backup-audit: Exclude quota status files in / directory
[backup-script.git] /
2016-10-24 Alexander BartonFurther enhance, add "Installation" section
2016-10-24 Alexander BartonUnify and enhance usage information and script descriptions
2016-10-24 Alexander Use "job definition" instead of "system...
2016-10-24 Alexander BartonFix, and add link to "homepage" at GitHub
2016-10-21 Alexander Bartonbackup-script: Implement "-x"/"--no-exec" command line...
2016-07-06 Alexander BartonImplement global "setup_exec" configuration option
2016-07-04 Alexander BartonAdd "backup-audit" script
2016-07-04 Alexander Slightly enhance backup-script-wrapper usage...
2016-06-01 Alexander BartonImplement new "backup_type": "disabled"
2016-05-25 Alexander BartonNew configuration variable "[default_]io_timeout"
2016-04-19 Alexander BartonImplement job tagging
2016-02-17 Alexander It is [default_]files (not "file"), plural!
2016-02-17 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices for 2016
2015-11-18 Alexander BartonImplement "scp" backup type
2015-09-21 Alexander BartonAdd "[default_]exclude_dirs_add" options
2015-08-18 Alexander Update "configuration" section
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonExit with code 7 when not all jobs have been run
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonStreamline and document exit codes
2015-07-29 Alexander BartonUpdate, including spelling fixes
2015-07-29 Alexander BartonAdd support for generations on ZFS
2015-07-29 Alexander BartonAdd compatibility layer for backup-pull(1) config files
2015-07-29 Alexander BartonREADME: Add description for "[default_]source_root"
2015-06-02 Alexander Add introduction and copyright information
2015-06-02 Alexander BartonAdd file