descriptionAlex' Ansible Roles Repository
ownerAlexander Barton
last changeTue, 23 Apr 2019 14:41:22 +0000 (16:41 +0200)
2019-04-23 Alexander Bartonapache2-php5, check-mk-agent: Fix warnings of ansible... master
2019-04-08 Alexander Bartonapt-date: Ignore errors while updating repositories
2019-04-02 Alexander Bartoncheck-mk-agent: Add "systemd" tag to task checking...
2019-03-18 Alexander BartonUse integer comparision when dealing with "ansible_dist...
2019-02-07 Alexander BartonStreamline tag usage, make sure "apt" is set on every...
2019-01-28 Alexander Bartonnodejs: Don't try to install "npm", its included in...
2018-11-06 Alexander Bartonautofs: Make mount options for /net configurable
2018-10-18 Alexander BartonUpdate "apt" tasks to use lists
2018-10-16 Alexander BartonCorrectly cast variables to integers in Jinja templates
2018-07-20 Alexander Bartonnet-base: Don't set the host name inside of LXC containers
2018-07-13 Alexander Bartonapache2-php7: Install "php-pgsql" by default
2018-05-22 Alexander Bartonlvm-mv: Remove bogus references to MySQL ...
2018-04-23 Alexander Bartonnodejs: "nodejs_version" is a number, don't quote it
2018-04-23 Alexander BartonApt module: Update "state=installed" to "state=present"
2018-03-16 Alexander BartonNew "nodejs" role
2018-03-02 Alexander BartonNew "kexec" role
2 months ago master