2019-09-28 Rob Browningupdate-doc-branches: create t/tmp if needed 0.30
2019-09-28 Rob BrowningUpdate HACKING and README for 0.30
2019-09-28 Rob BrowningAdd release notes for 0.30
2019-09-28 Rob Browningbup-ls(1): document support for --remote host:port
2019-09-28 Rob BrowningUpdate HACKING, README, and note/ for 0.29.3
2019-09-11 Rob Browningtest-get: rm pax_global_header from git archive output
2019-08-25 Rob BrowningREADME: move test statuses to table listing all active...
2019-08-24 Rob Browningtest-duplicity-import: don't quote wc -l output
2019-08-24 Rob Browningtest-rm: extend rsync pattern flexibility to all lines
2019-08-24 Rob BrowningAdd dev/system-info and call it during the CI tests
2019-08-24 Rob Browningcirrus-ci: specify make -j3 on all platforms
2019-08-24 Rob Browningprep-for-macos-build: get brew rsync
2019-08-24 Rob Browningfsck: only specify -t1 when par2 appears to support it
2019-08-24 Rob BrowningAdd cirrus.yml to enable testing on cirrus-ci.com
2019-08-22 Rob Browningfsck: disable par2's internal concurrency
2019-08-22 Rob Browningtest-prune-older: disable background gc
2019-08-18 Rob Browningconfigure.inc: add various missing quotations
2019-08-18 Rob Browningconfigure.inc: name the tmpdir with a configure- prefix
2019-08-18 Rob Browningconfigure.inc: avoid bash-specific printf %q
2019-08-18 Jamie WyrickUse mktemp -d instead of /tmp for configure
2019-08-18 Jamie WyrickInclude <sys/time.h> for lutimes, if available.
2019-08-18 Nathaniel Filardomain: don't lose line prefixes in filter_output
2019-08-18 Rob Browningconfigure-sampledata: add a fifo
2019-08-18 Greg Troxelrestore: create fifos with mkfifo, not mknod
2019-07-02 Rob Browningtest-get: remove vestigial ls --full-time
2019-07-02 Rob Browningfix --strip-path (thanks to gevaerts)
2019-04-13 Rob Browningrev_list: handle multiple results/ref from remote for...
2019-04-12 Rob BrowningHandle commit mergetags (at all)
2019-04-12 Rob BrowningDon't use "cp -a" (round 2)
2019-03-03 Rob Browningvint: remove unneded loop guards and improve checks
2019-03-03 Rob Browningget: note writes in just_write and fsck after tests
2019-03-03 Rob BrowningAdd bup get; see the documentation for further information
2019-03-03 Rob Browningrepo: add update_ref() and new_packwriter() to support...
2019-03-03 Rob Browningrepo: add VFS resolve(); test resolve() via local and...
2019-01-13 Rob Browningrepo: avoid cyclic dependency with is_remote method
2019-01-13 Rob BrowningMove vfs resolve() tests to tresolve.py
2019-01-13 Rob Browningtest_resolve_loop: ensure exception is actually thrown
2019-01-13 Rob Browningserver: maintain current LocalRepo var
2019-01-13 Rob Browningwalk_object: accept a get function instead of catpipe
2019-01-13 Rob Browningmetadata: always add/store/retrieve size for links...
2019-01-12 Rob BrowningReplace lresolve with resolve(..., follow=False)
2019-01-12 Rob Browningvfs: change /save/latest back to a symlink to the lates...
2019-01-12 Rob Browningvfs: use a type prefix for all cache keys
2018-12-17 Rob BrowningMakefile: check _helpers.so uniqueness via python command
2018-12-08 Rob BrowningDon't return invalid data for offset reads (observed...
2018-12-08 Rob Browningvfs: short circuit read when at EOF
2018-12-08 Rob Browningvfs: import EINVAL for FileReader seek and include...
2018-12-08 Rob Browningfuse: remove vestigial debugging log res: statement
2018-10-28 Rob BrowningUpdate HACKING, README, and note/ for 0.29.2
2018-10-20 Rob Browningupdate-doc-branches: add command to update man and...
2018-10-05 Rob BrowningMakefile: fix find -printf issue on FreeBSD
2018-09-03 Rob Browningvfs: flatten resolution cache key
2018-09-03 Julien Goodwinlib/xstat: use // not / for int division for py3
2018-09-03 Julien Goodwinvfs: remove unused izip import
2018-09-02 Julien GoodwinUpdate file() calls to open() for py3
2018-09-02 Julien Goodwinlib/gc: update lambda syntax for py3
2018-09-02 Rob BrowningRefuse to run by default if python version is not 2
2018-09-02 Julien Goodwinfuse-cmd: update exception raising for py3
2018-09-01 Julien Goodwintindex: add 0o to current octal literal
2018-09-01 Julien GoodwinMigrate all xrange calls to range in bup.compat
2018-09-01 Julien GoodwinReplace remaining print statements with print function
2018-08-18 Rob Browningvfs: include unique repo id in resolution cache key
2018-08-18 Julien GoodwinHACKING: delete hyphen; actual file is CODINGSTYLE...
2018-08-18 Rob BrowningREADME: mention BUP_DIR config more clearly
2018-08-11 Mateusz KoniecznyREADME: replace du code example's tab prefix with spaces
2018-08-11 Rob Browningtest-xdev: use different filesystem images for each...
2018-08-11 Rob Browningtest-index-check-device: use separate files for loopbac...
2018-07-29 Artem LeshchevFix attributes misspelling in bup-index.md
2018-07-29 Rob BrowningREADME: fix outdated comments about LWN and about relia...
2018-07-29 Rob BrowningREADME: update minimum git version to 1.5.6
2018-07-07 Rob Browningvfs.contents: remove unreachable code to handle commit...
2018-07-07 Rob Browningsplit: use // not / for division
2018-07-07 Rob Browninghelpers: use compat.range everywhere for py3
2018-07-07 Rob Browninghelpers: use // not / for division
2018-07-07 Rob Browningtimespec_to_nsecs(): don't destructure arguments
2018-07-07 Rob Browningsplit: switch to print_function
2018-07-07 Rob Browningsplit: don't require a repo unless we need it
2018-07-01 Rob Browningvfs: cache resolve() calls to improve (fuse) performance
2018-06-24 Rob Browningbup-split.md: indicate --noop doesn't require -t and -n
2018-06-24 Rob Browningtest-split-join: test that split --noop produces no...
2018-06-24 Robert EvansAdd bup split --noop <--blobs|--tree>
2018-05-06 Rob Browningvfs.copy_item: don't try to copy an integer mode
2018-05-06 Rob Browningcache_notice: import randrange; use del not pop();...
2018-05-06 Rob Browningprint_clean_line: don't print final sep when None
2018-04-28 Patrick Rouleaufix t/root-status for CygWin
2018-04-28 Robert Evans... Add missing space in bup split --bench output.
2018-04-07 Rob Browningis_superuser: test for group 544 or 0 on cygwin
2018-04-01 Rob BrowningCatPipe.get: fix error message construction (wrong...
2018-03-31 Rob Browningrepo: make repository classes closeable and close clien...
2018-03-31 Rob BrowningMake PackWriter a "with" context manager
2018-03-31 Rob BrowningPackWriter: allow specification of a repo_dir
2018-03-31 Rob Browningbuptest: base testing subproc funcs ex() and exo()...
2018-03-31 Rob Browningtclient: invoke bup via absolute path
2018-03-31 Rob Browningbuptest: don't depend on helpers.mkdirp
2018-03-31 Rob Browningcompat: add range and use it in the vfs
2018-03-31 Rob Browningvfs: limit root_items branches to refs/heads
2018-03-28 Rob BrowningSIGNED-OFF-BY: defer to ./LICENSE
2018-03-28 Rob BrowningAdd "AND CONTRIBUTORS" to options.py license
2018-03-28 Rob BrowningAdd "AND CONTRIBUTORS" to bupsplit.h and bupsplit.c...
2018-03-27 Rob Browningtest-sparse-files: check sparse file size more carefully