2012-12-05 Ralph BoehmeDon't force errno ENOATTR on Solaris
2012-12-05 Ralph BoehmeEnsure CNID info is set in metadata
2012-12-05 Ralph BoehmeEnhance log message
2012-12-05 Ralph BoehmeFix a log messsage
2012-12-04 Ralph BoehmeDont copy our metadata EA in copyfile()
2012-12-04 Ralph BoehmeFix adouble refcounting
2012-11-28 HATsystemd service: show doc URL
2012-11-28 Ralph BoehmeAdd option 'ad domain'
2012-11-28 Frank LahmImport manpage from XML
2012-11-27 Ralph BoehmeDon't convert AppleDouble v2 file of symlinks, delete it
2012-11-27 Frank LahmEnsure pthread support compiler and linker flags are...
2012-11-27 Ralph BoehmeFix SIGHUP config reloading
2012-11-27 Ralph Boehmecreatvol() must return a struct vol pointer
2012-11-26 Ralph BoehmeFix a ressource leak
2012-11-26 Ralph BoehmeFix type
2012-11-26 Ralph BoehmeUpdate NEWS
2012-11-26 Ralph BoehmeReloading volumes from config file was broken
2012-11-24 Ralph BoehmeAdd logtype_ad
2012-11-23 Frank LahmImport manpage from XML
2012-11-23 Ralph BoehmeRemove lenght limitation of options like "valid users"
2012-11-23 Ralph BoehmeAdd error check macro EC_EXIT_STATUS
2012-11-23 Ralph Boehme"valid users" options and friends only use ',' as field...
2012-11-22 Frank LahmFix pathname bug for FCE modified event
2012-11-22 Frank LahmUse sigaction() instead of signal() for ignoring SIGPIPE
2012-11-19 Frank LahmFix a bug where copying packages to a Netatalk share...
2012-11-17 Frank LahmAlways generate all initscripts
2012-11-15 Frank LahmRevert "Enhance handling of nested volume paths"
2012-11-15 Frank LahmEnhance handling of nested volume paths
2012-11-09 Frank LahmFCE API change and cleanup
2012-11-09 Frank LahmAdd function basename_safe
2012-11-08 Frank Lahm0 terminate packet data
2012-11-08 Frank LahmRemove TimeMachine volume used size FCE event
2012-11-08 Frank LahmAdd FCE type names and adjust logtypes to new fce facility
2012-11-08 Frank LahmRemove AppleTalk logger types and add FCE type
2012-11-07 Frank LahmFix memory leak introduce in 18918d1
2012-10-30 Frank LahmFix _device-info service type registered with dns-sd API
2012-10-24 Frank Lahm--with-libevent-header|lib requires a path
2012-10-18 Frank LahmAdd extmap.conf to EXTRA_DIST so that it gets picked...