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This directory contains distributions of Mini UNIX (a cut-down v6) and PWB.

Currently, there is no unified distribution of any PWB version in the archive.
The file bostic_pwb.tar.gz contains a number of apparently incomplete PWB
versions from Keith Bostic. The file spencer_pwb.tar.gz comes from Henry
Spencer, who says that this is:

	A full PWB distribution, *almost* certainly straight off the
	Bell tapes except for conversion to tar format. It ought to be
	correct and complete except perhaps for file dates. It'll be
	the one the outside world got, PWB/UNIX (which I think is roughly
	identical to PWB/1.0).

I haven't had a chance to look at the latter yet.

The document unix_program_description_jan_1976.pdf describes the functions
in a UNIX kernel, and I'm guessing that this is PWB/1.0, but this has not
yet been confirmed.