backup-audit: Exclude quota status files in / directory
[backup-script.git] / bin /
2019-03-27 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Exclude quota status files in / directory master
2019-03-27 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Enhance checking of systemd configuration
2019-03-06 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Fix shellcheck SC2196, dont use "egrep"
2019-02-12 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Add some more systemd-related paths to...
2018-12-03 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Don't skip systems with errors, only...
2018-02-23 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Use find(1) instead of ls(1) to get more...
2018-02-01 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Add system "service" directories
2018-01-10 Alexander BartonRedirect stderr of scp(1) to stdout to not indicate... github/master
2018-01-10 Alexander Bartonbackup-script: Fix two warnings of shellcheck(1)
2017-12-04 Alexander BartonGet rid of "echo -n" and bogus "ErrorMsg -n"
2017-12-01 Alexander BartonDon't set "pipefail", it changes behaviour!
2017-11-20 Alexander BartonEnable shell options for safer execution environment
2017-11-13 Alexander BartonOutput warning and error messages to stderr
2017-11-13 Alexander BartonFix "make check", redirect stderr to stdout to make...
2017-04-18 Alexander BartonRespect "dry run mode" when continuing snapshots
2017-04-18 Alexander BartonFix shellcheck(1) warning SC2197
2017-04-18 Alexander BartonFix shellcheck(1) warning SC2181
2016-12-14 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Ignore disabled jobs when listing jobs...
2016-10-24 Alexander BartonUnify and enhance usage information and script descriptions
2016-10-24 Alexander BartonFix shellcheck(1) warning SC2181: "Check exit code...
2016-10-21 Alexander Bartonbackup-script: Implement "-x"/"--no-exec" command line...
2016-09-12 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Add "success" to mail subject...
2016-08-17 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Enhance listing of directory changes
2016-07-22 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Exclude /proc, /sys, and /net
2016-07-20 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Check for changes in some directory contents
2016-07-20 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Update list of files to check
2016-07-20 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Don't append ”/" when checking directorie...
2016-07-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Add more files to the checklist
2016-07-13 Alexander BartonCatch SIGTERM as well as SIGINT
2016-07-12 Alexander BartonFix and mark several notices & warnings of shellcheck(1)
2016-07-08 Alexander Bartonbackup-audit: Suppress error message when no older...
2016-07-06 Alexander BartonDon't clean up when "setup_exec" command failed
2016-07-06 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Don't check lockfile on its own
2016-07-06 Alexander BartonImplement global "setup_exec" configuration option
2016-07-04 Alexander BartonAdd "backup-audit" script
2016-07-04 Alexander BartonSlightly enhance "make check" ...
2016-06-01 Alexander BartonImplement new "backup_type": "disabled"
2016-05-25 Alexander BartonImplement very trivial first "make check" tests
2016-05-25 Alexander BartonNew configuration variable "[default_]io_timeout"
2016-05-20 Alexander BartonSet rsync I/O timeout to 15 minutes
2016-05-20 Alexander BartonUser rsync option "--delete-during"
2016-05-04 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Show command line
2016-04-28 Alexander BartonFix code that makes sure "source_root" ends with a...
2016-04-28 Alexander BartonCorrectly initialize system array when specific systems...
2016-04-26 Alexander BartonFix some warning messages of shellcheck(1)
2016-04-19 Alexander BartonImplement job tagging
2016-02-17 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices for 2016
2016-02-04 Alexander BartonDisable "globbing" for exclude patterns
2015-12-29 Alexander BartonShow generation config in "nothing to cleanup" message
2015-11-24 Alexander BartonFix backup-status not showing result code for successfu...
2015-11-24 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Show more information from stamp file
2015-11-24 Alexander BartonWrite more information to "stamp file"
2015-11-24 Alexander BartonUpdate trial run message, don't call it "synchronizatio...
2015-11-24 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Enhance status message
2015-11-18 Alexander BartonImplement "scp" backup type
2015-11-18 Alexander BartonFirst step to support multiple "backup types"
2015-11-18 Alexander BartonFix more warnings of shellcheck(1), use "[[ ... ]]...
2015-11-18 Alexander BartonFix two warnings of shellcheck(1)
2015-10-05 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Implement "--errors" to only list backup...
2015-10-05 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Reformat usage information
2015-10-05 Alexander BartonUpdate usage information, add [-|--latest]
2015-10-01 Alexander BartonUse relative symlinks for ZFS snapshots
2015-10-01 Alexander Bartonrsync: Use better progress output when available (proto...
2015-10-01 Alexander BartonDetect rsync and its protocol version
2015-09-21 Alexander BartonDefault system excludes: Only exclude content, not...
2015-09-21 Alexander BartonRefactor list of default excludes for system backups
2015-09-21 Alexander BartonAdd "[default_]exclude_dirs_add" options
2015-09-21 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Backup directory uses configuration...
2015-09-21 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Don't read ${conf_d}/backup-script.conf...
2015-08-24 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Use /var/backups as default backup target
2015-08-24 Alexander BartonFilesystem summary: Use "zfs list" on ZFS filesystems
2015-08-20 Alexander BartonRead in configuration before showing usage information
2015-08-19 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Check for PID file ("lock file")
2015-08-19 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Sort variables alphabetically
2015-08-19 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Implement new "--latest" option
2015-08-19 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Refactor argument parsing
2015-08-19 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Correctly show "current" snapshot as...
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Use "poster -ap" when "--running" finds...
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Implement "--running" option
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Remove unused variables
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Correctly quote and initialize variables
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Use exit code 2 when displaying usage...
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-status: Use same configuration search order...
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Show non-zero exit code in mail...
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Use FQDN for mail subject
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Write a "delimiter line" to...
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonExit with code 7 when not all jobs have been run
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonStreamline and document exit codes
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonReturn exit code 1 on errors!
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Return exit code of backup-script
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Use bash
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonDisable compression for the local system
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonUse /usr/local/etc/backup-script.conf by default (not...
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonUse /var/backups as default backup target
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonTest for conf_d in /usr/local/etc/backup-script.d, too
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonDisplay location of configuration when usage is shown
2015-08-18 Alexander BartonLook for configuration file in /usr/local/etc/, too
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Append log messages to an logfile
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Use "exec" to redirect output
2015-08-18 Alexander Bartonbackup-script-wrapper: Better detect default mail recipient