Adjust rm-cmd and bup.rm for python 3 and enable test-rm
[bup.git] / Makefile
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningAdjust rm-cmd and bup.rm for python 3 and enable test-rm
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningAdjust resolve-parent for python 3 and enable test...
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningEnable test-rm-between-index-and-save for python 3
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningTest test-restore-single-file test-save-creates-no...
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningEnable test-index test-restore-single-file for python 3
2020-02-02 Rob Browningtest-sparse-files: accommodate python 3 and test there
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningAdjust restore-cmd for python 3 and then enable test...
2020-02-02 Rob Browningtest-packsizelimit: test with python 3
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningAdjust split-cmd join-cmd margin-cmd for python 3;...
2020-02-02 Rob Browninglist-idx-cmd: adjust for python 3 and enable test-list-idx
2020-02-02 Rob Browningtest-cat-file test-command-without-init-fails: test...
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningAdjust --exclude* parsing and drecurse-cmd for python...
2020-02-02 Rob Browningdamage-cmd: adjust for python 3 and enable test-fsck
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningAdjust columnate for python 3; enable test-ls test...
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningTest test-argv test-compression test-index-clear test...
2020-02-02 Rob Browningtresolve: accommodate python 3 and test there
2020-02-02 Rob BrowningAdjust server and client to accommodate python 3
2020-02-02 Rob Browningtvfs: accommodate python 3 and test there
2020-02-02 Rob Browningtmetadata: accommodate python 3 and test there
2020-01-20 Rob Browninggit: accommodate python 3 and enable tests
2020-01-20 Rob Browninghelpers: accommodate python 3 and enable tests
2020-01-17 Greg TroxelMakefile: Use explict bup_python to invoke a python...
2020-01-11 Rob BrowningFix the handling of the configure MAKE and PYTHON vars
2020-01-08 Rob BrowningMakefile: don't rely on head -n -1
2019-12-22 Rob BrowningFix tindex for python 3
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningMake adjustments to fix tbloom for python 3
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningPrevent Python 3 from interfering with argv bytes
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningSimplify bup startup process
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningMove bup to cmd/ and symlink ./bup to cmd/bup
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningRun directly for lib tests
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningInstall bup-python and rely on it everywhere
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningMakefile: add simple check-both target to test python...
2019-11-29 Rob BrowningMakefile: append python 2 tests to common lists
2019-10-13 Rob Browningtxstat: fix for python 3
2019-10-13 Rob Browningthelpers: adjust for python 3
2019-10-13 Rob test with python 3
2019-10-13 Rob test with python 3
2019-10-13 Rob BrowningExplicitly list python tests; test vint with python 3
2019-10-13 Rob BrowningSelectively clean commands in cmd/
2019-09-29 Rob BrowningHave "make check" to do nothing for Python 3
2019-03-03 Rob BrowningAdd bup get; see the documentation for further information
2018-12-17 Rob BrowningMakefile: check uniqueness via python command
2018-10-20 Rob Browningupdate-doc-branches: add command to update man and...
2018-10-05 Rob BrowningMakefile: fix find -printf issue on FreeBSD
2018-02-10 Rob BrowningMakefile: Don't use printf '\c'; not needed, and not...
2018-01-27 Rob Browning_helpers: fix module init, and get it at least building...
2017-12-24 Rob BrowningPort ftp to vfs2 and add test-ftp
2017-12-18 Rob BrowningSupport remote listings: bup ls -r ...
2017-06-18 Rob BrowningMove save/restore tests to test-save-restore
2017-05-20 Rob BrowningHonor git config pack.packSizeLimit when set
2016-12-07 Rob BrowningAdd bup prune-older command
2016-06-03 Rob BrowningFix release archives and add tests
2016-06-03 Gernot Schulzbup-python: respect umask when adding execute bit
2016-03-12 Rob BrowningMerge web GET fix and SIGTERM and unix:// support
2016-03-12 Rob Browningweb: fix broken GETs and test
2016-02-22 Rob Browningindex: always return at least the root for filter prefixes
2016-02-14 Rob BrowningMerge initial bup gc command
2016-02-14 Rob BrowningMerge initial bup rm command
2016-02-14 Rob BrowningAdd probabilistic "bup gc", but require --unsafe
2016-02-14 Rob BrowningAdd "bup rm", but require --unsafe invocation
2016-01-17 Rob BrowningAdd initial
2016-01-09 Rob BrowningAdd trivial
2016-01-01 Rob BrowningCapture and check top level wvtest watch messages
2015-12-30 Rob BrowningMakefile: don't conflate DESTDIR with MANDIR etc.
2015-12-27 Rob BrowningHave clean depend on bup-python so tools can too
2015-12-23 Rob BrowningMakefile: set default install PREFIX to /usr/local
2015-12-19 Rob BrowningMakefile: pass MAKE to ./configure
2015-12-19 Rob BrowningMove remainder of config/Makefile to Makefile
2015-12-19 Rob BrowningBuild docs via top Makefile
2015-12-19 Rob BrowningGenerate bup-python from Makefile not configure
2015-12-18 Rob Browning"Fix" tests with differing logical/physical paths
2015-12-18 Rob BrowningMakefile: check $(shell) exit statuses
2015-12-18 Rob BrowningMakefile: fix tests with bash and pipefail
2015-12-18 Rob BrowningFix generation and cleanup
2015-12-12 Rob BrowningConfigure python, use it, and embed during install
2015-12-12 David test save in a fractional time zone
2015-06-20 Rob separate index and split/join tests
2015-05-23 Rob Browningwvtest: add watch/report subcmds for parallel runs
2015-05-23 Rob Browningwvtestrun: move to wvtest and add "run" argument
2015-04-25 Rob BrowningMakefile: no really, run (fix subst too) 0.27-rc7
2015-04-25 Rob BrowningMakefile: fix test pattern to include t/
2015-03-28 Rob BrowningOnly build once; remove phony targets
2015-03-28 Rob BrowningCreate t/sampledata/var/ and version it
2015-03-21 Rob BrowningDon't have ./bup depend on, etc.
2015-03-14 Rob BrowningMakefile: fix -j race to create ./bup 0.27-rc3
2015-03-10 Gabriel FilionMerge pull request #13 from Farioko/patch-1
2015-03-09 Rob BrowningMakefile: clean up temp files
2015-03-09 Rob BrowningMerge the "bup import-duplicity" command
2015-03-09 Zoran ZaricImplement an import-duplicity command
2015-03-08 Rob BrowningMakefile: support parallel testing
2015-03-08 Rob BrowningMakefile: remove default target in favor of all
2015-03-08 Rob BrowningMakefile: make t/tmp a real target
2015-03-08 Rob BrowningMakefile: remove vestigial bup-% and % targets
2015-03-08 Rob BrowningMakefile: eliminate phony/duplicate bup target
2015-03-08 Rob BrowningAlways pass --always to git-describe
2015-02-01 Rob move mount points to t/mnt
2014-10-13 Rob BrowningAdd support for "restore --sparse"
2014-06-04 Holger DellMakefile: add missing t/
2014-05-12 Rob BrowningReturn integers, not strings from get_commit_dates()
2014-05-10 Rob BrowningRevert "Write the system ARG_MAX to an autogenerated...