2015-06-08 Alexander BartonRevert "Change plugins to not do anything if tool isn... master
2015-06-08 Alexander Barton"editor_select": Simplify script
2015-06-08 Alexander BartonChange plugins to not do anything if tool isn't available
2015-06-08 Alexander BartonRemove timestamps from files, we are using Git
2015-05-27 Alexander Barton"5_dev_env": Don't set PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE any more
2015-05-26 Alexander BartonREADME.md: Describe plugins
2015-05-26 Alexander Barton"ssh": Enfoce "StrictHostKeyChecking yes" for "ssh"
2015-05-26 Alexander BartonAdd "thefuck" plugin: Alias "fuck" to the "thefuck...
2015-05-26 Alexander Barton"reminders": touch stamp file only when reminders were...
2015-05-25 Alexander Barton"z9_local_conf": Make sure that $HOSTNAME is set
2015-05-25 Alexander BartonAdd initial README.md file
2015-05-25 Alexander BartonAdd "z9_local_conf" plugin: read "/var/lib/$HOSTNAME...
2015-05-25 Alexander BartonMake sure "HOSTNAME" is set and exported in the environment
2015-05-24 Alexander Barton"editor_select": Add "atom" editor
2015-05-24 Alexander Barton"editor_select": Use "x=$(...)" instead of "x=`...`"
2015-05-13 Alexander BartonAdd "OhMyZshExtensions.zsh": Additional shell initializ...
2015-05-11 Alexander Barton"1_local": Update PATH to include directories inside...
2015-05-08 Alexander BartonAdd "accounting" plugin: User accounting related functions
2015-05-05 Alexander Barton"alex.zsh-theme": Fix $ZSH_THEME_HOSTNAME_PROMPT_SUFFIX
2015-05-05 Alexander BartonAdd "5_dev_env" plugin: Setup local development environment
2015-05-05 Alexander Barton"alex.zsh-theme": Add hostname to the prompt on remote...
2015-05-05 Alexander Barton"alex.zsh-theme": Remove "$PREFIX" variable in $PROMPT
2015-04-18 Alexander Barton"boot2docker": Define "DOCKER_HOST_IPA" variable
2015-04-18 Alexander BartonAdd "boot2docker" plugin: Setup Docker boot2docker...
2015-04-02 Alexander Barton"editor_select": (Re-)define "zshrc" alias using $EDITOR
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonAdd "keychain" plugin: Setup SSH & GnuPG agents using...
2015-03-27 Alexander Barton"ccache" plugin: Assume that ccache is installed when...
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonAdd "reminders" plugin: Show reminders
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonAdd "ccache" plugin: Initialize ccache(1)
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonAdd "0_console" plugin: Validate console and set "TERM"
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonAdd "editor_select" plugin: Auto-detect usable editor
2015-03-17 Alexander Barton1_local.plugin.zsh: Setup locale cache and home directo...
2015-03-17 Alexander BartonFixed indentation, use tabs (not spaces)
2015-03-14 Alexander BartonInitial commit