2017-12-28 Alexander Bartonmkmysqldump: Make sure "HOME" is set correctly master github/master
2017-10-22 Alexander Barton2017! :-)
2017-10-22 Alexander BartonShow output of compression program to stdout, not stderr
2016-02-26 Alexander Bartonmkmysqldump: fix addiitonal empty line on error
2016-02-26 Alexander BartonCorrectly set password variable fro mysql[_dump]
2016-02-24 Alexander BartonRespect user, host, and password when checking slave...
2016-02-24 Alexander BartonCorrectly set MySQL user when using --user
2016-02-15 Alexander Bartonmkmysqlslave: Disable binary log when importing from...
2015-09-08 Alexander BartonInstall tools into "bin" directory
2015-09-08 Alexander BartonStreamline output messages
2015-09-02 Alexander BartonCheck if SQL slave status is OK before dumping databases
2015-09-02 Alexander BartonAdd initial
2015-09-02 Alexander BartonAdd copyright notices to scripts
2015-08-10 Alexander BartonEnable mkmysqlslave to handle data from stdin
2015-08-10 Alexander BartonDon't output command, it could contain passwords!
2015-08-04 Alexander BartonMake error reporting more priminent
2015-08-04 Alexander BartonAdd optional compression: --gzip|--bzip2|--xz
2015-08-04 Alexander Barton"--lock-all-tables" is implied by "--master-data"
2015-08-04 Alexander BartonStreamline script output
2015-08-04 Alexander BartonEnable "master data" command
2015-08-04 Alexander BartonUse --lock-all-tables, --single-transaction only works...
2015-08-04 Alexander BartonIgnore "performance_schema"
2015-08-03 Alexander BartonImplement "--outdir|-d" option
2015-08-03 Alexander BartonInitial commit