When sending an error use the IRC_WriteErrClient() variant
[ngircd-alex.git] / src / ngircd / conn-zip.h
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonCode cleanup: mostly removing empty lines
2011-02-13 Alexander BartonAdd Doxygen @file documentation to each source and...
2009-04-21 Florian Westphaladd const qualifier to pointers where possible
2006-05-10 Alexander BartonUse some more specific data types (e. g. pid_t vs....
2005-03-19 Florian WestphalRemove INT, LONG, BOOLEAN, STATIC, CONST, CHAR datatypes.
2003-12-26 Alexander BartonRemoved "USE_" prefixes of configuration #defines.
2002-12-30 Alexander Barton- New source files "conn-zip.c" and "conn-zip.h".