2009-07-06 Alexander BartonBump version number to 0.2.1. master rel-0-2-1
2009-07-06 Alexander BartonMake sure TMPDIR is initialized to the empty string
2009-07-06 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright year to "2007-2009".
2008-12-14 Alexander Bartonpt 0.2.0 rel-0-2-0
2008-12-14 Alexander BartonUpdated ChangeLog for pt 0.2.0
2008-12-14 Alexander BartonDetect correct MacPorts base version with MacPorts...
2008-10-27 Alexander BartonNew command "go" (alias "up"): update and upgrade in...
2008-06-27 Alexander BartonUpdated ChangeLog for pt 0.1.0 rel-0-1-0
2008-06-27 Alexander Bartonpt 0.1.0
2008-06-27 Alexander BartonMakefile: ignore .git/ on "dist" target, fix output...
2008-06-27 Alexander BartonAdded the command "outdated" to the usage help text.
2008-06-27 Alexander BartonNew command "freshup" to update port database and list...
2008-06-27 Alexander BartonRemoved (never used) CVS $Id$ tags.
2008-06-27 Alexander BartonInitial GIT commit: pt 0.0.9 (2007-11-15)