axzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
[ax-zsh.git] / core /
2020-03-21 Alexander BartonFix axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() logic
2020-03-21 Alexander BartonKeep $AXZSH variable in axttyinfo alias
2019-12-28 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Enhance completions, include cloned modules
2019-11-30 Alexander Barton50_completion: Enhance completion styles
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton50_completion: Don't set complete_aliases
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton50_completion: Enable group descriptions
2019-11-02 Alexander Barton30_env: Test for and create missing directories
2019-11-02 Alexander BartonRemove most "nocorrect" settings
2019-08-21 Alexander Barton11_terminal: "putty*" is a modern terminal
2019-08-01 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Set "icon/tab title", not the "window...
2019-04-22 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Fix & enhance initialization of FG, BG...
2019-04-22 Alexander BartonFix handling of legacy terminal types
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Move VCS prompt styling into VCS plugin
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Introduce ${bg[defualt]} and $fg[default]
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton99_cleanup: Map OhMyZSH theme variables to ax-zsh variants
2019-02-05 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Implement some common functions as "dummies"
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Look for themes in the "custom_themes" folder...
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonInclude the theme into the global context
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonImplement FG, BG and FX arrays, compatible to OhMyZsh...
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonImplement axzshctl function, restarting the current...
2018-12-09 Alexander Barton40_path: Look for Linuxbrew
2018-12-09 Alexander Barton20_home: PATH is handled in 40_path
2018-02-13 Alexander Barton10_keyboard: Add C-x,C-p shortcut for "push-line"
2018-02-11 Alexander BartonEnhance support for remote plugins with embedded themes
2017-11-20 Alexander BartonDon't load themes and ext. plugins on "dumb" terminals
2017-10-30 Alexander Barton30_env: Make sure "TZ" is set, when possible
2017-09-18 Alexander Barton40_path: Enhance MANPATH setting when manpath(1) isn...
2017-09-18 Alexander Barton40_path: Add user-local ~/sbin and ~/bin directories
2017-08-09 Alexander Barton40_path: Add user-local Ruby gem paths
2017-07-08 Alexander BartonAdd and streamline comments for prompt variables
2017-07-08 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Implement a cache for axzsh_is_widechar_te...
2017-07-07 Alexander BartonDisable axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() in "plugin check...
2017-07-07 Alexander BartonImplement "axttyinfo" command
2017-07-07 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Make axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() safer
2017-07-06 Alexander BartonImplement new axzsh_is_widechar_terminal() function
2017-07-06 Alexander Barton11_terminal: Fix shellcheck(1) warning
2017-06-19 Alexander Barton12locale: Make sure that LANG and LC_MESSAGES are valid
2017-04-15 Alexander Barton30_hostname: Validate SHORT_HOST variable
2017-04-10 Alexander Barton50_axzsh: Fix completion of theme names
2017-04-10 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Mark more variables as local & internal
2017-04-10 Alexander Bartonaxzshctl: Add "update-caches" command
2017-04-07 Alexander BartonCache: Read "zprofile" in the correct context in "zshrc...
2017-04-07 Alexander BartonDebug mode: Don't test for ~/.axzsh.debug but for ...
2017-03-16 Alexander Barton12_locale: Cygwin lowercases encodings as well
2017-03-16 Alexander Barton11_terminal: "cygwin" is a modern terminal
2017-03-12 Alexander Barton10_keyboard: Add "\C-x1" shortcut to move the cursor...
2017-03-12 Alexander Barton30_hostname: Use hostnamectl(1) to get the "short"...
2017-03-12 Alexander Barton12_locale: Automatically set LANGUAGE when possible...
2017-03-12 Alexander Barton12_locale: Detect and revert auto-correction of LC_...
2017-03-12 Alexander Barton12_locale: Only Linux seems to lowercase & transform...
2017-03-12 Alexander BartonNew "12_locale" core plugin
2017-03-12 Alexander BartonRename 10_terminal to 11_terminal to enforce ordering
2016-10-26 Alexander BartonAdd axzshctl subcommand "list-enabled"
2016-10-21 Alexander BartonAdd axzshctl subcommands "enable" and "disable"
2016-08-28 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Explicitly set SHELL to /bin/sh
2016-08-27 Alexander Barton30_env: Only mkdir directories when variables weren...
2016-08-27 Alexander Barton30_env: Fix creation of $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR directory
2016-08-27 Alexander BartonNew "30_env" core plugin
2016-08-27 Alexander BartonDon't enable fancy features when the terminal is "dumb"
2016-08-26 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Fix up TERM for VTE-based terminals
2016-08-17 Alexander BartonRead /var/lib/$HOST/profile when no /var/lib/$HOST...
2016-08-17 Alexander BartonImplement new axzsh_is_dumb_terminal() function, and...
2016-08-17 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Explicitly map "dev-vt52" to "vt52"
2016-07-09 Alexander BartonAdd ~/.local/bin and /usr/local/games to search path
2016-07-09 Alexander BartonBetter sort search path, and prefere "sbin" over "bin"
2016-05-11 Alexander BartonAdd new "check-plugins" command to axzshctl(1)
2016-05-07 Alexander BartonUse UTF8 characters in VCS prompts on UTF8 terminals...
2016-02-21 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Implement "axzsh_resize_terminal COLUMNS...
2016-02-21 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Reorder functions
2016-02-19 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Add axzsh_is_utf_terminal and isutfenv...
2015-12-06 Alexander Barton20_home: Create local home directory with restricted...
2015-11-07 Alexander BartonOnly window/icon title on "modern" terminals only
2015-11-03 Alexander Barton99_cleanup: Suppress error messages of "unfunction"
2015-11-02 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Show "logname" for root user by default
2015-11-02 Alexander BartonFix "theme" setup, rename "prompt" plugin to "theme"
2015-11-02 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Don't export PS{1...4} and RPS{1|2} any...
2015-10-13 Alexander BartonAdd completion for "axzshctl" command
2015-10-05 Alexander BartonAllow themes to define VCS info spacing
2015-10-02 Alexander Barton99_cleanup: Don't clean up when zprofile hasn't been...
2015-10-02 Alexander Barton01_zprofile, 99_zlogin: Use full plugin path
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonStreamline default values of AX-ZSH theming variables
2015-09-27 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Introduce ax_prompt() function
2015-09-27 Alexander Barton50_prompt: ZSH_THEME_{LOGNAME|HOSTNAME|VCS}_PROMPT_...
2015-09-27 Alexander Bartonax_logname_prompt_root(): Don't output user name
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonNew core module "99_cleanup"
2015-09-27 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Export all prompt variables
2015-09-27 Alexander Barton50_prompt: Remove unused variables
2015-09-27 Alexander BartonRefactor prompt functions
2015-08-22 Alexander Barton50_completion: Insert manual page sections
2015-08-19 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Add "root" to list of remote commands
2015-08-19 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Add command to window title in
2015-08-19 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Don't set "user@host" window title for...
2015-08-02 Alexander Barton05_fpath: Search for additional "function paths"
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonPlugins are activated using symlinks in $AXZSH/active_p...
2015-07-24 Alexander Barton10_keyboard: Initialize DELETE key
2015-07-24 Alexander BartonUse "autoload -Uz"
2015-07-19 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Rework window title, tab title, and hardst...
2015-07-19 Alexander Barton50_completion: Update compsys options
2015-07-19 Alexander Barton50_completion: Ignore completion functions
2015-07-19 Alexander Barton10_terminal: Set terminal title and working directory...