2019-02-05 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Upgrade for Homebrew 2.x master
2018-09-19 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Use "--ignore-pinned" for "brew upgrade"
2018-08-21 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Fix test for outdated packages
2017-09-27 Alexander Bartondroopy: Update to current version github/master
2017-09-27 Alexander Bartonasip-status: Update to current version
2017-09-27 Alexander Bartonaclock: Update download URL
2017-04-21 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Always output an empty line at the end of...
2017-04-17 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Clean up after upgrading formulae again
2017-02-12 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Don't run "brew linkapps", will be deprecated...
2016-11-18 Alexander Bartonbrew-rdeps: Use "brew uses" command
2016-10-03 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Update commands for latest Homebrew
2016-10-03 Alexander Bartonbrew-{run|rdeps}: Add script description to header
2016-08-14 Alexander Bartonbrew run: Don't output newline on no changes
2016-08-14 Alexander Bartonbrew run: Show success message with level 0 (=green)
2016-08-06 Alexander Bartonbrew-run: Include ax-common using latest example code
2016-08-06 Alexander BartonRemove automake1-11 formula
2016-08-06 Alexander Bartongxemul: Update checksum to SHA256
2016-08-06 Alexander Bartonaclock: Update checksum to SHA256
2016-01-20 Alexander Barton"brew rdeps": Do't detect Formula itself
2016-01-17 Alexander Barton"brew rdeps": Ignore build dependencies
2016-01-17 Alexander BartonAdd "brew rdeps" command
2016-01-17 Alexander Bartondroopy 20131121 (new formula)
2016-01-17 Alexander BartonREADME.md: Update Homebrew homepage URL
2016-01-17 Alexander BartonEnhance and update README.md file
2016-01-15 Alexander Bartonidentd: Fix "brew audit" problems
2016-01-15 Alexander Bartonidentd: Fix "brew audit" offenses
2016-01-15 Alexander Bartonidentd: Fix building without OS X 10.7 SDK
2016-01-05 Alexander BartonAdd "brew run" command
2016-01-05 Alexander Bartonaclock: Fix download URL
2016-01-05 Alexander BartonMove Formula files into "Formula/" subdirectory
2015-03-25 Alexander Bartonsendfile: Update download URL
2015-03-08 Alexander BartonAdd LICENSE file via addalicense.com
2014-09-01 Alexander BartonNew formula: gxemul
2014-07-02 Alexander BartonNew formula: aclock 2.3
2013-07-20 Alexander Bartonasip-status: update download URL
2013-05-06 Alexander BartonAdd missing homepage URL; and use SHA256
2013-02-11 Alexander Bartonasip-status: Update to version 2012-07-24
2012-08-16 Alexander Bartonautomake1-11: create symlinks for required folder names
2012-08-16 Alexander Bartonautomake1-11: install nicely without clashing with...
2012-06-03 Alexander BartonNew formula: sendfile 2.1b
2012-05-30 Alexander BartonREADME.md: add missing "formulae" to the title
2012-05-30 Alexander BartonNew formula: automake 1.11.5
2012-05-30 Alexander BartonAdd README.md file :-)
2012-05-30 Alexander BartonNew formula: identd 0.20120228
2012-05-30 Alexander BartonNew formula: asip-status