2019-08-18 Alexander BartonOoops! It's 2019 already master bitbucket/master github/master
2019-08-18 Alexander Bartoncommon/ Make Linux version generic
2019-02-09 Alexander BartonSwitch SourceForge mirror to HTTPS
2019-01-24 Alexander BartonReally remove ...
2019-01-24 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 26
2019-01-24 Alexander BartonRemove, add ngircd.sourceforge...
2019-01-24 Alexander BartonImplement download_links() function, refactor download...
2018-08-11 Alexander BartonUpdate Copyright for 2018, remove Flattr
2018-08-11 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 25~rc1
2017-10-08 Alexander Barton.htaccess: Make configuration more "self contained"
2017-05-08 Alexander BartonRemove doc/ directory, redirect to GitHub
2017-05-08 Alexander Bartondoc/GIT.txt is no more!
2017-03-01 Alexander BartonChange mailing list host to
2017-02-05 Alexander BartonAdd descriptions for Debian package variants
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonForce "text/plain; charset=UTF-8" for ./doc directory
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonCorrectly encode "<" & ">" in
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonMove help output to common/ and update it
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonArthur uses HTTPS as well :-)
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonFix link to the bugtracker page
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonFix URL of Git homepage
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonGMANE is ... dead :-(
2017-01-20 Alexander uses HTTPS!
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for ngIRCd Release 24
2017-01-20 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 24
2017-01-13 Alexander BartonUpdate URL to Homebrew formula
2017-01-13 Alexander BartonUpdate URL to OpenBSD port
2017-01-13 pipsTypo on OpenBSD website
2017-01-09 Alexander BartonFix the plural in the German text as well ...
2017-01-09 Alexander BartonFix a spelling mistake
2017-01-09 Alexander uses HTTPS!
2017-01-08 Alexander Barton2017!
2017-01-08 Alexander BartonFix formatting of download list
2017-01-08 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 24~rc1
2017-01-08 Alexander supports HTTPS
2017-01-08 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for ngIRCd Release 24~rc1
2016-04-19 Alexander BartonIt's 2016 already! :-)
2016-01-10 Alexander BartonDownload page: Update German version
2015-12-11 Alexander BartonAdd UTF8 symbols for HTTP/HTTPS download sites
2015-12-11 Alexander BartonShow that uses HTTPS
2015-12-11 Alexander BartonUse HTTPS for
2015-11-22 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for ngIRCd Release 23
2015-11-17 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #1 from just-some-tall-bloke/master
2015-11-17 just-some-tall... Merge pull request #1 from just-some-tall-bloke/just...
2015-11-17 just-some-tall... English spelling & gramar fixes
2015-11-16 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 23
2015-09-06 Alexander BartonAdd .gitignore file
2015-09-06 Alexander Bartonplatforms.html: Update homepage link
2015-09-06 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 23~rc1
2015-09-06 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for ngIRCd Release 23~rc1
2015-08-20 Alexander BartonFreecode (Freshmeat) is out of service ...
2015-06-24 Alexander BartonMerged in unit193/ngircd-web (pull request #1)
2015-06-24 Unit 193Fix several broken URLs.
2015-06-06 Alexander BartonFix Travis-CI URL
2015-04-07 Alexander BartonUpdate information about the Git repository on GitHub
2015-04-07 Alexander BartonFix all GitHub links to use HTTPS
2015-04-07 Alexander BartonUpdate bug tracker links to point to GitHub
2015-04-07 Alexander BartonRedirect /bugzilla URLs to GitHub issues
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonUpdate version and copyright information for 22.1/2015
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonDownload page: Correctly refernce ngircd-22.1. Oops.
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 22.1
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for 22.1
2014-10-11 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 22
2014-10-07 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog for upcoming r22
2014-09-29 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for 22~rc1
2014-09-29 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 22~rc1
2014-09-03 Alexander BartonFix OpenBSD and Fedora links
2014-09-03 Alexander BartonAdjust H4 margins
2014-09-03 Alexander BartonRestructure download page and includes
2014-09-03 Alexander BartonAdd link to Homebrew ngIRCd formula
2014-09-03 Alexander BartonRemove link to outdated Mac OS X packages
2014-03-25 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for ngIRCd 21.1
2014-03-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 21.1
2014-02-10 Alexander BartonRemove BerliOS mirror
2014-02-10 Alexander BartonUpdate doc/Platforms.txt from master
2014-02-10 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notice for 2014
2014-02-10 Alexander BartonEnglish menu: "Bug-Tracker" > "Bug Tracker"
2014-02-10 Alexander BartonAdd new mirror:
2014-02-10 Alexander BartonUpdate index page and help output for release 21
2014-02-08 Alexander BartonAdd link to GitHub mirror and Travis-CI status
2013-12-27 Alexander BartonUpdate doc/Platforms.txt from master
2013-10-30 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 21
2013-10-30 Alexander BartonUpdate documentation for ngIRCd 21
2013-10-21 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS, ChangeLog, and Platforms.txt for 21~rc2
2013-10-20 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 21~rc2
2013-10-05 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 21~rc1
2013-09-15 Alexander Tip > Tipp
2013-09-14 Alexander BartonFixed links to ""
2013-08-24 Alexander BartonFixed bug descriptions to make it even more clear ...
2013-08-24 Alexander BartonUpdate "attention section" to reflect latest findings.
2013-08-23 Alexander BartonReformat tar.xz and tar.Z download links
2013-08-23 Alexander BartonAdd tar.xz and tar.Z download links
2013-08-23 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 20.3
2013-08-19 Alexander BartonFreshmeat -> Freecode
2013-08-19 Alexander BartonStore image of Flattr button locally
2013-03-09 Alexander BartonAdd OpenBSD port to list of distributions
2013-02-15 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 20.2
2013-02-11 Alexander BartonUpdate list of documentation files; add Commands.txt
2013-02-11 Alexander BartonFix link to Fedora packages
2013-02-11 Alexander BartonFix link to ArchLinux package
2013-01-03 Alexander BartonAdd Flattr button to page footer