2011-03-16 Alexander Bartonngircd.conf.5: document "ClientHost" and "ClientUserNick"
2011-03-16 Alexander BartonMove "ClientHost" and "ClientUserNick" to end of [Globa...
2011-03-16 Gabor Adam... ClientUserNick setting
2011-03-16 Gabor Adam... ClientHost setting
2011-02-28 Florian Westphalchannel: always reject zero-length channel key
2011-02-23 Alexander BartonPAM-Auth child: log if result can't be reported
2011-02-17 Alexander BartonProtocol.txt: Update description of CHANINFO command
2011-02-16 Alexander BartonAdd cscope.out to .gitignore file
2011-02-14 Alexander BartonCorrectly detect errors when handling "MODE x" commands
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonEnhance documentation for the WEBIRC command doc-comments
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify irc-login.c
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify irc-channel.c
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify conn.c
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify proc.h
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify parse.h
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify and update comments in ngircd.{c|h}
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify and update comments in match.c
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonUpdate and translate comments in hash.c
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen'ify conf.h
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonAdd missong Doxygen @file tags to ngircd.h and irc...
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonCode cleanup: mostly removing empty lines
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen: define ZLIB, PAM, and ZEROCONF
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonAdd Doxygen @file documentation to each source and...
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonUpdated Doxygen configuration file
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonDoxygen: remove own header and CSS file
2011-02-12 Alexander BartonMake write buffers bigger, but flush early
2011-02-12 Alexander BartonEnhance logging on "write buffer overflow"
2011-01-29 Alexander BartonClean up Validate_Prefix(); don't send punctuation...
2011-01-23 Alexander BartonBetter check for invalid IRC+ PASS command
2011-01-23 Alexander BartonRead_Request(): don't access possibly free'd CLIENT...
2011-01-19 Alexander Bartonngircd-test2.conf: really disable Ident and PAM ...
2011-01-18 Alexander BartonLog "Can't read MOTD file" as "configuration error"
2011-01-18 Alexander BartonAllow "Port = 0" in [Server] blocks
2011-01-18 Alexander Bartonconf: fix 'Value of "..." is not a number!' for negativ...
2011-01-18 Alexander BartonDon't read MOTD file twice
2011-01-18 Alexander BartonAdd [Features] section to ngircd-test{1|2}.conf
2011-01-18 Alexander BartonEnable WHOIS command to return information about services
2011-01-18 Alexander BartonUpdate testsuite configuration: strip No... prefixes
2011-01-16 Alexander BartonAdd connection/socket information to some log messages
2011-01-10 Alexander BartonImplement channel mode 'O': "IRC operators only"
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonRemove ZeroConf variable from sample-ngircd.conf
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonRemove support for ZeroConf/Bonjour/Rendezvous service...
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonTOPIC command: test for channel admin rights correctly
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonChannel_CheckAdminRights(): test if client can admin...
2011-01-09 Florian Westphalconf: fix 'unknown section' FEATURES parse error
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonIRC_TOPIC(): code cleanup
2011-01-09 Florian Westphalconf: move 'run-time-feature-disable' options to new...
2011-01-09 Florian Westphalarray: remove check for allocated == 0
2011-01-09 Florian Westphalarray: remove alignment of requested size
2011-01-09 Florian Westphalconf: Warn if PAM=true when ngircd was built without...
2011-01-09 Florian Westphalconf: add missing static qualifier
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices for 2010 :)
2011-01-09 Alexander BartonMake NoZeroConf option work with Howl
2011-01-09 Florian Westphalconfig: deprecate NoXX-Options
2010-12-31 Florian Westphalchannel: fix confusing "adding to invite list" debug...
2010-12-29 Alexander BartonCommand throttling: introduce MAX_COMMANDS_SERVICE
2010-12-29 Alexander BartonDon't throttle services and servers beeing registered
2010-12-29 Alexander BartonXcode: correctly sort files
2010-12-24 Alexander BartonDon't assert() when serching a client for an invalid...
2010-12-19 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 17.1 rel-17.1
2010-12-02 Alexander Barton--configtest: remember if MOTD is configured by file...
2010-12-02 Alexander BartonEnhance log messages when establishing server links...
2010-12-02 Alexander BartonReset ID of outgoing server link on DNS error correctly
2010-12-02 Alexander BartonDon't log critical (or worse) messages to stderr
2010-12-01 Alexander BartonManual page ngircd(8): add SIGNALS section
2010-12-01 Alexander BartonManual pages: update and simplyfy AUTHORS section
2010-12-01 Alexander BartonRemove "error file" when compiled with debug code enabled RemoveErrorfile
2010-11-19 Alexander BartonREADME: Updated list of implemented commands
2010-11-15 Alexander Bartonadd doc/README-Interix.txt and doc/Bopm.txt to distribu...
2010-11-15 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'numeric-329'
2010-11-14 Florian Westphaladd doc/PAM.txt to distribution tarball
2010-11-11 Alexander BartonNew numeric 329: get channel creation time on "MODE... numeric-329
2010-11-11 Alexander BartonSave channel creation time; new function Channel_Creati...
2010-11-07 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 17 rel-17
2010-11-07 Alexander BartonUpdated doc/Platforms.txt for upcoming release 17
2010-11-07 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ make command name quoting...
2010-11-07 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ngircd-redhat.init: updated email address of...
2010-11-03 Alexander BartonFix up generation and distribution of sample-ngircd...
2010-11-03 Florian Westphaldoc: change path names in sample-ngircd.conf depending...
2010-10-27 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 17~rc3 rel-17-rc3
2010-10-27 Alexander BartonFix connect attempts to further IP addresses of outgoin...
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonDebian: Install default /etc/pam.d/ngircd allowing...
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonDebian: update standards to 3.9.1; add libpam0g-dev...
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonMake contrib/ more portable
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonMac OS X package ("make osxpkg"): generate PAM configur...
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonXcode builds ("make xcode"): disable pam_fail_delay()
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonXcode: update project file, use 10.5.x SDK
2010-10-26 Alexander BartonXcode builds ("make xcode"): detect version number...
2010-10-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 17~rc2 rel-17-rc2
2010-10-25 Alexander BartonUpdated contrib/ (new version scheme)
2010-10-25 Alexander BartonNew doc/HowToRelease.txt file describing the release...
2010-10-24 Alexander BartonZeroConf: include header files missing since commit...
2010-10-24 Alexander BartonGenerate ngIRCd version number from GIT tag version-detect
2010-10-24 Alexander BartonMake sourcecode compatible with ansi2knr again
2010-10-24 Alexander Barton./configure: check if C compiler can compile ISO Standard C
2010-10-24 Alexander Barton./configure: check support for C prototypes again
2010-10-24 Alexander BartonDon't use PARAMS() macro for function implementations
2010-10-19 Alexander BartonAdded m68k/apple/aux3.0.1 (gcc 2.7.2) to doc/Platforms.txt
2010-10-19 Alexander BartonOnly try to set FD_CLOEXEC if this flag is defined
2010-10-19 Alexander BartonOnly use "__attribute__ ((unused))" if GCC >=2.8 is...