2012-08-26 Alexander BartonNew function MatchCaseInsensitiveList() to check list...
2012-08-26 Alexander BartonBlock nicknames that are reserved for services
2012-08-26 Alexander BartonRename Conf_IsService() to Conf_NickIsService()
2012-08-26 Alexander BartonCheck_Connections(): code cleanup
2012-08-21 Alexander BartonXcode: use certificate of Alex for code signing
2012-08-18 Alexander Barton"make uninstall": remove ngircd.conf if not modified
2012-08-18 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ngircd.service: systemd service file for ngircd systemd-service
2012-08-18 Alexander Bartonngt_RandomStr(): Add implicit cast to "unsigned".
2012-08-16 Alexander BartonFix a buffer overflow when initializing the random...
2012-08-11 Alexander Use AC_CONFIG_HEADER instead of AM_CONFIG...
2012-08-05 Alexander BartonFix compiler warning when not building with ZLIB support
2012-08-03 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files for hashed cloaked...
2012-08-03 Sebastian KöhlerHashed hostnames for CloakHost
2012-08-03 Sebastian KöhlerImplemented hashed cloaked hostnames for +x
2012-06-19 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 19.2 rel-19.2
2012-06-13 Alexander Bartondoc/Capabilities.txt: document "multi-prefix" capability
2012-06-13 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 19.2~rc1 rel-19.2-rc1
2012-06-11 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug124-CloakHostModeX'
2012-06-09 Alexander BartonUpdate ChangeLog and NEWS files
2012-06-09 Alexander BartonDescribe "CloakHostModeX" in sample-ngircd.conf an... bug124-CloakHostModeX
2012-06-08 Alexander BartonRename "CloakModeHost" option to "CloakHostModeX"
2012-06-08 Christoph BiedlIntroduce new configuration option "CloakModeHost"
2012-06-08 Alexander BartonCorrectly handle asynchronously re-established server...
2012-06-08 Alexander BartonLog a debug message when SIGUSR2 is handled
2012-06-07 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: more updates
2012-06-01 Alexander BartonNoticeAuth: Fix test if IDENT reply has been invalid
2012-06-01 Alexander BartonIDENT reply: only allow alphanumeric characters in...
2012-06-01 Alexander BartonUSER command: only allow alphanumeric characters in...
2012-05-29 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: add powerpc/apple/darwin7.9.0
2012-05-23 Alexander BartonChange wording of "TLS initialized" message
2012-05-22 Alexander BartonPidfile_Create(): Don't leak file descriptor on error...
2012-05-18 Alexander BartonINSTALL: Add "satisfy prerequisites" section
2012-05-07 Alexander BartonNEWS, ChangeLog: fixed some misspellings
2012-05-01 Alexander BartonNumeric 005 (ISUPPORT), CHANMODES: add missing mode "r"
2012-04-29 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: add "armv7l/unknown/linux-gnueabi"
2012-04-29 William PitcockAdd instructions for setting up Atheme.
2012-04-29 Alexander Bartonirc-cap.c: mark arguments of Handle_CAP_ACK() as "unused"
2012-04-29 Alexander Bartonirc-login.c, login.c: add missing include of "string.h"
2012-04-29 Alexander Bartondoc/Modes.txt: Document missing channel mode "e"
2012-04-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ngircd
2012-04-27 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ support "CC=xxx MAKE=yyy ...
2012-04-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'capabilities'
2012-04-27 Alexander Barton"multi-prefix" capability 2/2: adjust NAME and WHO... capabilities
2012-04-27 Alexander Barton"multi-prefix" capability 1/2: implement complete CAP...
2012-04-27 Alexander BartonIRC_Send_NAMES(): Code cleanup
2012-04-27 Alexander BartonNew function Client_CapSet() in addition to Client_Cap...
2012-04-27 Alexander Barton"CAP REQ" starts capability negotiation and delays...
2012-04-27 Alexander BartonXcode: update project file for Xcode 4.3
2012-04-24 Alexander Detect Open64 C compiler
2012-04-18 Alexander BartonFix 8ec17063: "Lists_Add(): use size of destination...
2012-04-17 Alexander BartonXcode: correctly sort conn-ssl.{c|h} files in file...
2012-04-17 Alexander BartonLists_Add(): use size of destination when copying data
2012-03-31 Alexander BartonCorrectly handle "CAP END", new client type CLIENT_WAIT...
2012-03-31 Alexander BartonImplement core IRC capability handling and "CAP" command
2012-03-31 Alexander BartonNew "login" source file
2012-03-31 Alexander BartonIntroduce_Client() => Client_Introduce(), and move...
2012-03-31 Alexander BartonMakefiles: list each source files on a separate line
2012-03-31 Alexander BartonAdd missing documentation files to Xcode project
2012-03-28 Alexander BartonDon't ignore "permission denied" errors when enabling...
2012-03-28 Alexander BartonFAQ: enhance description of chroot setup
2012-03-19 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 19.1 rel-19.1
2012-03-16 Alexander BartonUpdate ChangeLog for upcoming ngIRCd 19.1 release
2012-03-12 Alexander BartonFix gcc warning, initialize "list" variable to NULL
2012-03-12 Alexander BartonFix manual page "hyphen-used-as-minus-sign" error ...
2012-03-12 Alexander BartonFix typo: Please not -> Please note
2012-03-12 Alexander BartonFix typo: recieved -> received
2012-03-05 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2012-03-05 Alexander BartonReally include _all_ patches to build the Anope module
2012-03-03 Christoph Fix testcase error for Debian using sbuild
2012-03-02 Alexander BartonDon't log "ngIRCd hello message" two times
2012-02-29 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 19 rel-19
2012-02-29 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ngircd
2012-02-29 Alexander BartonUpdate doc/Platforms.txt for ngIRCd 19
2012-02-29 Alexander Bartondoc/README-Interix.txt: note that GNU make should be...
2012-02-27 Alexander BartonUpdate config.guess and config.sub to recent versions
2012-02-26 Alexander BartonDon't accept "[SSL]" in config when no SSL support...
2012-02-26 Alexander BartonFix C syntax: duplicate ";;" should be ";"
2012-02-14 Alexander BartonCorrectly re-open syslog logging after reading of confi...
2012-02-14 Alexander BartonLogging: remove "Activating ..." info message
2012-02-12 Alexander BartonngIRCd release 19~rc1 rel-19-rc1
2012-02-12 Alexander BartonUpdate RPM spec file description to match Debian "contr...
2012-02-12 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2012-02-12 Alexander BartonFix forwarding of LIST commands
2012-02-04 Alexander BartonUpdate preliminary ngIRCd protocol module for Anope...
2012-01-25 Alexander BartonNew_Connection(): don't set the client hostname twice
2012-01-25 Alexander BartonClient_SetHostname(): Code cleanup, more debug logging
2012-01-24 Florian Westphalio: use define for number of possible events
2012-01-24 Florian Westphalio: remove outer do {} while loops for epoll/kqueue...
2012-01-24 Alexander BartonEnhance server command limits
2012-01-24 Alexander BartonSend a PING at the end of the server sync to detect it
2012-01-24 Alexander BartonNew function Conn_UpdatePing() to update the "ping...
2012-01-24 Alexander BartonConn_UpdateIdle(): Code cleanup
2012-01-23 Alexander BartonRPL_ISUPPORT_MSG(005): add "EXCEPTS=e INVEX=I"
2012-01-23 Alexander BartonFix "MAXLIST=beI:50": the limit is the sum of all lists
2012-01-23 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2012-01-22 Alexander BartonNew RPL_WHOISHOST_MSG(378): show hostname and IP address
2012-01-22 Alexander BartonNew function Conn_GetIPAInfo(): get IP address of a...
2012-01-22 Alexander BartonG/K-Lines: only add and delete valid IRC masks
2012-01-22 Alexander BartonCheck G/K-Lines before the client has been registered...
2012-01-22 Alexander BartonStreamline handling of connection rejects (bad password...