Fix syntax of ERR_LISTFULL_MSG(478) numeric
[ngircd-alex.git] / src / ngircd / messages.h
2014-12-27 Alexander BartonFix syntax of ERR_LISTFULL_MSG(478) numeric
2014-01-21 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #5 from grawity/accountname-whois
2014-01-20 Mantas MikulėnasShow account name in WHOIS
2014-01-01 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug167-WebircIPAnoDNS' of git://arthur...
2014-01-01 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug165-005-NETWORK' of git://arthur.barto...
2013-12-27 Alexander BartonImplement new configuration option "Network" bug165-005-NETWORK
2013-08-04 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug152-AllowedChannelTypes'
2013-08-03 Alexander BartonIntroduce "CHANTYPES" #define
2013-08-02 Alexander BartonMerge remote-tracking branch 'fgsch/certfp'
2013-08-02 Federico G. SchwindtAdd certificate fingerprint support
2013-02-15 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug153-ServerMask' into master
2013-02-09 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'HelpText'
2013-02-03 Alexander BartonEnable WHOIS to display information about IRC Services
2012-10-19 DNS777Update error messages for user mode +b and channel...
2012-10-08 DNS777Implement user mode "b": block messages
2012-10-07 Alexander BartonFix ERR_CANNOTSENDTOCHAN_MSG message
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug141-ModesQq'
2012-10-06 DNS777Show active user modes in WHOIS reply
2012-10-06 DNS777Implement channel mode 'V' (invite disallow)
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug109-CHARCONV'
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonImplement channel mode "Q" and user mode "q"
2012-10-06 Alexander BartonFix spelling: ERR_CHANOPPRIVTOLOW_MSG -> ERR_CHANOPPRIV...
2012-09-26 Federico G. SchwindtERR_CHANNELISFULL_MSG: better wording
2012-09-26 Federico G. SchwindtSend RPL_REHASHING if rehash was accepted
2012-09-24 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'automake-am11-am12'
2012-09-23 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'bug92-xop'
2012-09-16 Alexander BartonImplement new IRC+ "CHARCONV" command
2012-09-11 Alexander BartonMerge pull request #2 from briancollins/master
2012-09-11 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'xop' of
2012-08-28 Alexander BartonIntroduce numeric RPL_HOSTHIDDEN_MSG(396)
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'umode-B'
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'recognize-umode-R'
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonOnly allow IRC services to modify user mode "R" recognize-umode-R
2012-08-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'cmode-M'
2012-08-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'better-chan-errors'
2012-08-26 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'move-connection-password' of git://arthur...
2012-08-26 DNS777Implement channel mode "M"
2012-08-26 Alexander BartonRemove unused ERR_CANNOTSENDTOCHAN2_MSG message better-chan-errors
2012-08-26 DNS777Add some more information to channel error numerics
2012-08-26 DNS777Implement an Unreal-like user mode "B" ("Bot mode")
2012-08-26 DNS777Recognize user mode "R"
2012-08-26 Alexander BartonBlock nicknames that are reserved for services
2012-08-06 Sebastian KöhlerImplemented xop support
2012-04-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'master' of /srv/git/ngircd
2012-04-27 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'capabilities'
2012-03-31 Alexander BartonImplement core IRC capability handling and "CAP" command
2012-01-23 Alexander BartonRPL_ISUPPORT_MSG(005): add "EXCEPTS=e INVEX=I"
2012-01-22 Alexander BartonNew RPL_WHOISHOST_MSG(378): show hostname and IP address
2012-01-22 Alexander BartonFix ERR_{SUMMON|USERS}DISABLED: don't repeat command...
2012-01-21 Alexander BartonImplement channel exception list (mode 'e')
2012-01-16 Alexander BartonImplement user mode 'C': require "same channel" to...
2012-01-16 Alexander BartonNew RPL_WHOISREGNICK_MSG(307) numeric: indicate if...
2012-01-15 Alexander BartonLimit channel invite and ban lists to 50 entries
2012-01-09 Alexander BartonReturn ERR_UNKNOWNMODE(472) for unknown channel modes
2012-01-09 Alexander BartonNumberic 005 (ISUPPORT), CHANMODES: add "O", "R", ...
2012-01-06 Alexander BartonRPL_ISUPPORT (numeric 005): Report MODES=<MAX_CMODES_ARG>
2011-12-25 Alexander BartonImplement IRC "STATS g" and "STATS k" command
2011-08-26 Alexander BartonImplemented user mode "R" and channel mode "R"
2011-08-19 Alexander BartonNew 2nd message "Nickname too long" for error code 432
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonCode cleanup: mostly removing empty lines
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonAdd Doxygen @file documentation to each source and...
2011-01-10 Alexander BartonImplement channel mode 'O': "IRC operators only"
2010-11-15 Alexander BartonMerge branch 'numeric-329'
2010-11-11 Alexander BartonNew numeric 329: get channel creation time on "MODE... numeric-329
2010-06-23 Neale PickettShow SSL status in WHOIS, numeric 275
2010-04-23 Alexander BartonNew numeric RPL_STATSCONN (250): display connection...
2010-01-17 Alexander BartonImplemented new "secure clients only" channel mode: +z
2010-01-16 Alexander BartonShow our name (IRCD=ngIRCd) in ISUPPORT (005) numeric
2009-03-25 Dana Dahlstrommisspelling in ERR_NORECIPIENT reply
2009-01-17 Florian Westphalirc.c: reject masks with wildcard after last dot
2008-11-19 Alexander BartonImplement the IRC command "SERVLIST"
2008-11-17 Alexander BartonImplement local channels (prefix "&")
2008-05-13 Alexander BartonMerge commit 'aad49bd260494878aed6795c7a897ad1d28c3082' alex/master origin/HEAD origin/master
2008-05-12 Scott PerryThis patch implements a (maybe) compliant WHOWAS command.
2008-05-05 Alexander BartonImplement IRC commands SERVICE, SERVLIST, and SQUERY... bug74-SrvCmds
2008-05-05 Dana DahlstromInvite: prefix last argument with colon when necessary.
2008-05-01 Ali ShemiranAdd support for modeless channels
2008-02-26 Alexander BartonImplemented IRC commands INFO, USERS (dummy), and SUMMO...
2007-12-11 Florian Westphalimplement '/STAT u' (uptime)
2007-10-04 Alexander BartonNumeric 317: implemented "signon time" (displayed in...
2006-12-02 Florian Westphalfix RPL_LOCALUSERS_MSG (%ld -> %lu)
2006-10-07 Florian Westphal-Whitespace Damage; Client_OperCount(), Client_UnknownC...
2006-10-06 Florian Westphalchannel maxusers now unsigned long
2006-10-01 Alexander BartonChanged Numerics 265 and 266 to follow ircd 2.11.x...
2006-10-01 Alexander BartonEnhanced ISUPPORT message (numeric 005).
2005-09-02 Alexander BartonImplementec numeric "333": Time and user name who set...
2004-02-28 Alexander BartonFixed TRACE: don't output "Serv" lines for ourself...
2003-12-26 Alexander BartonRemoved "USE_" prefixes of configuration #defines.
2003-03-19 Alexander BartonNew message constant RPL_TRACEOPERATOR_MSG. Changed...
2003-01-13 Alexander Barton- Added support for "TRACE" command.
2003-01-02 Alexander Barton- Renamed RPL_FEATURE_MSG to RPL_ISUPPORT_MSG.
2002-12-27 Alexander Barton- new message ERR_CANTKILLSERVER_MSG.
2002-12-22 Alexander Barton- new messages: RPL_FEATURE, RPL_LOCALUSERS and RPL_NET...
2002-12-18 Alexander Barton- fixed RPL_STATSCOMMANDS_MSG
2002-12-16 Alexander Barton- new constant RPL_YOURESERVICE_MSG, ERR_CHANNELISFULL_...
2002-12-13 Alexander Barton- new message ERR_TOOMANYCHANNELS_MSG.
2002-12-12 Alexander Barton- new file header format (in english).
2002-12-02 Alexander Barton- RPL_STATSLINKINFO_MSG ueberarbeitet, RPL_STATSLINKINF...
2002-11-24 Alexander Barton- neue Konstante RPL_TIME_MSG.
2002-11-22 Alexander Barton- neue Meldungen: RPL_STATSLINKINFO, RPL_STATSCOMMANDS...