New "chroot" feature (from Benjamin Pineau), introducing new configuration
[ngircd-alex.git] / man / ngircd.conf.5
2004-05-07 Alexander BartonNew "chroot" feature (from Benjamin Pineau), introducin...
2003-11-05 Alexander BartonNew configuration option "MaxConnectionsIP".
2003-09-11 Alexander BartonNew configuration option "Listen" to bind the server...
2003-05-02 Alexander BartonFixed typo: .IT instead of the correct.TP ...
2003-03-10 Alexander BartonFixed up and enhanced formating of manual pages.
2003-03-10 Alexander BartonUpdated manual page.
2003-03-10 Alexander BartonUpdated manual page.
2002-09-16 Alexander Barton- Dokumentation aktualisiert.
2002-04-02 Alexander Barton- Formatierung des Author-Abschnitt korrigiert.
2002-04-02 Alexander Barton- Zeilenumbruch korrigiert.
2002-04-02 Alexander Barton- Manual-Page enthaelt nun auch korrekte URLs.
2002-04-02 Alexander Barton- Manual Page aktualisiert.
2002-04-02 Alexander Barton- Manual-Pages unter neuen Namen begonnen.