7 days ago Rob BrowningDrop vestigial compat.items master
7 days ago Rob BrowningDrop vestigial comapt.int_types
7 days ago Rob BrowningDrop vestigial compat.str_type
7 days ago Rob BrowningDrop vestigial compat.range
7 days ago Rob BrowningDrop vestigial compat.input
7 days ago Rob BrowningDrop vestigial compat.ModuleNotFound
7 days ago Rob BrowningDrop support for python 2
7 days ago Johannes Bergpylint: enable super-init-not-called
7 days ago Johannes Bergtag: use git.update_ref()
7 days ago Rob BrowningFix all __del__ complaints; fail tests on AssertionErrors
2022-01-09 Johannes BergFail the tests if we detect any AssertionErrors
2022-01-09 Rob BrowningDetect failures to explicitly close mmaps in py3 too
2022-01-01 Rob BrowningClient: make close durable; clean up partitial initiali...
2022-01-01 Rob Browningfmincore: fix mmap leak
2022-01-01 Rob BrowningAdd compat.mmap.close to set _bup_closed and always...
2022-01-01 Johannes BergClient.__init__: clean up at the end, even if check_ok...
2022-01-01 Johannes BergPackWriter._end: always try to release objcache and...
2022-01-01 Johannes BergContext manage connections (via BaseConn)
2022-01-01 Johannes BergPackWriter_Remote.close: call parent close
2021-12-19 Johannes BergNoOpContextManager: fix init/close/__del__ logic
2021-12-19 Rob BrowningMetaStoreReader: protect __del__ against init failures
2021-12-19 Johannes Bergtree_item_with_meta, test_long_index: add missing conte...
2021-12-19 Johannes Bergindex.Reader.filter: throw when parent's missing (don...
2021-12-19 Johannes Bergtest_index: don't create an extra writer
2021-12-19 Johannes Berggit: PackIdxList: close extra packs when refreshing
2021-12-05 Johannes Bergtest-fuse: improve/broaden applicability checks
2021-12-05 Rob BrowningTeach pytest to handle WVSKIP and use it where we can
2021-12-05 Rob Browningwvtest.sh: add a simplistic WVSKIP
2021-12-05 Johannes Bergpylint: enable syntax-error
2021-12-05 Johannes Bergrandom: use helpers.istty1
2021-12-05 Johannes Bergmain: treat BUP_FORCE_TTY as bitmap
2021-12-05 Johannes Bergmain: fix output string truncation
2021-12-05 Johannes Bergmain: always put BUP_FORCE_TTY into the environment
2021-12-05 Rob Browningtest-fuse: show errors by running fuse in the foreground
2021-12-05 Rob BrowningGNUmakefile: clean py2 .pyc files
2021-12-05 Johannes Berggit: close PackIdxList on init failures
2021-12-04 Rob BrowningGNUmakefile: clean mounts earlier to avoid later crashes
2021-12-04 Johannes Bergconfigure/cleanup: support python 3.10
2021-11-27 Rob Browningdev/validate-python: require >= 3.7 for python 3 matchi...
2021-11-24 Rob Browningbloom.do_bloom: always close filter; fix None vs 0...
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningCheck that all context managed objects are properly...
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningFully (and explicitly) close PackIdxLists
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningPackMidx.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob Browningcompat: add ExitStack
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningCatPipe.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob Browningindex.Writer.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningReplace LocalRepo/RemoteRepo __del__ with context manag...
2021-11-22 Rob Browningsave: detect missing metastore via ENOENT not EACCES
2021-11-22 Rob Browningindex.Reader.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningMetaStoreWriter.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningMetaStoreReader.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningHLinkDB.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob Browningdrecurse: replace OsFile (and __del__) with finalized fd
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningShaBloom.__del__: replace with context management
2021-11-22 Rob Browningcompat.mmap: add py2 context management and use everywhere
2021-11-22 Bas Stottelaargit/packwriter: open(..) prohibited in __del__
2021-11-22 Rob Browninggit.packwriter: explicitly manage lifetimes
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningAdd any pending exception to context in all __exit__...
2021-11-22 Rob BrowningRemove Client __del__ in favor of context management
2021-11-22 Rob Browningcompat.pending_raise: allow/ignore None ex; make rethro...
2021-11-22 Rob Browningsave: separate opt handling and work; isolate resource...
2021-11-22 Rob Browningsplit: separate opt handling and work; isolate packfile...
2021-11-13 Rob Browningsplit: handle --noop/copy via do nothing packwriter
2021-10-30 Rob Browningconfigure: support optional cc arguments
2021-10-30 Rob Browningbitmatch: avoid signed/unsigned comparison
2021-10-16 Rob Browningbup_gethostname: always null terminate
2021-10-16 Rob Browningweb list-directory: replace != with is not None
2021-10-16 Johannes Bergweb: do not show size for dirs and symlinks
2021-10-16 Rob Browningbitmatch: check for overflow via intprops
2021-10-16 Rob BrowningSupport signed commits (i.e. the gpgsig header)
2021-10-10 Rob BrowningCatPipe.get: report unexpected cat-file exit status
2021-10-10 Rob Browningcstr_from_bytes: fix null termination error
2021-10-09 Rob BrowningDrop builtin_mul_overflow in favor of INT_MULTIPLY_OK
2021-10-09 Rob Browningmake: add check-py2 and check-py3 targets
2021-10-09 Rob Browningftp: use sys.exc_info(); import traceback unconditionally
2021-09-17 Rob BrowningAllow PANDOC path to contain spaces
2021-09-17 Rob Browningtest-index-check-device: unmount "lazily" to avoid...
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: enable inconsistent-return-statements
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: enable catching-non-exception
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: add undefined-variable
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: enable unidiomatic-typecheck
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: enable consider-using-in
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: enable useless-return
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: enable return-in-init
2021-09-17 Johannes Bergpylint: check for trailing whitespace
2021-09-12 Johannes Bergmetadata: accept EOPNOTSUPP for lchmod()
2021-09-12 Rob BrowningREADME: fix and simplify cirrus badges
2021-09-11 Rob Browningsystem-info: report freebsd cpu and mem info
2021-09-11 Rob Browningcirrus: run pylint for python 2 and python 3
2021-09-11 Rob Browningconfigure: add --with-pylint=[yes|no|maybe] defaulting...
2021-09-11 Rob BrowningGNUmakefile: run "bup features" during test
2021-09-11 Johannes Bergtest: add pylint and test imports
2021-09-11 Rob Browningcirrus: adjust for new python-config based builds
2021-09-09 Rob Browningprep-for-freebsd-build: switch to py38
2021-09-09 Rob Browningcirrus: adjust test names (root vs non-root, etc.)
2021-09-09 Rob Browningdev/system-info: include df, mount, and git version
2021-09-09 Rob Browningbup: remove redundant allocation doubling
2021-09-09 Rob Browningtest_git: be independent of user's git defaultBranch
2021-09-09 Rob Browningtest-save-restore: be independent of user's git default...
2021-09-09 Rob Browningtest-misc: be independent of user's git defaultBranch