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Add GNU General Public License text and pointers
[usertools.macosx.git] / useradd.macosx.sh
2009-09-28 Alexander BartonAdd GNU General Public License text and pointers master
2009-09-28 Alexander BartonSupport Mac OS X 10.6 as well as 10.5.
2009-09-28 Alexander Bartonuseradd.macosx.sh: Update copyright and usage information
2009-09-28 Alexander BartonRemove in-file history, we use GIT now
2009-09-28 Alexander BartonSimplify detection of next usable user ID
2009-09-28 Alexander BartonMake sure that the script is running with root privileges
2008-08-21 Alexander BartonDon't set password to "maccc", leave it unset.
2008-07-28 Alexander BartonInitial import.