2016-01-10 Alexander Delete ngIRCd binary before test run
2016-01-10 Alexander Only show "runs=Y" when test suite...
2016-01-07 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2016-01-07 Alexander BartonSend_Message: Fix handling of "empty" targets
2016-01-06 Alexander BartonUpdate README file
2016-01-06 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2016-01-06 Alexander Use $LOGNAME instead of $USER
2016-01-04 Alexander BartonUpdate copyright notices for 2016
2016-01-04 Alexander BartonLimit the number of message targes, and suppress duplicates
2016-01-04 Alexander BartonAdd "_MSG" postfix to ERR_WILDTOPLEVEL_MSG
2016-01-04 Alexander BartonCommands.txt, PRIVMSG: Fix "server mask" description
2016-01-04 Alexander BartonEnahnce comments for Send_Message() and Send_Message_Mask()
2016-01-04 Alexander BartonGet rid of unclever assert() in Send_Message_Mask()
2015-12-30 Alexander BartonTest suite: Add new test for server-server logins
2015-12-30 Alexander BartonFix NJOIN handler killing all clients
2015-12-19 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ngindent: Fix shebang line
2015-12-19 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ Warn when external tools are...
2015-12-19 Alexander Bartoncontrib/ Make script more portable
2015-12-19 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2015-12-19 Alexander Bartondoc/Platforms.txt: Sort list
2015-12-13 Alexander BartonMake NJOIN handler more fault-tolerant
2015-12-13 Alexander BartonIRC_KillClient(): Don't break when called without ...
2015-12-13 Alexander BartonIRC_NJOIN(): Code cleanup
2015-12-13 Alexander BartonModes.txt: Add "name prefixes" to channel user mode...
2015-12-13 Alexander BartonFix NJOIN not propagating "half ops" status
2015-11-16 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 23 rel-23
2015-11-15 Alexander BartonUpdate ChangeLog file
2015-11-15 Alexander BartonUpdate doc/Platforms.txt
2015-11-15 Alexander BartonExplicitly cast time_t to long when printing it out
2015-09-11 Alexander Bartoncontrib/Debian/changelog: Fix email address
2015-09-06 Alexander BartonDocumentation: Spelling fixes
2015-09-06 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 23~rc1 rel-23-rc1
2015-09-06 Alexander BartonUpdate AUTHORS and .mailmap file
2015-09-03 Alexander BartonUpdate ChangeLog file
2015-09-03 Alexander BartonAdd ".clang_complete" file
2015-09-03 Alexander BartonMake server-to-server protocol more robust
2015-08-26 Alexander Fix quoting
2015-08-26 Alexander Fix parameter quoting
2015-08-26 Alexander Bartonngircd.init: Fix non-POSIX "==" test operator
2015-08-26 Christoph BiedlReproducible builds
2015-08-14 Alexander BartonUpdate systemd service file
2015-08-07 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonWhitespace fixes (no functional changes)
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonFix debug message "Client ... is closing connection"
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonINSTALL: Add deprecation notice for "PredefChannelsOnly"
2015-08-01 Alexander Barton"NoticeAuth" configuration variable is deprecated now!
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #217 from SaberUK/master+notice...
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonChannel mode "N" is targeted for ngIRCd 23.
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonFirst check if channel has mode "N", then check membership
2015-08-01 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #214 from Flupsy/channel-mode-N
2015-07-20 Alexander BartonAdd "build+*" to .gitignore file
2015-07-20 Alexander BartonRemote GIT.txt from Makefile[.am], too!
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonREADNE, AUTHORS: Update mailing list and issue tracker...
2015-07-19 Alexander Bartondoc/Contributing.txt: Add note about using GitHub
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonRemove doc/GIT.txt: it is outdated
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonStreamline ".gitignore" files
2015-07-19 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog files
2015-07-14 Peter PowellRename NoticeAuth to NoticeBeforeRegistration.
2015-07-14 Peter PowellUse "NOTICE *" before registration instead of "NOTICE...
2015-06-26 Ian ChardOnly enforce channel mode N on users (not servers or...
2015-06-26 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #215 from tejr/master
2015-06-26 Tom RyderSpecify session context for OpenSSL clients
2015-06-24 Ian ChardDon't bother looking for +N channels for an op
2015-06-24 Unit 193Fix several broken URLs.
2015-06-24 Ian ChardDon't use a standard message number
2015-06-24 Ian ChardAdd documentation for channel mode N
2015-06-24 Ian ChardAdd channel mode N (normal user can't change nick while...
2015-06-07 Alexander BartonMerge remote-tracking branch 'LucentW/master'
2015-06-06 Alexander BartonMake setgroups(3) function optional
2015-05-16 LucentWIRC operators w/OperCanMode can kick anyone
2015-05-16 LucentWImplement numeric RPL_LISTSTART(321)
2015-05-15 Alexander BartonUpdate ngircd.conf.5: "CloadUserToNick" hides user...
2015-05-15 LucentWFix with oneshot invites
2015-05-13 Alexander BartonFix MatchCaseInsensitive[List]](): lowercase string...
2015-05-13 Alexander BartonStreamline effect of "MorePrivacy" option (WHOIS, LIST)
2015-05-13 LucentWFixed building issues\
2015-05-11 LucentWImplement timestamp tracking of invites
2015-05-11 LucentWKeep track of who placed bans/invites/excepts
2015-05-11 LucentWIRC operators w/OperCanMode can kick anyone
2015-04-30 Alexander Bartondoc/Modes.txt: Fix indentation
2015-04-30 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #197 from LucentW/master
2015-04-29 LucentWFixed indents 2
2015-04-29 LucentWFixed indents and documentation
2015-04-29 LucentWImplement +I (private channel list on whois)
2015-04-12 Alexander BartonMake sure that the target user is able to join a local...
2015-04-12 Alexander BartonINVITE command: Enforce 1 second penalty time
2015-04-12 Alexander BartonMODE command: Always report channel creation time
2015-04-10 Alexander BartonUpdate Xcode project for latest Xcode version (6.3)
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonngIRCd Release 22.1 rel-22.1
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonUpdate NEWS and ChangeLog for ngIRCd 22.1
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonUpdate some copyright notices for 2015
2015-04-06 Alexander BartonPlatforms.txt: Add and update systems
2015-03-27 Alexander BartonFix spelling of RPL_WHOISBOT message text
2015-03-14 Alexander BartonDon't send nick name as default PART reason
2015-03-14 Alexander BartonFix "WHO #<chan>" showing invisible users and hiding...
2015-03-11 Alexander BartonFix typo in src/testsuite/README
2015-01-20 Alexander BartonAuth PING: Fix our information text for manual sending...
2015-01-20 Alexander BartonAuth PING: The numeric ID is a "long", use atol()
2015-01-20 Alexander BartonAuth PING: Don't send a prefix in our PING command
2015-01-13 Alexander BartonFAQ: How can I "auto-op" users in channels?