8 days ago Rob Browningthelpers: call tzset() after changing TZ master
8 days ago Rob Browningpwdgrp: actually use our grp wrappers
8 days ago Rob Browningvint: check for bytes after read
8 days ago Rob Browningbup.client: accommodate python 3
8 days ago Rob BrowningAdd compat.reraise to handle python 3 syntax breakage
8 days ago Rob Browningmetadata: adjust our posix1e calls for python 3
8 days ago Rob BrowningAdjust metadata handling for python 3
8 days ago Rob Browningbup-save bup.drecurse bup.hlinkdb bup.path: accommodate...
8 days ago Rob Browningindex-cmd: accommodate python 3
8 days ago Rob Browningbup.gc: accommodate python 3
8 days ago Rob Browningget-cmd: accommodate python 3
8 days ago Rob Browningmidx-cmd: accommodate python 3
8 days ago Rob Browningfsck-cmd: accommodate python 3
8 days ago Rob Browningbloom-cmd: accommodate python 3
8 days ago Rob Browningmidx: shun buffers
9 days ago Rob Browningindex: remove vestigial buffer and sys imports
9 days ago Rob Browninggit: shun buffers in packidxes
9 days ago Rob Browninghashsplit: adapt for python 3
10 days ago Rob Browningcmd/bup: adapt for python 3
10 days ago Rob BrowningAdd "do nothing" path_msg to centralize path conversions
10 days ago Johannes Bergbup: use correct bup executable in on--server
10 days ago Greg TroxelMakefile: Use explict bup_python to invoke a python...
11 days ago Johannes Bergmetadata: accept only fixed python-xattr in python3
12 days ago Johannes Bergget/init: consistently use argv_bytes() for RemoteRepo...
2020-01-12 Rob Browningbloom: fix logic controlling bloom regeneration
2020-01-12 Johannes Berggit: remove global variable ignore_midx
2020-01-12 Johannes Bergget: remove extra src_repo
2020-01-12 Aidan Hobson... Fix memory leak in *stat calls in _helpers.c
2020-01-12 Greg Troxelbloom_add: avoid declaration inside for statemnet
2020-01-11 Rob BrowningOnly change LC_CTYPE for bup-python itself, not sh...
2020-01-11 Rob BrowningFix the handling of the configure MAKE and PYTHON vars
2020-01-11 Rob Browningbup: make sure stdout and stderr are binary for subcmds
2020-01-11 Rob Browningtest_utc_offset_str: str -> bytes for py3
2020-01-11 Rob BrowningGiven bup-python, rm vestigial PYTHONPATH settings
2020-01-11 Rob Browningmux: handle python 3's change to default close_fds...
2020-01-11 Rob Browningcompat.hexstr: add and use
2020-01-11 Rob Browningprune-older: paper over python 3's integer type changes
2020-01-09 Johannes Bergtests: fuse: use stat instead of relying on "ls -l...
2020-01-09 Rob Browningcirrus: test as root on linux too
2020-01-09 Rob Browningprep-for-debianish-build: add kmod for modprobe in...
2020-01-09 Rob Browningprep-for-debianish-build: add dosfstools for vfat in...
2020-01-09 Johannes Bergmetadata: use python-xattr pyxattr compat code
2020-01-08 Rob BrowningMakefile: don't rely on head -n -1
2020-01-07 Johannes Bergman pages: fix some formatting
2020-01-07 Johannes BergCatPipe: remove _ver_warned
2019-12-22 Zev EisenbergAdd syntax highlighting to readme
2019-12-22 Rob BrowningFix tindex for python 3
2019-12-15 Rob Browningmerge_iter: don't compare generators with < via heapq
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningMake adjustments to fix tbloom for python 3
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningDrop BUP_RESOURCE_PATH; find it via __file__
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningRequire LC_CTYPE to be iso-8859-1 for Python 3
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningPrevent Python 3 from interfering with argv bytes
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningSimplify bup startup process
2019-12-15 Rob BrowningMove bup to cmd/ and symlink ./bup to cmd/bup
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningRun wvtest.py directly for lib tests
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningInstall bup-python and rely on it everywhere
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningMove pwd grp functions to pwdgrp module; require binary...
2019-12-01 Rob Browningusername/userfullname: use struct names
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningDESIGN: describe plan to handle Python 3's insistence...
2019-12-01 Rob Browningwvtest.py: drop relpath compatability code
2019-12-01 Rob BrowningMakefile: add simple check-both target to test python...
2019-11-30 Rob Browningcirrus: test (incomplete) python 3 support
2019-11-30 Rob Browningjoin_bytes: pass the join() args correctly for py3
2019-11-30 Rob Browning_helpers: fix -Wsign-compare warnings
2019-11-29 Rob BrowningMakefile: append python 2 tests to common lists
2019-11-29 Rob BrowningRemove inefficient (or will be) uses of buffer
2019-11-29 Rob Browninghashsplit: join buffers more efficiently
2019-11-29 Rob Browningfsck: report par2 parallel detection status
2019-11-29 Reinier MaasREADME: fix typo (missing 'e')
2019-11-29 Gernot Schulzfsck: Hide error when probing par2 capabilities
2019-11-29 Rob Browningftp: remove obsolete readline bug fix
2019-11-03 Rob Browningbup: import merge_dict
2019-11-03 Rob Browningvfs: rely on FakeLink's target in readlink
2019-10-13 Rob BrowningFix hashsplit for python 3; add compat.buffer
2019-10-13 Rob BrowningMinimize use of preexec_fn
2019-10-13 Rob Browningtgit: use print() for python 3; fix test data writes
2019-10-13 Rob Browningtxstat: fix for python 3
2019-10-13 Rob Browningthelpers: adjust for python 3
2019-10-13 Rob Browningtshquote.py: test with python 3
2019-10-13 Rob Browningtoptions.py: test with python 3
2019-10-13 Rob BrowningExplicitly list python tests; test vint with python 3
2019-10-13 Rob Browningvint: fix bytes for Python 3
2019-10-13 Rob BrowningSelectively clean commands in cmd/
2019-10-13 Rob Browningwvtest: change func_name to __name__ for Python 3
2019-10-13 Rob Browningwvtest.py: switch to print_function
2019-10-06 Rob Browningbup-rm bup-gc bup-prune-older: rm EXPERIMENTAL
2019-10-05 Rob BrowningRename chain_ex to add_ex_ctx to reflect upstream termi...
2019-10-05 Rob Browningsome_invalid_save_parts_rx: avoid nested char set
2019-09-29 Rob Browningmain: switch print_clean_line to bytes
2019-09-29 Rob Browningvfs: accommodate py3 exception module removal
2019-09-29 Rob Browningbup_stat bup_lstat: always treat path as binary
2019-09-29 Rob BrowningHave "make check" to do nothing for Python 3
2019-09-28 Rob Browningupdate-doc-branches: create t/tmp if needed 0.30
2019-09-28 Rob BrowningUpdate HACKING and README for 0.30
2019-09-28 Rob BrowningAdd release notes for 0.30
2019-09-28 Rob Browningbup-ls(1): document support for --remote host:port
2019-09-28 Rob BrowningUpdate HACKING, README, and note/ for 0.29.3
2019-09-11 Rob Browningtest-get: rm pax_global_header from git archive output
2019-08-25 Rob BrowningREADME: move test statuses to table listing all active...
2019-08-24 Rob Browningtest-duplicity-import: don't quote wc -l output