2008-05-13 Alexander BartonMerge commit 'aad49bd260494878aed6795c7a897ad1d28c3082' alex/master origin/HEAD origin/master
2008-05-12 Scott PerryThis patch implements a (maybe) compliant WHOWAS command.
2008-05-12 Florian WestphalIf bind() fails, also print ip address and not just...
2008-05-11 Alexander BartonUpdate ngIRCd manual pages
2008-05-11 Alexander BartonGIT: ignore symbolic links to tests in testsuite directory
2008-05-11 Alexander BartonFixes to who-test: accept "localhost.<domain>" as well...
2008-05-10 Florian Westphalng_ipaddr.h must include netinet/in.h.
2008-05-09 Brandon BeresiniRemoved space after # so that Cygwin's version of expec...
2008-05-09 Ali ShemiranFix secret channel information leak
2008-05-08 ashemira@ucsd.eduAdded Cygwin uid kludge. (verified working)
2008-05-08 Eric GrunowAnglified and improved comments in channel.c and channel.h
2008-05-05 Alexander BartonImplement IRC commands SERVICE, SERVLIST, and SQUERY... bug74-SrvCmds
2008-05-05 Florian WestphalAdd invite-test.e to test suite.
2008-05-05 Dana DahlstromTests for the INVITE command.
2008-05-05 Dana DahlstromInvite: prefix last argument with colon when necessary.
2008-05-05 Dana Dahlstromtests for JOIN and various replies
2008-05-05 Bryan CaldwellAllow KICK to handle comma-delimited lists (of channels...
2008-05-05 Florian WestphalInvite: Send RPL_AWAY to client sending the invite...
2008-05-05 Dana DahlstromFixes to who-test: accept any ident, escape some '...
2008-05-05 Florian WestphalIRC_INVITE: coding style cleanup.
2008-05-05 Florian WestphalConstify some of Channel_Kick()s arguments.
2008-05-05 Florian Westphalconstify Client_Search() argument.
2008-05-05 Rolf Eike BeerAllow IRC ops to ignore channel limits when joining
2008-05-02 Alexander BartonHandle 1-character messages terminated with CR or LF...
2008-05-01 Alexander BartonOn AIX (for example) socklen_t is defined in sys/socket.h
2008-05-01 Florian WestphalAlways enable modeless channels.
2008-05-01 Alexander BartonPrevent GIT to complain about opless-channel-test link
2008-05-01 Ali ShemiranAdd support for modeless channels
2008-04-29 Alexander BartonUpdated NEWS and ChangeLog for ngIRCd 0.12.0-pre2.
2008-04-29 Alexander Barton--configtest: fix missing whitespace at "ConnectIPv4...
2008-04-29 Alexander Barton--enable-ipv6: fix indentation in ./configure --help...
2008-04-29 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-04-29 Florian WestphalTestsuite: remove erroneous ConfUID setting in config...
2008-04-24 Alexander BartonGet rid of cvs-version.* and CVSDATE definition.
2008-04-24 Alexander BartonDocumentation: get rid of some more references to CVS...
2008-04-24 Alexander BartonReport ERR_NOTONCHANNEL when trying to part a channel... bug81-PART
2008-04-24 Alexander BartonChannel_Part(): Code and comment cleanup.
2008-04-24 Alexander BartonIRC_PART(): code and comment cleanup.
2008-04-20 Florian WestphalIPv6: Add config options to disabe ipv4/ipv6 support.
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonDon't include doc/CVS.txt in distribution archive,...
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonSynchronized branch-0-12-x (ngIRCd 0.12.0-pre1) with
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonUpdated NEWS and ChangeLog for upcoming 0.12.0-pre1...
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonUpdated copyright notice to read "2001-2008".
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonAdded make target "testsuite"
2008-04-20 Alexander BartonFixed "xcode" make target (used to build ngIRCd with...
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Remove duplicate code.
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: change order of if (set) and if (client...
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Re-indent switch.
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: check return type of Invite/Ban Add/Del...
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: unify 'b' and 'I' switch/case handling.
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Unify Del_Invite and Del_Ban handler
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalConstify Lists_MakeMask argument and return type.
2008-04-19 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode: Unify Add_Invite and Add_Ban handler
2008-04-13 Alexander BartonEnable more compiler warnings when using Xcode.
2008-04-12 Alexander BartonGIT should ignore user preferences files inside Xcode...
2008-04-12 Alexander BartonUpdated Xcode project file.
2008-04-12 Florian WestphalConvert CVS commands to their git equivalents.
2008-04-09 Alexander BartonAdded "portabtest" binary to .gitignore file in src...
2008-04-09 Alexander BartonInclude Mac OS X Xcode project in distribution archives...
2008-04-09 Alexander BartonInclude Mac OS X Xcode project in distribution archives.
2008-04-09 Alexander BartonMoved .cvsignore files to .gitignore
2008-04-04 Florian WestphalFix client.c sparse warnings.
2008-04-03 Florian Westphalio.c: kill select FD_SETSIZE sanity check in io_library...
2008-04-03 Florian Westphalio.c: fix select FD_SETSIZE check when using epoll...
2008-03-27 Florian Westphalio.c: try to cut down the number of ifdefs.
2008-03-26 Florian WestphalDo not exit unconditionally if config file cannot be...
2008-03-11 Alexander BartonFix #include's: search log.h locally, include string...
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalIPv6 support.
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonUpdated ChangeLog to include 0.11.1.
2008-02-26 Rolf Eike BeerFix sending of JOINs between servers.
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalChannel_Mode cleanups
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonLaunchDaemon plist for Mac OS X/Darwin launchd.
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonInstall a LaunchDaemon script to start/stop ngIRCd...
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonAdded new test files to Xcode project.
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonRemoved the SQUIT test for now, actually we don't suppo...
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonImplemented IRC commands INFO, USERS (dummy), and SUMMO...
2008-02-26 Dana DahlstromInclude flags in RPL_WHOREPLY messages.
2008-02-26 Dana DahlstromDon't send trailing space in MODE messages
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalIRC_JOIN cleanups.
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalMake IRC_WHO also search username/servername/hostname.
2008-02-26 Dana DahlstromRemove duplicate Channel_FirstChannelOf().
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalMake Channel_Part name and reason parameters 'const'.
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalUpdated NEWS to reflect ChangeLog.
2008-02-26 Dana DahlstromImplement RFC 2812 handling of "0" argument to JOIN
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalDon't use Client_Type after command has been processed.
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonUpdated NEWS to reflect ChangeLog.
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalFix wrong strncpy usage if CVSDATE defined
2008-02-26 Florian WestphalThis adds support for sending NOTICEs to a channel.
2008-01-13 Florian Westphal[Parser]: Fix minor sparse warnings
2008-01-07 Alexander BartonUpdated ChangeLog to reflect changes in 0.10.x and...
2008-01-07 Alexander BartonUpdated Debian changelog [from 0.10.x; 0.11.x]
2008-01-07 Alexander BartonDocument NoDNS configuration option.
2008-01-07 Florian WestphalIRC_PART could reference invalid memory.
2008-01-02 Alexander BartonRemove entry about ngircd failing on Linux 2.4:
2008-01-02 Alexander BartonUpdated NEWS and ChangeLog files.
2008-01-02 Florian Westphal[Resolver]: Use dotted-decimal IP address if hostname...
2008-01-02 Florian Westphalio_event_disable: return if event-to-disable is already off
2007-12-27 Florian Westphalkqueue: check for EV_ERROR in .flags
2007-12-13 Florian WestphalFix format arg: ListenAddress was printed instead of...
2007-12-13 Florian WestphalFix format string in error path: didn't print strerror...