axzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
[ax-zsh.git] / plugins /
2020-05-24 Alexander BartonNew "travis" plugin
2020-04-22 Alexander BartonNew "hstr" plugin
2020-03-29 Alexander BartonNew "fzy" plugin
2020-02-07 Alexander Bartonfzf: Look in BSD-specific paths, too!
2019-12-08 Alexander Bartondocker-machine: Use and test for "default" machine
2019-11-30 Alexander Bartonpdfman: Use completions for "man"
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonRemove most "nocorrect" settings
2019-05-28 Alexander Bartonssh_secure: "Nicer" quoting, add completion aliases
2019-05-28 Alexander Bartonremind: Don't show error message when there is no ...
2019-05-12 Alexander Bartoneditor_select: Add support for "code", "mvim", "gvim"
2019-05-12 Alexander BartonNew "python" plugin
2019-05-12 Alexander BartonNew "googler" plugin
2019-04-25 Alexander BartonAdd new "nodejs" plugin
2019-04-22 Alexander Bartonbuku: Don't set "--tacit" in "b" alias
2019-04-22 Alexander Bartonplugins/ Initial plugin documentation
2019-04-22 Alexander BartonFix handling of legacy terminal types
2019-04-22 Alexander Bartonicalbuddy, remind: Don't show when "hush login" is...
2019-04-19 Alexander BartonNew "mankier" plugin
2019-03-05 Alexander BartonNew "buku" plugin
2019-03-05 Alexander BartonNew "trash" plugin (for macOS)
2019-02-22 Alexander BartonNew "command-not-found" plugin
2019-02-06 Alexander Bartonvirtualenv: Add support for "pipenv"
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Move VCS prompt styling into VCS plugin
2019-02-05 Alexander Bartongit: Return prompt fragments only inside of a Git repos...
2019-02-05 Alexander Bartongit: Split git_prompt() into git_prompt_info() and...
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartongit: Add aliases for git_prompt_status
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartongit: Add aliases for parse_git_dirty & git_prompt_info
2019-02-01 Alexander BartonNew "gcc" plugin
2018-11-04 Alexander Bartonvirtualenv: Mark this plugin as "optional"
2018-11-04 Alexander BartonRevert 'New "venv" plugin'
2018-09-12 Alexander Bartonfzf: Update for new Debian package
2018-09-12 Alexander BartonNew "venv" plugin
2018-09-12 Alexander BartonNew "colormake" plugin
2018-08-07 Alexander BartonNew "go" plugin
2018-04-23 Alexander BartonNew "virtualenv" plugin
2018-02-13 Alexander Bartoniterm2: Try to load user-local shell integration first
2017-12-18 Alexander Bartongnupg: Suppress messages of "gpg-connect-agent" github/master
2017-10-30 Alexander Bartongnupg: Don't fiddle with gpg-agent that much
2017-10-27 Alexander Bartongit: Update "git gd[c]" aliases to include patch statistics
2017-09-30 Alexander BartonNew "ssh_autoadd" plugin
2017-07-08 Alexander Bartoniterm2: Correctly handle empty ~/.iterm2 folder
2017-06-19 Alexander Bartoniterm2: Fix logic when to activate plugin
2017-06-19 Alexander Bartoniterm2: Update shell integration to version 5
2017-04-14 Alexander Bartonfzf: Look for fzf(1) in /opt/fzf, too
2017-04-10 Alexander Bartonkeychain: Use absolute path to source keychain.zshrc
2017-04-07 Alexander Bartonhomebrew: Define the result code explicitly
2017-04-07 Alexander Bartongnupg: It is ok to have gpg2 only (no gpg binary at...
2017-03-28 Alexander Bartongnupg: Remove debug output ...
2017-03-25 Alexander Bartongnupg: Setup (reuse/initialize) GnuPG agent
2017-03-25 Alexander Bartonssh-pagent: Slightly enhance
2017-03-17 Alexander Bartonicalbuddy, remind: Don't run for "axzshctl check-plugins"
2017-03-16 Alexander BartonNew "cygwin" plugin
2017-03-12 Alexander BartonNew "icalbuddy" plugin
2017-03-12 Alexander BartonAdd "remind" plugin
2017-02-18 Alexander Bartonssh_macos: Don't error out when no SSH agent is available
2017-02-18 Alexander Bartonssh_macos: Import SSH keys from Keychain in the background
2017-01-27 Alexander Bartonfzf: Support more installation locations
2017-01-27 Alexander Bartonfzf: Enhance detection, fail when shell integration...
2017-01-27 Alexander Bartonpdfman: Setup "man" alias with "nocorrect"
2016-12-26 Alexander Bartonssh_macos: Move to "zprofile" stage
2016-12-26 Alexander Bartonssh_secure: Check for ssh(1) command first
2016-12-26 Alexander BartonAdd "ssh_macos“ plugin
2016-11-15 Alexander BartonAdd "ssh-pageant" plugin
2016-10-26 Alexander BartonAdd "zsh-autosuggestions" plugin
2016-08-27 Alexander BartonAllow plugins to indicate "ignored" and "optional"...
2016-08-27 Alexander Bartonkeychain: Don't test for agents, it's done by keychain...
2016-08-27 Alexander Bartonkeychanin: Enhance logic and introduce axzsh_keychain_u...
2016-08-27 Alexander BartonDon't enable fancy features when the terminal is "dumb"
2016-08-17 Alexander BartonImplement new axzsh_is_dumb_terminal() function, and...
2016-05-25 Alexander Bartoniterm2: Update shell integration to version 2
2016-05-11 Alexander BartonFix return codes of "zsh-navigation-tools" & "zsh-synta...
2016-05-11 Alexander Bartonpowerline-shell: Fail silently
2016-05-11 Alexander BartonAdd "zsh-navigation-tools" plugin
2016-05-11 Alexander Bartonhomebrew: Make code a little bit better ;-)
2016-04-15 Alexander Bartonhomebrew: Clean up ZSH completion handling
2016-02-19 Alexander Bartonvirtualenvwrapper: Try to set PROJECT_HOME harder
2016-02-19 Alexander BartonCorrectly unset local variables
2016-02-19 Alexander Bartonhomebrew: Link ZSH completion into plugin function...
2016-02-10 Alexander Bartongit: Add "git fix" alias
2015-12-06 Alexander Bartonzsh-syntax-highlighting: Find scripts on Debian, too
2015-12-01 Alexander Bartongnupg: Read in ~/.gpg-agent-info file
2015-11-14 Alexander BartonDon't call external tools, use variable modifiers
2015-10-05 Alexander BartonAllow themes to define VCS info spacing
2015-10-04 Alexander BartonAdd "powerline-shell" plugin
2015-09-29 Alexander Bartoniterm2: Don't test for $TERM_PROGRAM, dosn't work on...
2015-09-29 Alexander BartonAdd "iterm2" plugin: shell integration
2015-09-26 Alexander BartonAdd files for plugins
2015-09-26 Alexander BartonAdd "fzf" plugin: "zf(1), a command-line fuzzy finder"
2015-09-20 Alexander Bartonthefuck: Use "thefuck --alias" for initialization
2015-09-12 Alexander BartonAdd "hub" plugin for hub(1)
2015-08-25 Alexander Bartonkeychain: Use forwarded agents
2015-08-20 Alexander Bartonssh_secure: Don't alias "ssh" to "ssh -o 'StrictHostKey...
2015-08-16 Alexander Bartondocker-machine: Suppress error output
2015-08-16 Alexander BartonAdd "docker-machine" plugin
2015-08-16 Alexander BartonCoding style: Don't quote alias names
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonAdd "pdfman" plugin
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonDon't hardcode default plugins, read them from ./defaul...
2015-07-27 Alexander BartonAdd "zsh-syntax-highlighting" plugin
2015-07-24 Alexander Bartonstd_options: Add some more options
2015-07-24 Alexander BartonUse "autoload -Uz"