test-restore-map-owner: accommodate python 3 and test there
[bup.git] / t / test-restore-map-owner.sh
2020-02-02 Rob Browningtest-restore-map-owner: accommodate python 3 and test...
2016-09-10 Rob BrowningDetect root-status failures
2015-12-18 Rob BrowningChange remaining uses of python to bup-python
2015-03-10 Gabriel FilionMerge pull request #13 from Farioko/patch-1
2014-11-10 Rob BrowningTest for load failures in t/test-*.sh
2014-07-03 Patrick RouleauAvoid uid/gid 0 metadata tests when ids don't exist 0.26-rc2
2013-11-11 Rob BrowningAccommodate systems where paths inherit their group...
2013-11-07 Rob BrowningAdd --map-user --map-group --map-uid and --map-gid...