2020-08-15 Rob Browningtest.sh: test bup features python version master
2020-08-15 Alexander Bartonfeatures: show version number of the Python interpreter
2020-08-15 Rob BrowningMakefile: specify -Wformat=2 rather than error given...
2020-08-15 Rob Browningtest-fsck: test invocation with pack arguments
2020-08-15 Johannes Bergfsck: fix argv_bytes typo
2020-08-15 Johannes Bergtests: tclient: fix buffering behaviour in the test
2020-08-09 Rob Browningchecked_malloc: use %z to format size_t; enable -Wformat=2
2020-08-09 Rob Browningtest-help: restrict MANPATH; only test manpages when...
2020-08-09 Rob Browninginstall-python-script: don't presume python exists
2020-08-08 Rob Browningbup_mincore: actually use size_t value (not ulonglong...
2020-08-08 Johannes Bergsave: make the py3 save commit message args match py2
2020-08-08 Johannes Bergversion: fix --date argument for py3
2020-08-08 Rob BrowningAdd trivial tests for current help behavior
2020-08-08 Johannes Berghelp: fix for python3
2020-07-29 Johannes Bergftp: handle lack of readline in input
2020-07-29 Johannes Bergftp: fix ls arguments for python3
2020-07-29 Johannes Berghlinkdb: always load as bytes on python3
2020-07-29 Brian Mintonchange mktemp to be compatible with busybox
2020-07-23 Rob Browningcirrus: make rdiff-backup completely optional for freeb...
2020-07-19 Aidan Hobson... Eliminate redundant check of index start against ctime
2020-07-19 Johannes Bergweb: don't re-resolve item in listing
2020-07-19 Rob BrowningAdd bup-features to report status; drop ACL warnings
2020-07-18 Rob Browningconfigure: restore working dir after symlinking python
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningAvoid varying git archive content for ref; rework versi...
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningDrop pwd/gid reentrant function variants for now
2020-07-05 Rob Browningcirrus: fill out python 3 tests
2020-07-05 Rob Browningdrecurse: use portable S_ISDIR() instead of deriving...
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningAdd portable dev/sort-z; link into t/bin/; use in test...
2020-07-05 Rob Browningconfigure: test for functional readline more carefully
2020-07-05 Rob Browningconfigure: check for <readline.h> vs <readline/readline.h>
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningAvoid readline.h -Wstrict-prototype induced failures
2020-07-05 Rob Browningconfigure-sampledata: only create random paths if asked
2020-07-05 Rob Browningcirrus: ensure we use the real readline on macos
2020-07-05 Rob Browning_helpers: fix potential issues -Wshorten-64-to-32 compl...
2020-07-05 Rob Browningconfigure: summarize findings
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningUse pkg-config opportunistically
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningDon't assume readline always defines _XOPEN_SOURCE
2020-07-05 Johannes Berggrp_struct_to_py(): fix error handling
2020-07-05 Johannes Bergcirrus: macos: use new brew installer
2020-07-05 Rob Browninggitignore: add config/bin
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningDESIGN: describe our adjusted approach to py3
2020-07-05 Johannes BergDESIGN: document the actual hashsplit algorithm
2020-07-05 Rob Browninghelp: fix src tree Documentation location
2020-07-05 Johannes Bergindex: fix bytes vs. str (py3) for --long output
2020-07-05 Johannes Bergmetadata: fix test failure with xattrs
2020-07-05 Johannes Bergmetadata: port ACL support to C
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningSplit src tree python use to config/bin/python and...
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningAdd bin/bup symlink so bin/ can be added to PATH
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningRemove Python 3 guardrail: BUP_ALLOW_UNEXPECTED_PYTHON_...
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningStop forcing LC_CTYPE=ISO-8859-1
2020-07-05 Rob Browningsampledata: include random binary paths
2020-07-05 Rob BrowningBypass Python 3 glibc argv problems by routing args...
2020-06-21 Rob Browningimport-rdiff-backup: fix incorrectly named TMPIDX var
2020-06-21 Johannes Berghashsplit: avoid cat_bytes() if possible
2020-06-21 Johannes Bergweb: fix for python3
2020-06-21 Johannes Bergtests: web: also add some invalid UTF-8
2020-06-21 Johannes Bergtests: web: exit early to avoid indentation
2020-06-21 Rob BrowningMigrate ftp, etc. to our _helpers bytes-oriented readline
2020-06-21 Rob BrowningWrap readline oursleves to avoid py3's interference
2020-06-19 Rob Browningbup: don't print subcommands as b'cmd' in help with py3
2020-06-19 Rob Browningdistutils: handle CFLAGS and LDFLAGS directly
2020-06-19 Johannes Bergbup: add own gethostname() wrapper
2020-06-19 Rob Browningpwdgrp: add C helpers to get user/group bytes directly
2020-06-19 Johannes Bergmetadata: don't modify ACL list when writing
2020-06-19 Rob BrowningMove cmd to lib/ and reverse symlink
2020-06-19 Rob BrowningREADME: add 0.30.x to CI status table
2020-06-19 Rob BrowningUpdate HACKING and README for 0.30.1
2020-06-19 Rob BrowningAdd release notes for 0.30.1
2020-05-26 Johannes Bergindex: fix -H option
2020-05-23 Luca Carlongit/midx: provide context managers for idx classes
2020-05-20 Johannes Bergsave: close files immediately
2020-05-20 Johannes Berghelpers: use float for format_filesize()
2020-05-11 Johannes Bergmincore: fix reading information
2020-05-11 Wyatt AltFix bup-web error formatting when port unsupplied
2020-05-11 Johannes Berggit: create_commit_blob: allow timezones to be specifie...
2020-05-11 Rob BrowningFall back to calloc when __builtin_mul_overflow isn...
2020-04-19 Johannes Bergcirrus: move to FreeBSD 12-1
2020-04-19 Johannes Bergvfs: use None for unknown uid/gid
2020-04-19 Johannes Berggit: add a test for not keeping midx files open
2020-04-19 Johannes Berggit: split out idx file writing to a separate class
2020-04-19 Johannes Berggit: stop using .encode('hex') in MissingObject()
2020-04-19 Johannes Bergfsck: stop using .encode('hex')
2020-04-19 Johannes Bergtest-save-errors: fix shebang for freebsd
2020-04-19 Johannes Bergssh: simplify the code
2020-03-01 Rob Browninggit: overhaul git version checking
2020-03-01 Christian Cornelssencmd/fsck-cmd.py: Append newline after quoted par2 output
2020-03-01 Christian Cornelssencmd/fsck-cmd.py: Do not warn about empty par2 output
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergindex: make --fake-valid match the man page
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergsave: add test for --smaller, fix DESIGN document
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergdocumentation: quote literal * in man pages
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergbuild: fix C-side dependencies
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergget: convert opt.source to bytes
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergcompat: directly assign bytes_from_uint = chr
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergvfs: remove dead cache_get_revlist_item()
2020-03-01 Johannes BergBaseConn: let _read/_readline raise NotImplementedError
2020-03-01 Johannes Berggit/client/server: remove rev_list() count support
2020-03-01 Johannes Bergcatpipe: remove useless StopIteration catching
2020-02-24 Johannes Bergsave: remove pointless metalist check
2020-02-24 Johannes Bergsave/vfs: update comments wrt. tree/bupm ordering
2020-02-24 Johannes Bergtests: add test for save encountering duplicates