2020-02-24 Alexander Bartonbup-save-user: Use --one-file-system master
2018-04-19 Alexander Bartonax_msg1(): Parse command line on non-tty's, too! github/master
2018-04-19 Alexander BartonEnhance ax_error(): Set "err" level for syslog, detect...
2018-04-19 Alexander Correctly quote printf statement
2018-02-21 Alexander BartonCorrectly quote variables in mail-wrapper Makefile
2018-01-27 Alexander BartonFix location of $HOME/lib/ax in example code
2018-01-01 Alexander Bartonmail-wrapper: New option "--dontfail" (-n)
2017-12-01 Alexander Only use colors when writing to a terminal
2017-12-01 Alexander Fix "-l" handling in ax_abort()
2017-11-07 Alexander Bartonmail-wrapper: Implement "--stderr-is-warning" (-W)...
2017-11-07 Alexander Bartonmail-wrapper: Support systems where /proc/fd isn't...
2017-11-07 Alexander BartonCorrectly use $PREFIX in mail-wrapper Makefile
2017-10-27 Alexander Bartonmail-wrapper: Add simple "check-local" target
2017-10-27 Alexander Bartonmail-wrapper: Add dummy "--suppress-empty" option
2017-10-27 Alexander BartonRedirect error messages to stderr
2017-10-27 Alexander Bartonmail-wrapper: Redirect usage information to stderr
2017-10-22 Alexander BartonAdd new "mail-wrapper" script
2017-10-22 Alexander Bartonax-common: Bump API version to 2
2017-10-22 Alexander Bartonax-common: Add ax_debug() and ax_error()
2017-10-22 Alexander Bartonlib/ax/README: Fix shellcheck warning in example code
2017-10-16 Alexander Bartonbup-save-user: Always show existing saves in columns
2017-10-16 Alexander Bartonbup-save-user: Fix shellcheck(1) warning
2017-07-08 Alexander BartonMakefile's: Only create non-existing directories
2016-11-14 Alexander BartonCorrectly quote variables in Makefiles
2016-11-14 Alexander BartonUpdate some copyright notices :-)
2016-08-06 Alexander BartonFix some shellcheck(1) warnings in ax-common example...
2016-08-06 Alexander BartonFix some shellcheck(1) warnings
2016-08-06 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notice for 2016 :-)
2015-08-28 Alexander Use \NNN instead of \xNN, which is portable
2015-04-04 Alexander BartonDon't install lib/ax/ file with executable...
2015-04-04 Alexander BartonDon't install lib/ax/README file with executable bits...
2015-04-04 Alexander BartonAdd lib/ax/
2014-05-28 Alexander BartonInitial commit