2016-05-01 Alexander BartonLet keychain(1) inherit forwarded agents master
2015-08-20 Alexander BartonAdd README file
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonOnly update ~/.last_reminder when reminders have been...
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonCorrectly test for icalBuddy(1) and remind(1)
2015-01-28 Alexander BartonLet tset(1) fix up TERM, don't do it "manually"
2015-01-26 Alexander BartonAuto-select/deselect "xterm-256color" TERM setting
2015-01-25 Alexander BartonMakefile: Implement "upgrade" target
2015-01-25 Alexander Bartonuser/bash_profile: Reorder debug messages
2015-01-25 Alexander Bartonsys/profile: Update indentation of debug output
2015-01-25 Alexander BartonAdd more debug output to sys/bashrc
2015-01-25 Alexander BartonPrepend /usr/local/opt/ccache/libexec to $PATH, when...
2015-01-25 Alexander Bartonsys/profile: Reformat "for" loops
2015-01-08 Alexander BartonRead ~/.profile.user-1st after initializing basic envir...
2015-01-08 Alexander BartonAdd support for ~/.profile.user-1st file
2014-11-29 Alexander BartonMake check for "interactive shells" more robust
2014-11-29 Alexander BartonRead in "~/.bash_aliases", as Debian does by default
2014-11-27 Alexander Bartonbashrc: Map up & down to history
2014-11-27 Alexander Bartonbashrc: source /usr/local/bin/
2014-11-26 Alexander BartonHonor UID/EUID better
2014-09-22 Alexander BartonAdd "lastf" ("last foreign") alias
2014-08-24 Alexander BartonPS1 shell prompt: only show current directory name
2014-08-03 Alexander BartonRevert "user/bash_profile: enforce reading of profile...
2014-07-21 Alexander BartonReminders: only create "~/.last_reminder" when "~"...
2014-06-15 Alexander Bartonuser/bash_profile: enforce reading of profile files...
2014-06-15 Alexander Bartonuser/bash_profile: don't forget to read /etc/profile
2014-06-15 Alexander BartonBetter debug logging, display when script really starts
2014-05-10 Alexander Bartonsys/bashrc: Search for /etc/profile in ~/.etc/profile...
2014-04-26 Alexander BartonOnly try to create local home directory if /usr/local...
2014-04-24 Alexander BartonFix test for "ccache". Oops.
2014-04-24 Alexander BartonSetup "PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE" using "XDG_CACHE_HOME"
2014-04-24 Alexander BartonSetup environment for local storage before reading...
2014-04-23 Alexander BartonSetup environment for Python "pip", if installed
2014-04-23 Alexander BartonCorrectly detect encoding from "LC_CTYPE" and "LANG"
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonUse "type -t" to test for tools.
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonReminders: Show them all 60 minutes, not every minute...
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonOnly call keychain(1) when shell is interactive
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonAdd support for keychain(1) ssh-agent and gpg-agent...
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonFix comment in user/bash_logout
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonUnset temporary/local variables
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonDon't set "ME" variable, use "HOSTNAME" instead
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonRemove outdated alias ","
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonShow reminders (icalBuddy, remind) once every 60 minutes
2014-04-18 Alexander BartonUse "type" to test for tools
2014-03-23 Alexander BartonFix test for "root" user
2014-03-15 Alexander BartonDon't set $USER and $UID
2014-03-15 Alexander BartonEnhance icalBuddy output
2014-03-15 Alexander BartonUse local variables to customize icalBuddy
2014-02-03 Alexander BartonDo not set LC_MESSAGES=C any longer; let the user decide
2014-02-03 Alexander BartonFix detection of "desktop sessions"
2014-02-03 Alexander BartonBetter detect encoding of the terminal
2014-01-06 Alexander BartonAdd history index to bash prompt
2013-11-22 Alexander BartonInstall root-owned files with root group, too
2013-11-22 Alexander BartonFix Copy_File function, "cp --preserve=timestamps"...
2013-11-22 Alexander Don't handle root user specially
2013-11-22 Alexander BartonInsert more "Msg" commands into
2013-11-22 Alexander BartonInstall system files locally, when already present...
2013-11-22 Alexander Try to preserve timestamps
2013-11-22 Alexander Bartoninstall /etc/skel/.bash_logout with correct owner
2013-11-22 Alexander BartonUpdate shell history handling
2013-11-22 Alexander Bartonsys/bashrc: Fix comment
2013-05-31 Alexander BartonEnable bash-completion only when POSIX mode is not...
2013-01-06 Alexander BartonOnly add optional paths to PATH if .not_in_path does...
2012-12-25 Alexander Bartonsys/profile: Only call "tset" when it is available
2012-12-25 Alexander Don't do "skel" installation when called...
2012-12-18 Alexander BartonEnhance guessing if UTF-8 or ISO8859-1 encoding should...
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonAdd /usr/ucb to our "PATCH check list"
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonDon't use "mkdir -p": very old systems don't support...
2012-08-25 Alexander BartonAlways initialize terminal using tset in interactive...
2012-08-25 Alexander BartonSearch for bash_completion in /usr/local/etc
2012-06-13 Alexander BartonDon't display error messages of icalBuddy
2012-06-08 Alexander BartonInclude profiles in /usr/local/etc/profile.d as well...
2012-06-08 Alexander BartonMake sure /usr/local/[s]bin is first when using path_helper
2012-02-07 Alexander BartonCheck /usr/share/php/bin as optional search path component
2012-02-07 Alexander BartonSearch ".remind" file in the home directory
2012-01-27 Alexander BartonFix last commit: incorrect bash syntax :-/
2012-01-25 Alexander BartonOnly set LC_MESSAGES="C" for non-X11 sessions
2011-08-27 Alexander BartonAdd support for ~/.bashrc.user-1st file
2011-06-26 Alexander BartonSuppress "warning: setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change...
2011-04-22 Alexander BartonMake locale setting much more smarter
2011-04-22 Alexander BartonSet ccache paths using the "regular" mechanism
2011-04-22 Alexander BartonInitialize some "system local" directories
2011-04-07 Alexander BartonCopy user files to /etc/skel directory, if it is writeable
2011-02-27 Alexander BartonOnly setup safe options with elder bash versions
2011-02-27 Alexander BartonMake sure that "mount" emits no error messages
2011-02-27 Alexander BartonDon't use "hostname -s"
2011-02-27 Alexander BartonMake sure that "type manpath" emits no error messages
2011-02-27 Alexander BartonNew make target "install-local": install to ~/.etc
2011-02-26 Alexander BartonEnable color on xterm-256color terminal
2011-02-16 Alexander BartonCall icalBuddy not as root; and adjust bullet
2010-09-17 Alexander BartonOnly check quota(1) if a filesystem with quotas is...
2010-09-17 Alexander BartonAdded support for icalBuddy(1)
2010-09-17 Alexander BartonOnly export PATH if it is set by this script; don't...
2010-09-16 Alexander BartonAdded support for remind(1)
2010-08-21 Alexander BartonOnly setup MANPATH if manpath(1) is not available
2010-08-21 Alexander BartonFix test for __git_ps1 and check for it after handling...
2010-08-21 Alexander don't set owner (call chown) if not necessary
2010-07-21 Alexander BartonList possible terminal attributes and colors
2010-07-21 Alexander BartonShorten path displayed in default bash prompt, if necessary
2010-07-21 Alexander BartonUse colors in default bash prompt (PS1)
2010-07-21 Alexander BartonSet color-related variables if a color-capable terminal...