2020-12-22 Alexander BartonFix another (last?) shellcheck(1) warning ... master
2020-12-20 Alexander BartonEnhance coding style, fix shellcheck(1) warnings
2018-01-27 Alexander BartonRedirect stderr when calling shutdown, too
2017-10-22 Alexander BartonShow a summary line including the result code
2017-10-22 Alexander BartonDon't indicate error for "no wake" systems
2017-10-22 Alexander Barton2017! :-)
2017-10-22 Alexander BartonFix $NAME handling
2016-12-20 Alexander BartonCreate and test for a lockfile for each job
2016-12-20 Alexander BartonOnly use publickey authentification
2016-12-20 Alexander BartonFix shellcheck(1) warnings and make script more portable
2015-12-07 Alexander BartonFix job prefix in log messages
2015-12-07 Alexander BartonCapitalize log messages
2015-12-07 Alexander BartonSSH: Don't set "ServerAliveInterval" option explicitely
2015-12-07 Alexander BartonTest for required external commands
2015-12-07 Alexander BartonChange timeout from 3 to 5 minutes
2015-12-07 Alexander BartonUpdate usage message to include "--no-wake" option
2015-12-07 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notice for 2015
2014-11-29 Alexander Bartonssh: set "ServerAliveInterval" to 120 seconds
2014-11-29 Alexander BartonIntroduce a delay for freshly booted systems
2014-11-29 Alexander BartonAdd message that SSH seems to be available
2014-11-29 Alexander BartonMake "shutdown time" configurable: SHUTDOWN_TIME
2014-11-29 Alexander BartonMake "wakeup delay" configurable: WAKE_DELAY
2014-11-24 Alexander BartonBe quiet when issuing shutdown(8) command
2014-11-24 Alexander BartonWait for SSH service to become ready
2014-09-01 Alexander BartonImplement "--no-wake" (-n) option
2014-09-01 Alexander BartonAdd command line parser and --help option
2014-09-01 Alexander BartonInitial commit, importing script used on Arthur