descriptionSimple scripts for (remote) rsync backups/clones
ownerAlexander Barton
last changeWed, 27 Mar 2019 13:07:41 +0000 (14:07 +0100)
2019-03-27 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Exclude quota status files in / directory master
2019-03-27 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Enhance checking of systemd configuration
2019-03-06 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Fix shellcheck SC2196, dont use "egrep"
2019-02-12 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Add some more systemd-related paths to...
2018-12-03 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Don't skip systems with errors, only...
2018-02-23 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Use find(1) instead of ls(1) to get more...
2018-02-01 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Add system "service" directories
2018-01-10 Alexander BartonRedirect stderr of scp(1) to stdout to not indicate... github/master
2018-01-10 Alexander Bartonbackup-script: Fix two warnings of shellcheck(1)
2017-12-04 Alexander BartonGet rid of "echo -n" and bogus "ErrorMsg -n"
2017-12-01 Alexander BartonDon't set "pipefail", it changes behaviour!
2017-11-20 Alexander BartonEnable shell options for safer execution environment
2017-11-13 Alexander BartonOutput warning and error messages to stderr
2017-11-13 Alexander BartonFix "make check", redirect stderr to stdout to make...
2017-04-18 Alexander BartonRespect "dry run mode" when continuing snapshots
2017-04-18 Alexander BartonFix shellcheck(1) warning SC2197
15 months ago master