RAID.tst: use screen(1) so that promiseutil(8) has a valid tty
[nagcollect.git] / Makefile
2012-08-10 Alexander BartonInstall "nagcolltecttest" into /usr/local/sbin
2011-11-21 Alexander BartonMakefile: hide error message when no arch-specific...
2011-11-21 Alexander BartonMakefile: fix quoting of echo commands on "make install...
2011-11-21 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/nagcollect
2011-11-15 Alexander BartonNew make target "install-plugins"
2011-11-15 Alexander BartonUse new make targets "server", "client", and "plugins"
2011-11-15 Alexander BartonNew make target "plugins" to generate active check...
2010-09-01 Alexander BartonUpdated copyright notice in Makefile
2010-09-01 Alexander BartonNew Makefile targets: "osxpkg" and "osxdmg"
2010-09-01 Alexander BartonDistribution archive now is named "NagCollect-R<rel...
2010-08-20 Alexander BartonDon't include Mac OS X resource forks in tar archives
2010-04-21 Alexander BartonNew "nagcollectreset" tool to restrict/reset test status
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonNew make targets clean, distclean, check, dist, and...
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonAdded Mac OS X launchd script
2009-12-14 Alexander BartonMove client-side test scripts to client/lib/tests
2009-12-13 Alexander BartonEnhance nagcollect to actually detect data
2009-12-13 Alexander BartonMake "make install-client" BSD-compatible and more...
2009-12-13 Alexander BartonInitial commit, first functionality implemented :-)