2010-01-21 Alexander BartonLog all non-OK status codes to syslog
2010-01-21 Alexander BartonINSTALL: Call "launchctl" with root privileges, use...
2010-01-13 Alexander BartonTest Linux software RAID (md devices)
2010-01-13 Alexander BartonDon't extract ._* and . from tests archive
2010-01-11 Alexander BartonMore specific test for I/O errors on Mac OS X
2009-12-16 Alexander BartonOnly test for I/O errors since last system boot
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonSys-Load: result in warning when load15 >2 (instead >1)
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonUptime test: add operating system version
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonFix "Uptime" service test name ... dooh!
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonNew "Uptime" test to return the system uptime
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonRemove whitespaces from RAID status text
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonUpdated Mac OS X package script to include new tests
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonNew "RAID" test to check Apple Software-RAIDs
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonDon't get irritated by our own log messages
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonNew "Disks" test to check for I/O errors on for Mac...
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonAdded Mac OS X PackageBuilder scripts
2009-12-14 Alexander Bartoncurl of Mac OS X 10.5 doesn't support --data-urlencode
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonNew make targets clean, distclean, check, dist, and...
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonEnhance INSTALL document, especially for Mac OS X
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonAdded Mac OS X launchd script
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonMove client-side test scripts to client/lib/tests
2009-12-13 Alexander BartonEnhance nagcollect to actually detect data
2009-12-13 Alexander BartonMake "make install-client" BSD-compatible and more...
2009-12-13 Alexander Bartonnagcollect.php: actually use nagcollect.keys file
2009-12-13 Alexander BartonInitial commit, first functionality implemented :-)