axzshctl: Look harder for themes in remote modules
[ax-zsh.git] / ax.zsh
2019-04-22 Alexander BartonFix handling of legacy terminal types
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonRead in the theme before cleaning up ...
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonDon't include theme into the cache, only the "source...
2019-02-03 Alexander BartonInclude the theme into the global context
2019-02-03 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Correctly ignore OhMyZSH "theme plugins"
2018-02-11 Alexander BartonEnhance support for remote plugins with embedded themes
2017-11-20 Alexander BartonDon't load themes and ext. plugins on "dumb" terminals
2017-04-14 Alexander BartonTry to load Oh My ZSH plugins with "zsh-" prefix stripped
2017-04-10 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Add function paths to axzsh_fpath[] in cache...
2017-04-10 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Use ax_plugin_init() instead of init()
2017-04-07 Alexander BartonCache: Read "zprofile" in the correct context in "zshrc...
2017-04-07 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Don't clobber global namespace with function...
2017-04-07 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices for 2017 ;-)
2017-04-07 Alexander BartonImplement caching of active plugins
2017-01-27 Alexander BartonSetup $PATH on 1st run only
2016-11-15 Alexander BartonMake sure that $SHELL is set and available
2016-05-06 Alexander BartonReally skip unknown plugins altogether
2016-05-06 Alexander BartonAdd some more comments ...
2016-05-06 Alexander BartonStrip ".zsh" extension from foreign plugin names
2016-05-06 Alexander BartonImplement plugin loading from GitHub
2016-05-06 Alexander BartonFix handling of foreign plugins
2016-05-06 Alexander Barton2016! :-)
2015-11-14 Alexander BartonOnly test for ~/.axzsh.debug once and export AXZSH_DEBUG
2015-11-14 Alexander BartonDon't call external tools, use variable modifiers
2015-10-13 Alexander BartonAdd plugin "function path" to search path, when existent
2015-09-27 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Undefined "axzsh_load_plugin" function, it...
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonDon't error out when $AXZSH/active_plugins/ does not...
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonPlugins are activated using symlinks in $AXZSH/active_p...
2015-07-30 Alexander BartonDon't hardcode default plugins, read them from ./defaul...
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonNew plugin "std_options": Set standard ZSH options
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonNew plugin "grep"
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonSearch for plugins in "$ZSH_CUSTOM", too
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonNew plugin "less"
2015-07-18 Alexander BartonRework FPATH and completion system
2015-07-18 Alexander BartonEnhance debug output
2015-07-18 Alexander Bartonax.zsh: Initialize script name and type in the very...
2015-07-17 Alexander BartonShow a warning message when plugins can't be found
2015-07-16 Alexander BartonAdd "std_env" plugin to the list of default plugins
2015-07-08 Alexander BartonReduce number of core plugins
2015-07-06 Alexander BartonFix typo in comment
2015-07-03 Alexander BartonInitial commit