2015-05-11 LucentWIRC operators w/OperCanMode can kick anyone
2015-04-30 Alexander Bartondoc/Modes.txt: Fix indentation
2015-04-30 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #197 from LucentW/master
2015-04-29 LucentWFixed indents 2
2015-04-29 LucentWFixed indents and documentation
2015-04-29 LucentWImplement +I (private channel list on whois)
2015-04-12 Alexander BartonMake sure that the target user is able to join a local...
2015-04-12 Alexander BartonINVITE command: Enforce 1 second penalty time
2015-04-12 Alexander BartonMODE command: Always report channel creation time
2015-04-10 Alexander BartonUpdate Xcode project for latest Xcode version (6.3)
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 22.1 rel-22.1
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog for ngIRCd 22.1
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonUpdate some copyright notices for 2015
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonFix spelling of RPL_WHOISBOT message text
2015-03-14 Alexander BartonDon't send nick name as default PART reason
2015-03-14 Alexander BartonFix "WHO #<chan>" showing invisible users and hiding...
2015-03-11 Alexander BartonFix typo in src/testsuite/README
2015-01-20 Alexander BartonAuth PING: Fix our information text for manual sending...
2015-01-20 Alexander BartonAuth PING: The numeric ID is a "long", use atol()
2015-01-20 Alexander BartonAuth PING: Don't send a prefix in our PING command
2015-01-13 Alexander BartonFAQ: How can I "auto-op" users in channels?
2014-12-27 Alexander BartonFix syntax of ERR_LISTFULL_MSG(478) numeric
2014-12-20 Alexander BartonEnhance debug messages while sending CHANINFO commands
2014-12-20 Alexander BartonReset "last try" timer when enabling a passive server
2014-12-10 Alexander BartonChange log message for "Can't resolve address"
2014-12-10 Alexander BartonChange log messages issued for IP address forgeries
2014-11-01 Alexander BartonMerge remote-tracking branch 'alex/TestsuiteNoDNS'
2014-10-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'CipherListNoSSL3'
2014-10-26 Alexander BartonINSTALL: List the changed SSL CipherList default value. CipherListNoSSL3
2014-10-22 Alexander BartonHowToRelease.txt: Add note about the bug tracker
2014-10-16 Alexander BartonUpdate "CipherList" to not enable SSLv3 by default
2014-10-11 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 22 rel-22
2014-10-11 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2014-10-07 Alexander BartonUser mode "F": Fix description in NEWS and ChangeLog
2014-10-06 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog for ngIRCd 22 once more ...
2014-10-06 Alexander BartonMatch list patterns case-insensitive
2014-09-29 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 22~rc1 rel-22-rc1
2014-09-22 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog for ngIRCd 22 once more ...
2014-09-22 Alexander BartonSync "except lists" between servers SyncExceptLists
2014-09-11 Alexander BartonAllow longer usernames for authentication AuthUsername
2014-09-10 Alexander BartonCorrectly check that a server has a valid hostname...
2014-09-04 Alexander BartonFix spelling and whitespaces in INSTALL
2014-09-04 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog for ngIRCd 22
2014-08-08 Alexander BartonLists_MakeMask: Don't destroy source buffer
2014-07-29 Alexander BartonInitialize Conf_ScrubCTCP even when SYSLOG isn't #define'd
2014-07-26 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2014-07-20 Alexander BartonIncrease MAX_SERVERS from 16 to 64
2014-07-14 Alexander BartonNew "Debian release" 21.1-0ab2
2014-07-14 Alexander BartonDebian: Don't adjust path names that are correct by...
2014-07-14 Alexander BartonDebian: Correctly set and use "docdir"
2014-07-14 Alexander BartonUpdate config.guess and config.sub to recent versions
2014-06-09 Alexander BartonTest suite: Don't use DNS lookups TestsuiteNoDNS
2014-06-04 Alexander BartonAdd "tests-skipped.lst" to src/testsuite/.gitignore
2014-06-04 Alexander BartonTest suite/ Detect when tests have...
2014-05-05 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2014-05-01 Alexander BartonAdd "cov-int" directory (Coverity test tool) to .gitign...
2014-04-17 Alexander BartonTest suite: Update file headers and comments
2014-03-25 Alexander BartonUpdate links to "Arthur" to use the HTTP protocol
2014-03-25 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 21.1
2014-03-19 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Update i686/unknown/gnu0.5
2014-03-19 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Update powerpc/apple/darwin7.9.0
2014-03-19 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Update x86_64/unkn./linux-gnu, clang 3.x
2014-03-19 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update more systems
2014-03-18 Alexander Bartondoc/Bopm.txt: Update file header
2014-03-18 Alexander Bartondoc/Bopm.txt: Update "connregex" and "kline" for curren...
2014-03-18 Alexander BartonAllow "DefaultUserModes" to set all possible modes
2014-03-18 Alexander BartonSpoofed prefixes: Really kill connection on non-server...
2014-03-18 Alexander BartonImplement user mode "F": "relaxed flood protection"
2014-03-18 Alexander BartonHandle "throttling" in a single function
2014-03-18 Alexander BartonUpdated config.{guess|sub} to version 2014-03-13
2014-03-17 Alexander BartonStreamline DEBUG_ARRAY, DEBUG_BUFFER, DEBUG_IO, DEBUG_ZIP
2014-03-17 Alexander Bartonconn.c: Code cleanup
2014-03-17 Alexander BartonXcode: remove imp.h and exp.h from project file
2014-03-17 Alexander BartonRe-add #include's for header files of the C file itself
2014-03-17 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices of recently changed files
2014-03-17 Alexander BartonUpdate #include's: remove unused and add missing ones
2014-03-17 Alexander Bartonportab.h: Restructure and clean up code
2014-03-16 Alexander Bartonconfigure[.ng]: <sys/types.h> is a required header...
2014-03-16 Alexander Bartonio.c: <sys/time.h> is only needed when using select()
2014-03-16 Alexander BartonRemove imp.h and exp.h header files
2014-03-16 Alexander Bartonstrdup.c: Code cleanup
2014-03-16 Alexander BartonDon't define SSL_Want{Read|Write}() when SSL is disabled
2014-03-16 Alexander BartonCode cleanup, remove blank lines
2014-03-16 Alexander BartonFix two K&R C portability issues
2014-02-28 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #6 from norrs/pam_server_password_fix
2014-02-28 Roy Sindre... Use server password when PAM is compiled in but disabled
2014-02-23 Alexander BartonCHARCONV: Fix handling conversion errors
2014-02-09 Alexander BartonStreamline punctuation of log messages
2014-02-02 Alexander BartonServices.txt: Update information for Anope 2.x
2014-02-01 Alexander BartonIRC_INVITE(): Code cleanup
2014-02-01 Alexander BartonStreamline punctuation of log messages
2014-01-27 Alexander BartonCorrectly use cloaked IRC masks on "INVITE nickname"
2014-01-27 Alexander BartonUse correct sender as target for ISUPPORT replies on...
2014-01-26 Alexander BartonReturn ISUPPORT(005) numerics on "VERSION"
2014-01-26 Alexander Bartonconfigure: Only link "contrib/Debian" if it exists
2014-01-21 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #5 from grawity/accountname-whois
2014-01-20 Mantas Mikul─ŚnasShow account name in WHOIS
2014-01-19 Alexander Bartonngircd.conf.5: Update manual page
2014-01-17 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'no-range-matching' of git://arthur.barton...