2013-01-03 Alexander BartonSpelling fix in log message: continous -> continuous v2-alex
2013-01-03 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'product-2-2' of git://
2012-12-27 Frank LahmConfigurable symlink behaviour
2012-12-12 Ralph BoehmeTrying to create an EA that already existed returned...
2012-12-12 Frank LahmAdd become_root() capability to nfsv4_chmod()
2012-12-12 Ralph BoehmeFix an error where catalog search gave incomplete results
2012-11-16 Frank Lahm2.2.5dev
2012-09-28 Frank LahmAdd missing source afp_asp.c
2012-09-28 Frank LahmVersion 2.2.4
2012-09-05 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'product-2-2' of git://netatalk.git.source...
2012-08-17 Frank LahmAdjust loglevel
2012-08-17 Frank LahmUpdate NEWS
2012-08-13 Frank Lahmsendfile on Solaris may return EINTR with bytes written...
2012-07-27 Frank LahmReset signal handlers and alarm timer after successfull...
2012-07-20 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'product-2-2' of git://netatalk.git.source...
2012-06-23 Frank LahmSet PAM_RUSER, some PAM module may need it (looking...
2012-06-23 Frank LahmUpdate NEWS
2012-06-20 Frank LahmFix signal blocking, pthread_sigmask was called before...
2012-06-18 Frank LahmBlock SIGTERM when calling pam_close_session
2012-05-29 Frank LahmMissing UAM links
2012-05-29 Frank Lahm2.2.4dev
2012-05-22 Frank Lahm2.2.3
2012-05-22 Frank LahmFix ressource leak, from Riccardo Magliocchetti
2012-05-21 Frank LahmEnhance logging
2012-05-21 Frank LahmOnly use AI_NUMERICSERV if defined
2012-05-16 HATnosavepassword is not default
2012-05-15 HATZeroconf could not advertise non-ASCII time machine...
2012-05-15 Frank LahmChanged behaviour for TimeMachine volumes in case there...
2012-05-04 Frank LahmFix regression introduced by previous IPC fds fix
2012-04-26 Frank LahmUpdate news
2012-04-05 Frank LahmClosing of the parent IPC fd at the right place
2012-04-26 Frank LahmClose client side of IPC fd in parent
2012-04-26 Frank LahmClose IPC file descriptors inherited from afpd master...
2012-04-10 Frank Lahmshow_usage was called with a NULL name
2012-04-04 Frank LahmBackport GSSAPI detectino fix for Solaris from 3.0
2012-03-30 Frank LahmDon't remove BerkeleyDB if it's still in use by eg...
2012-03-23 HATsmall fix
2012-03-21 HATdebian initscript: start avahi-daemon (if available...
2012-03-20 Frank LahmEnsure TCP_NODELAY is set on the AFP session socket
2012-03-20 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of git://netatalk.git.sourceforge...
2012-03-19 Frank LahmFix a possible bug handling disconnected sessions,...
2012-03-17 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/master'
2012-03-17 Frank LahmCleanup respawn throttling code
2012-03-13 HATFor the future, conf file version is clarified
2012-03-09 Frank LahmMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-09 Frank LahmFix dependencie on LDAP
2012-03-07 Frank LahmCheck if server_name might is GSS_C_NO_NAME
2012-03-05 Frank LahmUpdate news
2012-03-05 Frank LahmMerge branch 'ldap'
2012-03-05 Frank LahmFixes, from Riccardo Magliocchetti
2012-03-05 Frank LahmFix, from Riccardo Magliocchetti
2012-03-05 Frank LahmFixes, from Riccardo Magliocchetti
2012-03-05 Frank Lahmldap_uuid_string
2012-03-02 HATconfigure summary and afpd -V: show mDNSResponder or...
2012-02-29 Frank LahmSupport for mdnsresponder, from Lee Essen
2012-02-29 Frank LahmUse GSS_C_NO_NAME as server principal when Kerberos...
2012-02-24 Frank LahmUpdate new
2012-02-24 Frank LahmDont use search db when doing partial name search
2012-02-13 Frank LahmFix an error message
2012-02-09 Frank LahmFix broken sendfile on FreeBSD, from Denis Ahrens
2012-02-06 Frank LahmEnsure our umask is not altered by eg pam_umask
2012-02-04 Alexander Bartonconfigure script: fix indentation
2012-02-04 Alexander BartonFix indentation of --enable-zeroconf help message
2012-02-04 Alexander BartonMake sure that .AppleDesktop folder is created on volum...
2012-02-04 Alexander BartonMap special Mac folder names to hidden UNIX names
2012-02-04 Alexander BartonDon't pre-create special folders
2012-02-04 Alexander BartonFix whitespaces in log messages
2012-02-04 Alexander Bartonconfigure script: fix indentation
2012-02-03 HATexperimental systemd service files: always run both...
2012-02-01 HATbased on Unicode 6.1.0
2012-01-16 Frank LahmImport manpages from XML
2012-01-12 Frank Lahmbump
2012-01-04 Frank LahmMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-04 Frank LahmAdd compat header, from Brad Smith
2012-01-03 Frank LahmRemove bdb env on exit
2012-01-02 HATfilename should be compared using lower case.
2012-01-01 HATcnid_metad, cnid_dbd, dbd: show version
2011-12-31 HATsearch of surrogate pair
2011-12-21 HATsuse-sysv: run netatalk after avahi-daemon
2011-12-20 HATNetBSD: Fix afpd startup script, from patch-bk,v 1.1
2011-12-15 HATafpd -V: sort
2011-12-15 HATsystemd: run netatalk after slpd and avahi-daemon
2011-12-08 Frank LahmFix hooks
2011-12-06 Frank LahmFixes, from Riccardo Magliocchetti
2011-12-06 Frank Lahmdirfd and standards, oh my
2011-12-05 Frank LahmSolaris compilation environment, request SUSv3 and...
2011-12-05 Frank LahmPortability fix
2011-12-05 Frank LahmFix typo
2011-11-30 Frank LahmRevert 33068a, Debian Default-Stop runlevel. On request...
2011-11-30 Frank LahmSeveral small fixes, from Riccardo Magliocchetti
2011-11-30 Frank LahmMerge remote branch 'sf/master'
2011-11-29 HATRANDNUM: somewhat detailed
2011-11-28 HATnew configure option "--enable-suse-systemd" for openSU...
2011-11-28 Frank LahmFixes, from Mark Williams
2011-11-28 Frank LahmUpdate NEWS
2011-11-28 Frank LahmFix log messages
2011-11-28 Frank LahmUse uint64_t instead of off_t for VolSpace
2011-11-27 Frank Lahmconfigure fix for systemd stuff
2011-11-26 HATcontrib/systemd/ move to distrib/systemd/
2011-11-26 HATexperimental systemd service files in contrib/systemd...